Crap My Dad Said While Watching The Outsiders

note that my dad has watched The Outsiders and read the book before, but it’s been years and he didn’t remember what happens in it. also stuff between these + is what I am saying

• “There’s gonna be a lot of manly cuddling in this movie isn’t there?”

• “So wait, what’s that guys name again?”
“NICE!” (my dad’s name is Randy)
+“….He tried to drown the main character.”+

• “Look, more manly cuddles.”

• “They aren’t all that tough for tough guys. You even see the tough guy of the tough guys cry.”

• (watching the scene where they are at Dairy Queen and Dallas is telling Johnny that his dad wouldn’t care if he was dead or in jail or robbing a store or something.)
“You here that, Payton? Same rules apply here.”
+“…So you want me to be a Dally?”+
+“No one wants to be a Dally, dad.”+

• “Wow this guy says ‘man’ a lot.”
+“Yeah my friend Justin actually did the calculations for it and found out that 1.2% of the entire movie is Dallas saying ‘man’.”+
“…This guy needs to find a new word.”

• “This movie should be called “manly cuddles” the movie.“

• +“They have chocolate cake and beer for breakfast! Being poor doesn’t sound all that bad if that’s all they can afford! Look how happy Tom Cruiz is with his cake!”+
“This is living poor, sweetie.”
+“Unless we can afford more than chocolate cake and beer for breakfast, we are considered rich.”+
“We should have chocolate cake and beer for breakfast. That is the breakfast of champions.”

• “Well he’s going insane… Wait, was he already insane?”

• “Okay so was Dallas in love with Johnny?”

• +“And Pony gets REJECTED!”+
“That bitch.”

• “Is everyone is this movie gay?”


• “Wait a minute that kid was 22 when this was filmed? I thought he was 14!”

• “‘White trash with long greasy hair’, huh? They’re describing you. Go join a gang.”

my dad is strange man

Steve Getting Braces Headcannons

so in honor of myself getting braces, I decided this would be the perfect time to write this!


- okay he was really nervous about it

- when he walked into the orthodontist office he was shaking sm this poor child

- when he got called back so they could start, he was rly on edge

- it looked nothing like what he had pictured in his mind

- he pictured this big, dark room with only one light that was shining on him

- he also thought that there would be a table of scary tools beside him

- but in reality that is not what it looked like

- it was a lot less terrifying

- when they sat him down and began the long process he was miserable

- he didn’t have the patience to sit there and be still

- he was rly bored

- he rly wanted to talk

- he rly wanted to leave

- steve thought his teeth were a lot more messed up than they actually were (A/N: for me that is the opposite. my teeth are a lot more messed up that I thought they were)

- there wasn’t that much wrong with his teeth

- he had a slight over bite and they were just really crooked

- when they started to explain whatever they were about to do, steve’s palms got rly sweaty

- this poor poor boy. he was so nervous

- when the orthodontist was done, he was constantly thanking jesus

- he stood up from the chair and that’s when the pain hit


- “yes, mr. randle. it is normal to have some pain.”

- “some pain? sOme PaIN??!”

- when he got back to the Curtis house, everyone wanted to see.

- but then steve got rly salty rly quick

- “I am in pain. don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, and just let me be.”

- and he put his hand in front of his face rly sassily.

- after a while the pain started to subside but he was still salty

A/N: fun fact: I based a lot of these hcs on myself. I was frickin nervous but frickin excited to get my braces. I just tweaked what my thoughts were and made it sound like steve. (the only thought I didn’t mess with was what he thought it would look like. that headcannon is 100% what I thought the office would look like as a younger kid. xD) hope you enjoyed! :)

Thief - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @interwebseriesfan24 ! Hope you enjoy @blogfandoms! This prompt was is #16 on this prompt list.

Word Count: 233

Warnings: None

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

This is the most comfortable I’ve ever been in my whole life. My boyfriend’s solid red t-shirt, black sweatpants, and white socks are probably the softest articles of clothing in existence and they smell just like Dallas Winston’s soap. Sighing happily, I curl up on the couch in our apartment and grab a magazine.

I’m pretty involved in the story I’m reading and nearly have a heart attack when someone clears their throat. “Were you playing dress up or something?”

“No,” I blush and turn to face Dally. “I just got cold.”

Amused, Dallas sits beside me. “We pay our gas bill so you can turn up the heat and not be cold, you know.”

