“2000 Light Years From Home” by The Rolling Stones

Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)

it’s so painful to love artists and bands especially from the sixties and seventies because you find this music that to you are so revolutionary and these people that speak to your heart and you feel the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics and the voice all through your veins, in your bones, and you see them as the young versions of themselves, and it’s like getting hit by a bus when they die, because to you, they are their young, vibrant and full of life selves, and it hurts so much when you’re reminded that they’re not

Rock stars and their hobbies

Bill Wyman: metal detecting, photography, he’s a restaurant owner  
Ronnie Wood: stamp collecting, gardening, doing jigsaw puzzels, painting
Mick Jagger: Cricket, reading, he likes to complete open university courses
Keith Richards: he’s an amateur historian (especially world war 2), reading
Charlie Watts: painting, jazz, car collecting, horse breeding, he collects civil war memorabilia  
Rod Stewart: he’s really into model trains
Phil Collins: also into model trains
Roger Daltrey: MODEL TRAINS!!!1!, and he’s really into trout fishing!!

 “When I go fishing, I come away feeling like I’ve smoked half a dozen joints.”

John Entwistle: gun collecting, armor collecting, car collecting
Pete Townshend: sailing
Elton John: porcelain collecting
Alice Cooper: GOLF
Mick Fleetwood: golf
Stevie Nicks: she officiates weddings!!1!1!! (Sign me the h*ck up!!), reading, drawing
Bob Dylan: golf,  stamp collecting, painting
Paul McCartney: farming, painting, classical music
George Harrison: ukulele playing, motorcycles, gardening
Jimmy Page: He’s a victorian architecture expert  
David Gilmour: amateur pilot
Nick Mason: ferrari collecting
Rick Wright: sailing
Roger Waters: golf, fishing, pool playing
Jeff Beck: car collecting
David Bowie: Chess playing, painting, skiing
Brian May: he’s an astrophysicist
Slash: pinball
Joan Jett: baseball, reading

Feel free to add more!


The Beatles, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, The Who, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Harrison Ford, Michael Caine and Anjanette Comer © Terry O'Neill