Asians”  by Steve Byrne. I’ve been familiar with Byrne for more than a decade, a favorite of comedy specials on television of my adolescence. I’ve drifted away for a bit, missed the boat on Sullivan and Son’s, and vaguely remember his depiction of megalomaniac Dane Cook on WTF w/ Marc Maron. Listening to his latest album Champion, revealed how different the two of us have become: I, more sensitive; Steve, more blunt. I mean, he’s objectively funny, and discussing stereotypes is fine, but just pointing at them as irrefutable, or absolving yourself from the fray, or not having some new twists adds nothing to my palette. It might not vibe with current me, but this track is the best representation of his style if you’re interested in seeing him this week at the punchlinesf​.

Heckled” by Johnny Taylor. Taylor has been on an impressive run as of late, reached number 7 on the iTunes Comedy charts, has a great podcast and crushing it beyond his years. I love how vulnerable, flawed, and unapologetic he is, as shown here with his regretful ruthlessness regarding hecklers. See him at Doc’s Lab this Thursday day with

Pussy Knee” by Keith Lowell Jensen. The Batman to Taylor’s Nightwing, Keith Lowell Jensen is a perennial favorite from Sacramento. Cordial, goodnatured, acerbic gentleman with a newsie cap crafting stories such as “Pussy Knee”, which captures the strange heaviness of childhood. To reiterate, he’s performing at Doc’s Lab with Johnny Taylor on Thursday.

Things Men Do” by Luenell. I love, love, love a comic with FORCE! Luenell harkens back to a childhood fascination with raw honesty that makes comedy the nectar for the salt of the earth. This track is proof that you can’t hold Luenell down, and if you try, she’ll disembowel you with guttural glee. See her this week at Tommy T’s in Pleasanton.

Proper Pillow Protocol” by Fortune Feimster. I’m surprised/bummed there’s barely any Fortune Feimster on Spotify—or that there’s no album available elsewhere. She’s so…fascinating. Her comedy comes from a very real place, and since she’s lived—and is living—a full life, she has a plethora of interesting narratives at her disposal. One such narrative is her relationship with her pillow, that provides all the flourishes of humor and candor that I’m constantly intrigued by. See her at cobbscomedyclub this weekend