“Maybe I just ran out of clean clothes to wear and didn’t wanna walk around naked.”

“You missed me, didn’t you,” Dally laughs. “I’m in jail for a week and you raid my closet.”

“Our closet,” I remind him.

“Still my clothes, doll.”

Shrugging, I inch closer to the tough blond and wrap my arms around his slender waist. “Aw, you like me.”

Dally raises an eyebrow and peers down at me. “Aside from the fact that we’re dating, what gave you that idea?”

“You’re letting me cuddle you,” I beam.

Dally smiles a little and shakes his head. “You’re crazy, doll. But it’s okay.”

Two-Bit Head Canons

-He’s the kind of person who actually finds the aesthetic in clutter
-His mom once yelled “THERES SO MUCH TRASH IN HIS ROOM” and he responded “I CAN HEAR YOU” because he actually thought she was referring to him
-He’s the opposite of claustrophobic and when the house is clean it slightly puts him on edge

-He’s allergic to chocolate
-Doesn’t stop him though, he’ll still smash a whole chocolate cake
-He’s also allergic to cats and it’s the only reason he doesn’t have 50 of them

-He loves Mickey Mouse so much because he snuck into Disney land when he was 7 and the guy in the Mickey suit fended for him

-He used to live in Florida, some family issues popped up in Tulsa and that’s why he moved there
-He’s kind of afraid his mom will want to suddenly move back home even though they’ve been in Tulsa for years
-She knows how much the gang means to him and that he’s not moving out anytime soon so she’s not going to move

anonymous asked:

Holy snizzle dizz I have an idea. Ok so y/n wakes up and she has a dream that Dally and Johnny die (she basically dreamt the story, but she's in it) and she runs to the Curtis house to see the gang, to make sure the dream didn't actually happen. She runs to Dally and hugs him crying bc of the 'dream' (same for johnny, but y/n is hugging dally longer) and he's surprised bc he and the rest of the gang have no idea wtf is going, and she tells them dream. 1/2

(request con.) and she tells them dream and they’re all taken aback by her dream? Could it be a dally x reader type of imagine? Plz & could it be long and detailed? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. (I jus read the book anD OMG I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE ENDING BC MY BABIES DIED AND NONONO) ps. I really like your writing And your skills are AMAZING. Also thanks! 2/2


holy snizzle dizz I will try my absolute best to make this imagine what you were thinking. btw I rly love the prompt! and im glad you enjoy my writing (even though sometimes it sucks) :)


You woke up drenched in sweat and trembling in fear. The bed sheets were tangled around your legs.

You had absolutely no idea how your brain came up with the dreams it did. Your dreams usually never scared you at all, but this one did. This dream was vivid and it seemed as if it were real.

It scared you, it really did. At the moment, you were having trouble deciding whether the dream was real or if it was fictional.

It all started when Darry had yelled at Pony for falling asleep in the lot with you and Johnny. Darry pushed Pony and he ran out of his house. He went to the lot and told you and Johnny that you guys were running away.

While the three of you were at the park, you all got jumped by some Socs and they tried to drown Pony and they also started to beat up you and Johnny.

Johnny pulled out his switchblade and killed one of the Socs. when he realized what he had done, he sat on the ground and began to cry. You looked at him and told him to calm down and that everything would be okay. When Pony woke up, you all went to see Dally so he could help you guys.

Dally had told you guys to hop on the 3:15 train to Windrixville. He told you to go to and abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain and he said to stay there until he came to get you all.

When you all arrived in Windrixville, everyone went to the church and got some rest. Johnny woke up before anyone else so he went to get a week’s supply of food.

And then you all stayed there for what felt like the longest week of your lives.

When Dally finally came to get you all, the first thing he did was take you guys to Dairy Queen and everything was fine until you all went back to the church.

The church was engulfed in flames and you, Ponyboy, and Johnny overheard two adults say that some of the children on the field trip were missing. All three of you quickly ran inside of the church to save the kids.

Even though you all saved the kids, before Dally could get Johnny out, the roof fell in on him and he broke his back and was badly burned.

You all visited the hospital many times and the night of the rumble you all went to tell him that the Greasers had won. He said that there was no point in fighting. Then he looked at Pony and told him to stay gold.

Johnny died right in front of your eyes. You saw Dally break right in front of your eyes.

Dally ran off, broken and unable to be fixed. There was no other choice to him but to die. The only thing he loved was gone, so what was the point anymore?

