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pidge and lance probably cause chaos in the castle of lions 24/7 by playing pranks on each other. so eventually shiro sits them down and asks them to stop, or at least tone it down a bit. so pidge and lance take it as a challenge and that seeing as they can’t play pranks of each other they’ll just play pranks on the other team members.

at first they start out kinda subtle by messing with shiro’s shampoo so every time he washes his hair his fringe will slowly turn more and more green. then they step it up a notch by constantly switching around people’s clothes and armor and pretending they have nothing to do with it. next up they pick sporadic times during the day in which to randomly exchange an item of clothing, this results in lance being asked a number of times why he’s wearing pidge’s glasses; to which he simply replies, “i’ve always worn these.” a step even further means rigging the castle’s overhead speaker system so whenever shiro enters a room darth vader’s theme starts to play. and of course the cherry on the top of the cake is the pair somehow miraculously managing to shave coran’s mustache off whilst keeping it as one whole and then supergluing it onto keith’s face whilst he sleeps.

shiro and allura have them cleaning the castle toilets for the next three months. they regret nothing


Lance slowly opened his tired and heavy eyes, and looked around his room.
It was odd. He groggily glanced outside the window as they passed an asteroid field, and he rubbed his eyes, blinking rapidly.
He winced as he placed his feet on the floor, stretching.
Murmurs came from outside his door, and they faded a few ticks later.
As quiet as possible, Lance tiptoed outside, closing his door slowly and letting out a breath of relief.
He wanted to go see Blue.
He broke into a run to get to his lions hangar, a pang of homesickness in his heart that kept him going.
It wasn’t like he had nobody to talk to. His friends were understanding and caring, and he understood why they would brush him off in important situations.
He just trusted Blue. A lot.
As he stepped into the hangar, a low purr rumbled from Blue.

“Welcome, my Paladin.”

“Hey Blue. Sorry I’m here at like, 2 am. I’m just kinda sad. Mind if I sit here with you and the other lions?”

A rough purr emitted from Red, and Green flicked her tail happily.
“Thanks, Girl.”


“Where’s Lance?”
Hunk was starting to get worried about his friend, and even though they wouldn’t admit it, he knew the rest of the paladins were worried as well.
Keith was hesitant, but stood up anyways.
“I’ll go look for him. Was he in his room?”
Pidge adjusted their glasses.
“They weren’t in any of the rooms, I checked just a few minutes ago.”
Allura tapped her foot impatiently. Despite the flirting, Lance was like a brother to her.
A very, very, annoying brother.
“Well what are you waiting for?”
Her words were venom, and Shiro shivered.
Despite this, Keith shrugged and went off to look for his friend.


“He’s not even with Coran. I’m worried, you guys.”
Hunk muttered, coughing into his sleeve.
“Have you checked the Lions?”
That caught Shiros attention.
Keith sighed.
“Why would he be there? If he was homesick, why would he go to the lions?”
Shiro stared at him.
“… To talk to blue.”


“I’m not convinced. But I’ll go check there and I’ll tell you guys if he’s there. Keep looking.”
Allura bit her lip, and constantly stole glances at the floor.


~Time skip brought to you by Corans mustache~


Keith walked into the hangar, surprised.
Shiro was right.
Lance had his back to Blues paw, snoring peacefully.
But what surprised him was that the other lions were gathered around him, as if he fell asleep telling a story.
“… Lance? Lance, are you alright?”
He took a step forward, and Black growled.
Blues eyes were accusing, and Red even stared at him with an unknown expression.
Cuz y know. They’re mechanical lions.
Another step.
Lance awoke, his eyes alarmed, and stared right at Keith.
He cowered in surprise.
“Keith! I-uh-um, it’s fine! I’ll be to breakfast in a bit!”
He quickly stammered.
“It’s fine, just- just stay away from me.”
It’s not like Lance hated Keith, he just felt weird around him, since he was so serious all the time.
Yellow flicked her tail angrily, getting into a pouncing stance.
“Just let me help you-”
A loud roar shook the area, and as if as quick as lightning, there were tears flooding down Lance’s face and Red was in between Lance and Keith.
The rest of the team were there in merely a few ticks, and saying they were shocked was an understatement.
Allura was ecstatic, seeing another Lion defending a different Paladin.
It quickly turned into a frown when she saw Lance was crying.
Coran was screaming.
Hunk took a step back, hugging himself from the surprise.
Pidge stood in the front, amazed at the possibilities.
Shiro just stared at Lance.

