Love You Like a Love Song (Klance)

Inspired by the Disney Channel Original Movie, “High School Musical”, and the anime’s, “Your Lie in April” and “Bakuman.”

Title from the Selena Gomez song of the same name.

⁃ a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying.


Lance Charles McClain, the star football star athlete at a small-town, has a passion for music. He likes to play his guitar whenever he’s in his free time.

Keith Kogane is a smart transfer student from another school with a passion for drawing, music, and his favorite talents, singing and playing the piano.

But he’s not remotely noticed by anyone in his new school, except for 2 students, Tsuyoshi “Hunk” Garrett and Katie “Pidge” Holt.

One day, while Lance is walking to football practice, he hears someone with a beautiful singing voice playing the piano and singing John Legend’s “All of Me” in the music room and sees that it’s the new kid with the mullet tied up in a ponytail and glasses, Keith.

Despite their natural differences, the two eventually become friends along with Hunk and Pidge and Keith develops a secret crush on Lance. Together, they begin to discover more about what the power of music gives to everyone all around them.


“allura, keith was there too”



yeah insecure lance is good bc it’s #relatable but also like…he actually does matter a lot

every one of the paladins has a talent and lance’s is social skills. like. he brought everyone together and is (from what i’ve seen) the most relatable paladin and represents all the good things you associate w humanity.

personally?? i want to see insecurities from the other paladins too. there is a significant amount from shiro to be fair, but not the others. things like keith feeling that he doesn’t have anything real to add to the team, he’s just an ok pilot/fighter. expanding on pidge’s doubt in episode one that she’s not even a pilot?? and also way younger than the others and thinking all she has is her intelligence. hunk not realizing how much he contributes to the team with his own genius and friendliness.

idk it just feels like lance’s contributions are made out to be lesser and they’re really really not :(

  • Shiro: do you want me to teach you about physics? my speciality is gravitation between two objects.
  • Keith: no, i'm excellent, i got a diplom this semester.
  • Shiro: then what about chemistry? linking molecules?
  • Keith: no, thanks, i'm good.
  • Shiro: Keith, oh Keith, why do you have to be Keith? forget about your father and change your name. or else, if you won’t change your name, just swear you love me and i’ll stop being a Shirogane.
  • Keith: i have no father.
  • Shiro: ...
  • Shiro: do you wanna go on a date with me?
  • Keith: sure.
Smart!Lance Headcannons (Part 3)

Lance can knit

His mom use to teach him and his siblings to knit. Her lessons were fun and noisy. It was a miracle that no one accidentally poked their eyes out. As they got older, Lance ended up being the only one sticking with it and practicing regularly. His siblings would proudly bring it up with every chance they had. Gushing about their new sweaters or plush toys, they would tease him until he went bright red.

Little does he know, the lessons have stopped after his disappearance. Without him his mom had no one to knit with. His mom`s face would twist into a fond yet sad smile whenever she sees kneedles.

One day Lance finds kneedles in the castle. He starts using it immediately. He uses it in Blue or in the comforts in his own room. No one knew. He wasn’t ashamed of being able to knit, he just doesn’t want to tell anyone. Knitting felt like something private he wanted to keep to himself.

- His first project was more of a warmup; tiny colourful sweaters for the mice. They loved it and swore not to tell Allura where they got it from. (Despite her curious pleas)

- Lance crocheted a mini blue lion and gave to Blue and she was so happy. She purred loud and proudly as the others looked on with a twinge of jealousy “LOOK LOOK AT WHAT MY SON MADE ME,” He laughed at this and happily continued to make more mini lions for the rest. She grumbled in slight disappointment but if it makes her siblings happy she is all for it.

- The team is just like what the heck what is this toy doing in my lion??? Where did this come from?????

- Imagine everyone in the team getting hand knitted onesies as a surprise gift from him.

- Keith and Pidge come up w multiple conspiracy theories to where these random presents are coming from??? Was it Hunk??? Was it Coran??? Was it the government ??? They even created a club called ‘Sweater Weather theories,’. It was mandatory to join or else Keith will side eye you and start talking milk shots. He will only stop if u join. (He is lactose intolerant)

- It was hilarious, Lance would never tell them.

- but they do find out eventually and soon enough he starts his own knitting lesson but with the team. His best students to worse students were Hunk, Allura, Shiro, Coran, Pidge and then… Keith. Keith sucked. But he was the most dedicated and enthusiastic about knitting so Lance respects that.

-It was great he never had that much fun in a long time.

- AlsO, imagine happy cosy Lance in a mermaid tail blanket.

((Does this count as a smart!Lance headcannon?

Yeah so I interpreted that episode w the Arusians where Lance said “We can knit them tiny sweaters” as proof he can knit

Send me some more Smart! Lance headcannons in my ask guys pls))

The Voltron characters according to someone who's never seen Voltron and only heard of it because there friend continuously spams them:

This is for you @pidgeonkatie


- Spacedad 

- 100% done with everyone’s shit

- Badass fake arm

- Very bulky

- Missing in space

- Friends (more?) with Pidge’s missing bro


- Gives warm hugs

- Big heart

- Likes food

- Very smart

- Likes kittens?