He ended up robbing a store and being chased by the police. The rest of the gang ran to the park and watched their friend get shot in the chest and slowly die right in front of them. They were all in shock that they had lost two gang members in one night. You saw Dally drop to the ground and that’s when you woke up.

You sat up and wiped your eyes. You were in shock and you were terrified. You were so scared that two of your closest friends had died. You needed to go and see for yourself.

You got up and slipped on a hoodie and a pair of your converse. Then you made your way to the Curtis house.

You knocked on the door and Darry answered. He noticed that your cheeks were tear stained and that you were shaking.

“What’s wrong? Come on in and we’ll talk about it.” Darry motioned you to  come in and you did. You looked around and your eyes immediately landed on Johnny and Dally.

You sighed with relief and ran over to Johnny. You gripped him tight and cried in his shoulder.

“Thank god,” you quietly said.

You let go of Johnny and ran over to Dally and hugged him as well. Even though he didn’t notice, you hugged him for a bit longer.

“What was that for?” Dally asked you.

That is when you explained everything to them. You told them about the dream, how it scared you, and how you thought it was real.

None of them had anything to say. They didn’t know how to respond to that.

After a while you all just talked about it and you figured the gang had had enough of you for one night, so you began you trip home.

“Hey wait up, doll,” you heard a voice yell behind you. You turned around and saw Dally running up to you.

“Can we talk about that dream?” he asked you.

“Look, it was just a dream and I don’t know why it happened but it did. I was worried it was real so I came to check on you and Johnny and it turned out I had just dreamt it. No big deal.”

You started to walk off but Dally grabbed your wrist.

“Don’t leave. I’m still talking to you.”


“Why were you so worried that I died, Y/N?”

“Because you’re my friend. I was so scared that I would have to live the rest of my life without you and Johnny.”

“Oh. And another thing.”


“Did you mean to hug me longer or was I just imagining things?’ He laughed.

“Oh God, you noticed that,” you blushed, putting your head in your hands.

“Yea. Listen, doll, it’s kinda obvious that you’ve got a thing for me. You know that, right?”

“Well now I do.”

“Look, I don’t care. But would you wanna consider being my girl?”

“I thought you were dating Sylvia,” you said in shock.

“The broad was two-timing me while I was in jail, man.”


“So are you in or what? You wanna be my girlfriend or no?”

“Uh, sure. Why not?” you laughed.

A/N: the end! I really hoped you liked this because it literally took me three hours to write. thank you so much for requesting and I am so sorry you had to wait so long. There has been so much going on recently and I just now got around to writing yours since you wanted it to be long and detailed. and btw that ending sucked I am so sorry this probably not at all what you were thinking of. and it looked a lot longer when I was writing it. I apologize this is really bad. :( if you want another imagine, feel free to send in a request at any time!

Headcanons for Soda as a Dad

A/N: I hope you enjoy this, @calliefaith03! I posted a rough schedule a while back and I want you all to ignore it. I’ve deviated it from it a lot and there’s no hope of getting back on track

Word Count: 168

Headcanon Count: 14

Warnings: None

Pairing: Soda Curtis x Reader (feat. your kids)

- In your house, you do pancake breakfasts every Sunday
- Some Sundays, Uncle Two-Bit comes over and helps the kids and Soda make his special Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes
- Your and Soda’s kids have the tuffest hair around
- Soda teaches his son from a young age to grease his hair properly
- Your kids also learn to defend themselves from a young age
- Soda’s the dad that all of your daughter’s friends have a major crush on
- He’s also the dad that all of your son’s friends love because he and Uncle Steve teach the kids about cars
- Soda loves to tell your kids embarrassing stories about the gang
- Particularly embarrassing stories about Uncle Dally
- “Now, don’t tell Uncle Dally I told ya this story, got it?”
- Soda tucks his kids in every night
- He always tells them a funny story before turning out the lights
- And he always, without fail, tells his kids that he loves them before kissing their foreheads goodnight

The Outsiders movie vs book.... by a fangirl
  • <p> <b>Book Johnny:</b> Cinnamon Roll<p/><b>Movie Johnny:</b> Cinnamon Roll<p/><b>Book Dally:</b> u ugly<p/><b>Movie Dally:</b> HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLY<p/><b>Book Darry:</b> hot big brother<p/><b>Movie Darry:</b> hot dad<p/><b>Book Soda:</b> f a b u l o u s<p/><b>Movie Soda:</b> f a b u l o u s x2<p/><b>Book Cherry:</b> i honestly hate u<p/><b>Movie Cherry:</b> nope, still hate u<p/><b>Book Marcia:</b> u literally have two lines and i love u<p/><b>Movie Marcia:</b> u literally have one line and i love u<p/></p>
The Gang x Irrational Fears

- Dally is afraid of spiders

- “Dal, it’s just a bug.”