“Stay away from the Blue Paladin.” Red roared again, standing taller.

Lance pat Reds paw, and she hesitated, sitting next to Blue with her eyes fixed on the team.

“Sorry guys. I just- when I feel homesick I just go to the lions and just- talk, I guess.”

Hunk pulled him into a hug, and soon the whole team were all hugging one another, sobbing.

“Why were you crying?”

Lance tensed when Keith asked, head tilted and curious.

“I-it-it just reminded me of when my brother would stand up for me. When.. He was alive, of course.”

“You’re not alone, Lance.”


@ everyone who hates Lance
StAy OfF mY bLoG

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Lance And Nicknames Headcanon
  • Lance has Spanish nicknames for everyone on Team Voltron. No one knows what they mean so they like and/or grudgingly accept them.
  • Pidge: Pajarita (little bird)
  • Keith: Cuchillo (knife)
  • Hunk: Oso Meloso(honey bear)
  • Shiro: Jefe (boss/chief)
  • Allura: Diosa (goddess)
  • Coran: Bigote (mustache)
  • (Keith and Pidge would most likely murder him if they ever found out. Hunk would probably hug him.)

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Slightly different flavor of Langst. He knows the team cares about him but for a mission, he has to break their fucking hearts and lie to them to get in good with the galra. The mission goes great and Allura (Coran? Shiro? I'd prefer not shiro but realistically I think it's unavoidable that he'd find out) inform everyone that it was a trick. But then Lance seriously doubts if they like him because he really did put on a good show and everyone is wary

OHHHHHH I really like this concept!

“Can you all shut up for 5 minuets. I’m not lying, this isn’t a prank, I never liked you guys. After learning about the galra I know that they treat people better than you all.” Lance’s voice crackled in everyone helmets. 

“Shiro I don’t know why you were chosen to be he Black paladin, you can barley keep Keith under control. You just appeared and excepted all of us to follow you blind.”  

Shiro’s eyes widened at what Lance said. “Lance where is th-” He never got to finish his question since Lance moved on to the neck person. 

“Keith, I have no idea why you are begging me to stay. You are part galra. Shouldn’t you be with your kind? You always beat me in everything, and you always make sure I’m aware of it. Sometimes I just wanna talk to you, not be compared to you.” 

Keith wanted to scream, Lance had no right to say that to him. “Lance, I’m not go-” Keith was cut off but Lance, just like Shiro. 

“Pidge I don’t even know why you care. You never even give me more than a glance most days. I’m sorry I’m not a genius, I’m sorry I’m annoying, but I’m still a teammate, family. It really fucking hurts when you treat everyone else like a brother except me.” 

Pidge nearly snapped her neck trying to get her helmet off. Her breath was ragged, she didn’t know what to think. She always included Lance. Why was he saying she didn’t? 

“Finally Hunk.” there was a slight pause, like Lance didn’t want to say what he was about to say. “Best. Friends. For. Life. My. Ass. You replaced me like everyone else. You went to Pidge over me, I get it you have more in common. But we have memories. You just caste them aside like there were garbage. That hurt man.” 

Hunk was crying, he didn’t want to hear that. He couldn’t bring himself to defend himself. 

“So now you all know why I want nothing to do with this team.” Lance cut of connection to the team before they could say anything and flew Blue into he waiting Galran Ship. 

“Paladins you must come back to the castle. We must leave.” Allura’s voice blasted over the coms. 

