Happy Birthday, Brian! The world misses you.<3

“My world would be a world without sickness…a world where sickness of the body and of the mind would cease to exist. I’d like lots of money spent on neuro-research, to find out what causes mental illness. When man can understand the human brain he’ll understand everything. A world without sickness would be a world without cruelty, and that’s everything.”

it’s so painful to love artists and bands especially from the sixties and seventies because you find this music that to you are so revolutionary and these people that speak to your heart and you feel the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics and the voice all through your veins, in your bones, and you see them as the young versions of themselves, and it’s like getting hit by a bus when they die, because to you, they are their young, vibrant and full of life selves, and it hurts so much when you’re reminded that they’re not