- Smol

- Will fight you

- Screw your gender norms

- Very smart


- Gay for Lance

- Emo

- Really a purple alien 


- Gay for Keith

- Calm

- Likes space


- Princess 

- Has pet rats

- Millions of years old, looks good for her age

- Shiro’s girl

- Can shapeshift


- Mustache Uncle

klance bartender AU bc i’m so fucking sick of those klance fics where lance is portrayed as mediocre or bad at what he does, and keith is a master at the same thing and it’s all about how lance tries to catch up or whatever. i always see keith being a god and lance is impressed?? where are my fics where keith is equally impressed by lance as lance is by keith?? so here i am,,, with a bartender AU. lance is a motherfuckin’ genius at mixology & always makes the best (and sometimes weirdest) drinks. he’s a huge people person and everyone loves him because he’s just so great?? but then in walks keith and lance loses his mind because hes’s gorgeous. so, he becomes a stumbling, awkward, and very bisexual mess around him, leading lance to believe he needs to prove himself. thus begins the challenges and banters, all without lance being portrayed as not good enough.

part of Keith’s character is that he relies heavily on instinct to get through a situation. And his agility is a big help in getting through said situations. We’ve seen the team send Keith out in a dangerous situation because of his reliable instinct and speed, who’s to say it wont happen again?

They split up into three groups; Shiro by himself, Pidge with Lance, and Hunk with Keith. Keith and Lance are there to keep Hunk and Pidge covered while they work together to set something up that need to be activated at the same time. Hunk keeps telling Keith to stay back and just cover the entrance and immediate surrounding but Keith just wont listen to him, he has to listen to his instinct, its who he is. Keith can hear a large group of soldiers coming and jumps into immediate reaction. Hunk can’t pull away from his work or else it will reset their progress but they’ve come too far to stop now so Hunk stays, hoping Keith is smart enough to not get himself killed out there. 

Hunk finishes up his part of the set up and realizes it’s eerily silent where he is; no gunfire, no stomping from running soldiers, not even Keith’s angry yells of determination. Hunk grabs his bayard and tells the other’s through the comm he’s going to be a while, he has to look for Keith. He searches the halls cautiously, ready to fight anything he runs into, but its all just corpses of galra soldiers. Did Keith do all of this? its baffling.

Hunk’s comm crackles a bit and then a rough, brittle voice comes through the static. “I’m down, I don’t think I can make it back, I don’t know where I am, I’m scared.” The voice belongs to Keith. 

barry-wayne-00  asked:

Lance, from Voltron?! I like it Shiro, is too Macho grrr

Shiro is daddy goals, Pidge is my beautiful smart cookie, Keith is my emo boyfriend, Lance is my future husband, Allura is my beautiful queen wife, Coran is the dad I wish I had, and Hunk is the best friend I wish I had

I just love them all, and I want to protect them

Some headcanons for Team Voltron

Shiro is a huge movie buff and he’s really into “old-fashioned” movies from our era. His favorite one is Treasure Planet and it’s what got him his start in wanting to explore the stars! It’s a HUGE pain having to rig up a system that’s compatible with ancient DVDs (heck, maybe they use holographic projectors to make you think you’re in the movie in the future, who knows), but it’s worth it once he gets to show all of his childhood classics to his friends!

Despite his tendency not to pick up on social cues, make no mistake, Keith is absolutely whip smart and he has a good head for numbers and figuring out patterns. He’s an undisputed champion at sudoku and he teaches the other Paladins how to play chess; sometimes they have tournaments and the one person Keith can never manage to beat is Allura. (It was Shiro that originally taught him, part of his “patience yields focus” mantra that Keith takes to heart.)

As a kid, Pidge was forever picking up stray animals and bringing them home with them, there wasn’t even a, “Can we please keep him?” spiel with puppydog eyes, they just treated it like absolute fact that this cat or dog or weird lizard they found on the side of the road was now a part of the family. It’s how they found their current family dog; Pidge named her Marie Curie, but Archimedes the neighbor’s cat (actually named Fluffy) will never be forgotten.

Growing up with a lot of siblings, Lance is fantastic with kids. He’s the ideal big brother, always enthusiastic and genuinely interested in what you’re doing, never making you feel dumb just for being a kid and the fact that he’s older. Because he’s so tall and spindly, he doesn’t make for a very good jungle gym, but that doesn’t stop the kids from trying to climb all over him anyway until it turns into a toddler dog pile.

Part of being a good engineer for high-tech spacecrafts means having a steady hand and an eye for detail. To keep his skills sharp, Hunk often sketches out blueprints for new designs or improvements on current Garrison ships. He’s best with machinery and architecture, but on occasion he does like a change of pace and sits the rest of Team Voltron down for some portraits. They stick all his drawings on the closest thing the Castle of Lions has to a fridge for everyone to admire.

A complete and utter terror even as a young child, Allura was the absolute crown jewel of the royal family and the Paladins of old. She would ask for rides in every lion just to see if anything felt different between them, steal the Paladin helmets and pretend she had her own pink lion, and sit in on every team bonding exercise to see just how every Paladin worked in sync. All of them absolutely adored her and treated her like she was their own, sneaking her sweets and letting her touch their all-important bayards.

Coran and Alfor served in Altea’s military together, Alfor because it was expected of royalty to have a good grasp on his planet’s martial law, and Coran because he genuinely believed in making a difference. His silly exterior, while not entirely an act, is at times exaggerated and maintained mostly for the benefit of Allura and the new Paladins to give them a little levity and help them feel that not everything is so dire and bleak. He sees it as his mission to keep the team together, mentally and emotionally, and doesn’t mind being the butt of the joke to keep it that way.


If you ever needed evidence that DeMarcus Cousins has a much better relationship with Keith Smart than deposed coach Paul Westphal, then here you go.

Cousins had been yelling out instructions to the team, walking up the sideline from the bench, so Smart gave him the jacket and the job for a second. After the game the broadcast crew showed this video to Tyreke Evans, who laughed at the idea of Cousins as a coach, “you never know what you’d get.”

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