“But Lance!” Shiro still wanted to bring him back. 

“He made his choice, we must go.” 

Reluctantly they all flew back to the castle, leaving Lance with the Galra. 

Keith stormed to the bridge, he came face to face with Allura and Coran who didn’t seem as worried as his team was. “What the hell was that?” Keith didn’t want to scream at the princess but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’m sure Lance had his reason to do it.” Coran twirled his mustache. 

Keith stared at Coran in disbelief. “How can you say that so calm? Lance willing went to the Galra with open arms.” 

“Keith we are aware but we can’t do anything about it now. Now go clean up.” Allura was not going to deal with this. 


Lance was brought in front of Prince Lotor. 

The Prince looked at Lance for a few second. “Bring him to my chambers.” 


Lance spent the next few weeks by Prince Lotors side. Both of them figuring out ways to destroy the Galran Empire from the inside out. 

“Ah I can’t do this anymore!” Lance chucked the book he was reading across the room and dragged his fingers down his face. 

Prince Lotor glanced up from the book he was reading “Lance, your princesses orders were very clear. I believe that we are close to finishing our plan.” 

“I know! It’s just, I can’t shake the feeling that I really hurt my team. I told them things that weren’t even true, and they probably believed me.” Lance put his head in his hands.

“Lance.” When the galra received no response he sighed and walk over to the boy. He sat down next to Lance, and placed his arm around him. “I know that this is hard on you, but once the team learns what you did, they won’t be mad at you.” 

Lance started to shake and Prince Lotor pulled him closer.


About a month after Lance left the paladins were all woken up by the lions roaring.  They all rushed down to their hangers only to find the all the lions surround the Blue lion. The Blue lion was unharmed and seemed to be telling the other lions a story. 

The paladins shared a look with each other. If Blue was here, so was Lance. They all took off running to the bridge. 


“So you say that this plan is full proof?” Coran questioned as he rotated the hologram Lance had set up showing a galran ship. 

“Yes, Prince Lotor and I made sure we covered anything that could have went wrong.” Lance crossed his and stared at the two Alteans.

Princess Allura started at the map a bit longer before she smiled. “Lance you did better than expected. This plan is flawless. I’m happy that we were able to team up with Prince Lotor to create this.” 

Lance slightly smiled at her. 

“Lance are you alright? He didn’t hurt you right?” Allura took a few steps over to Lance. 

“No Prince Lotor took care of me, it’s just I hurt my team.” 

Allure and Coran shared a worry glance, they knew exactly how the team felt about Lance. Coran opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the paladins sprinting into the room. 

They all stopped to catch a quick breath. Keith noticed Lance and wasted no time punching him in the face. 

Lance fell over and held his chin, fighting back tears. 

“What the hell are you doing here? What did the Galra not care to your every need?” Keith went to go grab Lance again but was stopped by Allura. 

“Keith enough.” 

“Why, Lance hurt us, why can’t we hurt him?” Pidge glared at Lance as she spoke. 

“Pidge! I’m sure Lance can explain why he is here.” Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance who was starting to stand up. Lance looked at his team then stared at the floor. He couldn’t do this. 

“Well if he can’t explain himself, he can just leave.” Keith shrugged Allura off. 

“That is enough!” Coran caught everyone’s attention. “Instead of jumping to conclusions, I want you all to consider why Lance did this.” Coran receive only silence form the paladins. 

“Why did he do it?” Hunk asked looking anywhere but Lance. 

“For this.” Allura gestured at the hologram. She walked over to Lance and made sure that he was okay. 

“What is it?” Shiro asked as he stared at it, trying to put the puzzle together. 

“It’s a map to take down any Galran ship. It includes exits, where information is store and weapons. Lance designed this plan along side another Galran. However he could only design this plan if he got inside a ship. The only way to do that was to not have anyone follow him when he headed towards the ship.” Coran spoke clearly making sure every paladin understood what he was saying. 