- “More like just Satan!”

- Johnny is afraid of things getting in his eyes.

- “Johnny that fell like 3 yards away from you.”

- Johnny rubs his eyes until they’re puffy and he is pleased with the way they feel.

- Steve is so afraid of drowning that if the water starts to back up while he’s showering he has to stop the water and wait for it to go down.

- What the socs did to Pony is Steve’s literal worse nightmare.

- Soda is afraid of being left alone for too long.

- “Just cause Pony is staying the night at Curly’s doesn’t mean you have to go stay with Steve.”

- “But what if the world ends and I’m all that’s left!”

- Ponyboy doesn’t like sirens or horns.

- Every time he hears a train or an ambulance it puts him on edge. Amber alerts are the worse.

- Two-bit might like Mickey Mouse but if he see’s a real mouse he’s on top of furniture screaming like a girl.

- Dallas is good at catching mice bc New York so he teases Two-bit with it.

- Johnny might be a pure bean but hes also a little shit that will actually pet spiders so he puts one on Dally’s arm.

- Darry thought it was hilarious so Dally bought a big ass snake for revenge.

- “You think spiders are Satan but you’re touch that?!”

- “Look into his eyes, Darry. He loves you.”

cant-handle-my-randle  asked:

can you do like a hc of the gang going shopping with their sister pls? 🖤



-when you first asked the gang to go shopping with you, they all agreed

-they hated it the second you all walked in the mall

-johnny and pony didn’t mind walking around in all of the stores with you but the others didn’t enjoy it

-you walked in a dress shop and saw one you liked so you went to try it on

-when you walked out all of the boy’s jaws dropped

-dally walked over and put and arm around you

-darry also walked up to you and told dally to get off of his sister

- “c'mon man i wasn’t gonna do anything.”

-steve and two bit whistled rly loud

-johnny’s cheeks turned pink (this is adorable can this actually happen)

-let’s see we can’t forget about the gang constantly complaining that they are hungry

-you just ignored them and kept walking

-when you guys walked by the food court all of them ran off and went to eat

-then two bit saw the dippin dots machine and he was gone

-you just stood back and watched the boys swarm like flies around the food court

-it was hilarious

-you were also on a mission to purchase some new bras

-when all of you walked in the bra shop everyone was really uncomfortable except you

-dally was trying to brush the awkward feeling off

-two bit was just really quiet

-johnny looked like a frickin tomato the poor child

-pony, darry, and sodawere realizing that their sister actually wore bras

-that was really awkward because they all kept lookin at each other

-steve really didn’t care

-everyone was so happy when you finally walked out of that the store

-it was finally time to go homeeee

-everyone was so happy when they got home

-overall the trip was a success but all of the guys were still flabbergasted about the bra shop

A/N: i hope you enjoyed this! it was super fun to write. thanks for requesting!

Headcanons for Having Tim’s Baby

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! This is the first writing I’ve ever done for Tim 

Word Count: 203

Headcanon Count: 16

Warnings: None

Pairing: Tim Shepard x Reader

- When you found out you were pregnant, Tim only decided to stick around because he had fallen in love with you
- But boy, on the day you go into labor, he sort of wishes he hadn’t
- Between your screaming, the doctors telling him what to do, and the fact that his entire life is about to change, he’s slightly overwhelmed
- The nurse gets him some ice water and basically demands that he sit down
- He holds your hand the entire time
- “Do you need anything, babe?”
- “I need this baby OUT!”
- Tim doesn’t really get why it’s taking so long
- You and your doctor both wish Tim would stop asking when the baby will “be outta there”
- When the baby finally comes, it’s safe to say that everyone in the hospital room is quite relieved
- Tim stares at his daughter in awe
- “Can I hold her?”
- You nod and the nurse shows Timothy Shepard, tough-as-nails greaser, how to hold a newborn baby
- He’s nothing but gentle with her
- You’re exhausted, but muster up the energy to offer him a small smile and say, “I’m really glad you stayed.”
- “Me too, babygirl. Me too.”