“When did you talk about this plan?” Keith asked while looking at Lance who was still staring at the ground, fist clenched. 

“The night prior to the mission Lance left, Lance mentioned that his sister was an acting teacher so he picked up a few tips from her. In my honest opinion he almost fooled me when he started talking about you guys before he left.” Allura placed a hand on Lance’s back and gave him a small smile. 

Lance didn’t even look at her. They still hate me. They hate me. I hurt them and they won’t forgive me. 

After a few minuets of silence Shiro cleared his throat “Thank you Lance, you did excellent on this mission.” 

Lance nodded as a thank you and looked up at his teammates. “I’m sorry I said all of those things to you. I just wanted this mission to go well. I hope you’re not mad.” Lance left before anyone could tell him whether or not they were mad. 

Whoa…I really like these ideas. 

Thank you for this!

I hope you like it!!

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Cursed Voltron Ideas

A collection of cursed ideas for the Voltron Characters:

• Keith but with white fingerless gloves instead of black

• Everyone on the ship pours their milk before the cereal, not just Hunk

• Pidge eats ice cream with a knife and a fork, Lance mashes his up to make “ice cream soup”

• Shiro but he doesn’t make any bad jokes at all

• Coran minus his mustache

•Keith minus his mullet

• Allura in cargo shorts

• Anyone in cargo shorts (sorry Pidge)

• Keith and Lance but their colors are switched

feel free to add more cursed voltron ideas and headcanons

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Hello potato, what happen if the palidins + allura an coran find a baby galra!reader and became its new mom/dad headcanon?

- Shiro knows and understands that there are good Galra, and he’s probably a big proponent of nurture over nature
- Even though he’s Ace Space Dad, he’s really only very good with older kids (like middle school and up).
- Give him a baby, and the man is clueless
- Cue lots of asking for help and scrambling because Oh god I think s/he ate a penny!

- Surprisingly good with small children.
- He would definitely take it upon himself to teach this little baby Galra to be better than the Empire would have made of both of them.
- His idea of ‘acceptable’ behavior is maybe a little skewed, but his heart is in the right place.
- Dammit, Keith, don’t let the baby play with the knife. I don’t care that you’ve had it longer than you can remember!

- Hunk is just generally good with kids. Doesn’t always have the patience for them, but generally very good with them.
- He’s definitely the Papa Bear type of dad and nobody fucks with this baby once he’s decided it’s his.
- He’s the best out of everyone when it comes to calming down a crying baby.

- Lance is probably the one most prepared to handle a little one. At least in terms of keeping them entertained and doing basic needs
- He had to babysit his nieces and nephews a lot when they were toddlers. How much different can it be?
- Turns out it’s a lot different. But Lance rises to the challenge.
- Would probably end up being Best Dad, tbh.

- Pidge is actually surprised by how quickly she gets attached to this little Galra baby.
- Like, she didn’t think she had a maternal bone in her body, but she finds herself loving this little one
- Still not really all here for the messy parts (snot, spit-up, various other bodily fluids). May even pass the baby off to Lance or someone else for those parts.
- She’s gonna make sure they are a Baby Einstein, though. Or, better, a Baby Ada Lovelace.

- She’d be, admittedly, really uneasy at first.
- Honestly, though, it’s more because she doesn’t know what to do with a baby more than the fact that it’s Galra.
- Definitely enlists the help of the Paladins and the mice.
- Tries really hard to be a good mom. Doesn’t always succeed, but that’s okay.

- Dude is already the fun Space Uncle and was more than likely a father prior to Altea’s destructions
- As a result, he is #1 Dad to this baby Galra.
- Lets them tug on his mustache.

i have never watched voltron in my life but i know everything about it
  • pidge is nonbinary
  • “shaladin” and “sheith” discourse
  • lance and keith are gay
  • allura is a goddess
  • everyone loves hunk
  • galra keith funny joke
  • shiro died?
  • mustache guy in his youth was a funny and cool edgy dude
  • lance shares a birthday with the emoji movie
  • the lions ship klance
  • someone posted leaks and wouldn’t take them down til the creators made klance canon
  • klance is a “love-hate” ship
  • the old voltron series is funny as shit
  • the most “ship what you want” discourse of any fandom i’ve seen ever
  • unfunny racist jokes about lance by fanfiction writers
  • the five (5) small lions can make one (1) big lion
  • everyone is sad about shiro
  • there is a disappointing lack of “pidgey” jokes
Of summer loves and other drugs.

klance food truck au inspired on the steven universe comic (x)

Summertime rolled around once again in the blink of an eye.

Golden sunshine sneaking throught to your window bathing the entire room with warmth and light, the raw earthy smell of freshly mowed grass silently inviting you to lay over it, being lulled into numbness by the foamy waves of the ocean till you got rinkled like a raisin, strangers’ smiles passing by with the weight of responsabilities lifted off their shoulders and turned into just desire of having a good time before going back to their routines.

Who wouldn’t love that, right?

Keith, that’s who.

Sun? The poor boy couldn’t spend one second in the open without at least three generous coats of factor one hundred sunscreen and not getting roasted like chicken, he learned that the hard way since he was a child, and let’s not even start with how easily he sweats. Grass? All it did for him was attract mosquitoes and other bugs, leaving him with bites in places very hard, not to mention embarrasing, to scratch. Another lesson learned the hard way and a experience he was definitely taking with him to his grave. Water? He didn’t knew how to swim and never bothered to learn how to do it, he somehow managed to function decently on land until this day and that was more than enough for him thank you very much. People? That was a straight down ugh for him. 

Groaning loudly as he felt his pijama top stick to his body like a second skin, as if attempting to smother him in his sleep and almost succeeding if he was being honest, Keith rolled around under his sheets in desperately need for cool air, the blood running through his veins burning when his mullet held onto his neck, dripping with sweat.

Daring to finally open his eyes, blinded by the amount of sunlight for a few seconds, the boy stretched his arm to get a grip of his phone, unlocking it to read the time.

08:17. This was going to be a long day.

After a inner struggle between actually putting effort into getting out of bed and staying in what will become a pool of sweat if he stayed any longer, the first option winning by far when the familiar smell of eggs and bacons slowly filled the place, he threw his covers to the side, deciding to not wear his slippers since the floor was still chilly enough to enjoy barefoot, and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

“Morning.” Keith mumbled covering a yawn with his inner elbow, taking a seat in front of the counter, letting his feet dangle lazily.

“Keith, darling.” Allura’s wide smile fell as soon as she spotted the younger boy, suddenly concern written all over her features as she hurriedly pressed her palm against his forehead without any warning. “Are you coming down with something?”

A snort from behind them caught both of their attention, Shiro placing a plate of food between the two of them and wrapping an arm around his girlfriend’s waist.

“It’s just the heat.” His brother giggled and Keith would really like to stick his fork in his throat if he wasn’t busy devouring his breakfast like he hasn’t eaten in days. But you know like, don’t bite the hand that feeds you or something. Don’t impale them with cutlery either.

“Awe, the poor thing.” Allura cooed sweetly, combing his bangs away from his face as he ate, if she felt grossed out by his sticky skin she didn’t show. “That’s a shame, I was hopping you could join Shiro and I today.” She grinned sympathetically, as if on the inside persuasively hoping he would change his mind.

Oh hell no, those pretty blue eyes only worked their magic on his brother.

“Where are we going?” Shiro quirked a brow taking a seat next to Keith, wipping the foamy mustache above his mouth with the back of his hand, sliding a glass of juice to the boy next to him with his free one. The latter busy snickering to himself at the though of how his brother looked like his boss, Coran, for a second.  

“To the beach!” Allura chirped excitedly waving her arms in the air, the sudden motion making her messy bun fall apart, letting her silver hair cascade down her back. Keith could swear he heard his brother’s heart grow three sizes. Gross.

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I had a super-lovely dream last night in which Lance and Keith were walking through a jungle, and fireflies kept buzzing all over them and making weird shapes on their faces–glasses on Keith, Coran’s mustache on Lance–and they would brush them off but they’d come back and at one point Lance just touches Keith’s face and Keith’s like “More fireflies?” and Lance just goes “Sure.” and they smooch and it was so beautiful and I wish I could go back to sleep.

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Could be an scenario where Keith realize that his is madly in love of his s/o and he can't hide it anymore. Obviously, the others know, even before that he actually realized of that, so they press him to confess until finally he blows up in front of her. Ps: you are amazing!


Thank you!

I hope you enjoy!

“I’m…I’m gonna tell them!” Keith cried, his hand held up victoriously in the air as the others stood around, watching him pour his heart out, 

“Yeah!” Shiro cheers on, clapping Keith’s back, “That’s the spirit! You can do it!”

“I’m gonna go right up to them a-and…and kiss ‘em!” Keith spoke with vim and vigor, excitement gripping his voice with every passing second. Shiro grinned, watching the red paladin with a small, small sense of pride,

“I’m sure they feel the same way, Keith! Now go on, sweep them off their-” Shiro paused, his eyes widening at the swiftly changing figure in front of him, “Keith?”




  Lance screeched, almost launching himself across the table onto Keith, 

“What the quiznak! Keith! You’re lactose intolerant!” 

And I’ll drink ‘til it fucking kills me,” Keith whispers back, his eyes burning with an unnatural, dark gaze. Pidge’s eyebrows shot up, slight amusement in their voice,

“Didn’t you just say you were going to tell Y/n that you-?” 

“Nope. I lost all motivation. Every little bit,” Keith replied, a milk-mustache prominent on his lips, “I…I thought I could, but-”

“But what? Keith, this Y/n we’re talking about here, they’re not going to eat you!” Hunk chimed in from the back, his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes sparkling with passion as he spoke, “They’re the sweetest ever! Even if you get rejected, I’m sure you’ll be let down gently!” 

  Lance simply looked at Hunk incredulously, 


 Keith slammed his head into his arms, his grip on the glass of milk lessening slightly, 

“I mean they’re so…them. You know? And I’m…me.”

  Shiro merely looked on at the interactions with his team, watching as Keith jumped from feeling like he was on top of the world, to feeling like dirt; Hunk and Lance were trying to console Keith, though their ideas of consoling were very different to each other- and Pidge simply stood in their corner, chewing bubblegum, their eyes as wide as ever. 

C’mon Keith, you’re not that bad! I mean, you gotta weird glove fetish-”

“It’s not a fetish! MY HANDS GET COLD! We’ve been over this!”

“I don’t know man, I’m with Lance on this one,”

“Oh, so we’re taking sides now?”

“Yes.Yes, we are. Thank you, Hunk,”

“I’m going to actually fucking murder you,”

“I’m ninety-nine percent sure that the milk is doing that to you already- AH!” 

  …It was kind of mesmerizing to watch. 

  Like a train crash. 

  You kinda…can’t just look away, can you?

  Shiro laughed at that thought in his mind, his gaze returning to the wrestling paladins on the ground, both screaming obscenities and yelling at each other recklessly, with abandon. 

“What’s going on?” 

  Everyone jumped at your voice- the calm, collected tone had shifted the chaos of the room into that of pure and utter stunned silence,

“Oh! U-uh, hey, Y/n,” Keith said sheepishly, still holding Lance in a headlock- you had heard all of the commotion from down the way- just what in the world is going on?

“Hey, Keith,” You say with a smiling, giggling at the awkward position the red and blue paladin were in, “I think the training room is three doors to the left,” 

  Keith’s eyes widened as if he just noticed Lance, who was now doing his best to not pass out. Promptly dropping Lance to the floor, he swiftly stood up, looking away from you nervously, “I-I, um, we were just seeing how, uh, far we could go without…breathing.” 

  Though your heart said otherwise, you merely nodded your head, “Right…you know, there are easier ways to do that than sticking your friend into a choke-hold, right?” 

  Keith was looking a bit green around his cheeks, suddenly, his face paling as he responded with a very weak, “Right.” 


  Once again, Shiro felt as if he was watching a train full of orphans derail into a nearby ravine- because good God, it was painful looking at this transpire. 

  Come now, it was obvious! The way you spoke to him, the way you looked at him with your big, glimmering eyes like you just found all the luck in the world- 

  When you looked at him, it was very obvious that your heart seemed to cease its beating. 

  Keith, perhaps, was slightly less romantic. His lips would be pursed, his eyes pulled together as if in anger, his face would turn a very sharp, very scary scarlet- but still full of heart and soul all the same. He loved you, Shiro mused himself, the red paladin, the guardian of fire and known all too well for raising hell-

  he loved you. You crippled his ego, his ‘threat’, his danger…and you made him into the goofy, lovesick mess that couldn’t so much as lay an eye on you for a confession! 

  Perhaps out of spite, or something less ill-intentioned, Lance spoke up, finally catching his breath, 

“Keith wanted to…to tell you something,” 

  You raised an eyebrow, surprised, “Oh?”

  Your crush frantically shook his head, 

“N-No, I don’t!”

  Shiro chuckled, “You sure?” 

“Yes!” Keith cried, “I’m…” his voice cracked, “I’m sure.” 


  You bit your lip, bracing yourself, and knocked on the door, 

“Keith?” You called out, “Keith, I have some medication!” 

  A groan was your answer, a sorrowful, embarrassed one, 

“Y/n? I’m…I’m fine…hngh…” 

  Your face scrunched up at Keith’s painful tone, 

“Are…are you sure? Because you had milk earlier, and I know how you can get-”

“Y-Yes! It’s…it’s not as bad as last time!” 

“You were in there for three days, last time!”

Y-yeah, but I mean…I mean…hnghhh…” Keith’s response ended in another groan, much to your dismay. Sighing, you slid down to the floor, taking a few pills from the bottle, 

“Can you at least take some of these, then? Please? For me?” 

“I…I don’t want to!” 

  By God, it was like fighting with a child, 

“Please? Keith come on, take the damn meds, will you?” 

“I said I don’t need them!” His voice was strained, “Why do you care so…so much anyways?” 

  You gawked at the question, “Because I care, dammit! Why don’t you listen?” 

  He didn’t say much after that. Instead, you quietly rolled the pills under the door, a shadow picking them up, 

“…Thanks, Y/n,” 

  A tug of a smile was on your lips, 

“No problem.”

  It was steady silence thereafter. Occasionally, you’d knock on the door, Keith would respond with a grunt, and the waiting game continued. 

  Did you have anything better to do? 


  Did you care? 

  Not really. 

“…Are you still there, Y/n?” 

“Yeah, something up?”

  He hesitated, his voice lower than usual, 

“This….this is probably a really bad time, um…I…” 

  You didn’t say anything, but your ear moved closer to the bathroom door, Keith simply continued, 

“You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, Y/n, but I…I appreciate you, and I- uh…” 

“…and?” You pushed, waiting with baited breath for the answer, 

“I like you. A…A lot. A-and I thought that all of this was gonna…uhm…go ruin things, but you’re still here, so…that…that has to count for something, right?” 


  It was like watching a train crash, Shiro thought. 

  Looking on from a distance, his body hidden by the shadow of a corner, he watched with a proud grin. 

  It was like watching a train crash because the both of you professed to each other whilst one sat in the bathroom, but Shiro supposed it was about as good a time as any.

  But this time, unlike the morbid curiosity of watching something get destroyed, it was the hopeful aspirations of something a little bit better for you and Keith. 

…Though again, perhaps you and Keith should save the rest of your conversation until much, much later, yeah?