keith's grill

Shiro and Keith would make grilled cheese by throwing a cheese sandwich into the microwave and heating it up for two minutes

Headcanon time: Keith eats nothing but garbage food on Earth.

  • You might be thinking “oh, he eats tons of fast food then?” or maybe, depending on your tastes “I bet he likes pineapple on his pizza haha.” No.
    • Keith was making chicken noodle soup once, and he put mashed avocado in it “for flavour”.
    • Keith takes tortilla chips, but instead of dipping them in salsa or ranch like a normal and functional human being, he dips them in fish gravy.
    • Making lime jello? Reasonable. But you bet your sweet left cheek that there’s going to be sliced up sausage somewhere in there. 
    • Keith makes a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and onions, grills it, then pours goddamn maple syrup right on top of it.
  •  So needless to say, when Keith offers to make dinner for team voltron as celebration for their latest mission, Shiro is absolutely mortified. But the rest of them are none the wiser, and he doesn’t want to be rude, so he lets Keith do it. 
  • Turns out, the reason for Keith’s strange tastes is because his galra genes modify his pallet for non-earth food, so with “alien ingredients” the food Keith makes tastes just fine. Delicious even.
  • Even Lance, who is a reasonably good cook, swallows his pride and gives Keith a genuine complement.
  • Shiro is shook.

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do you ever wonder how shiro would react if any of the paladins got into relationships? like... do you think he would be hesitant about it or anything?

Hm, depends?  Is it with each other or with someone from outside.  With each other, in basically any combination, I think Shiro’s concern would begin and end with ‘Don’t let it mess with team dynamics, if you have a messy fight and it hurts Voltron I will be Upset and neither of you will like it’

For outside, there’s a sliding scale

Hunk - Probably the one Shiro feels least worried about, in terms of romance.  He’s got a good sense for people and a big heart.  Shiro would want to know about them, just in case, but he mostly trusts Hunk to fall for sweet, good natured people like Shay.

Pidge - Shiro’s worry with her would be more along the lines of ‘she is the smallest and doesn’t have much experience and I’ll kick your ass if you’re abusing that’.  He’s probably be annoying about trying to get her to share details (ie what they’re like, what they’re up to), since Pidge isn’t really the sort to share on her own.  But Shiro also trusts that she won’t let her emotions cloud her judgement, and if there was ever a problem she’d just taser them and fly out.

Lance - It’s not that Lance is a bad judge of character so much as he’s just… he could be taken for a ride.  Has been.  Literally.  And he has, frankly, pretty shady taste (if Shiro were being particularly uncharitable then he’d say Lance goes for what he thinks are easy marks, some days, and it means he can be tricked).  So Shiro would worry that their intentions were good, or that the relationship was healthy, at least until Lance gets more experience.

Keith - Of his worries, this is probably the least rational, but Shiro would fuss most over Keith.  He’d really want to meet them, he’d grill Keith for all the information he could without alienating him, he’d push in a way he wouldn’t for the others.  Keith can handle himself, but, well, he’s not always great with people and Shiro worries.  He’s been the go between for Keith and the rest of the world too often to do anything but worry.

Voltron Fluff Week 2017:Day 6 - Shopping trip

Very rambly because I can’t fluff. Also, Colleen hijacked today's prompt.

Colleen Holt was on a mission.

The store had only just opened. 8 AM. It had taken her two hours to get here, but it was a long drive to the rendezvous point, and she had a lot of shopping to do.

She hadn’t slept. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to being tired, but today was going to bring it to a whole new level.

The boy had shown up last night, craving pardons and ensuring that he had reached the residence of the Holts. She was about to chase him off – too many nosy voyeurs of her grief, too many reporters needing the scoop from the widowed Holt – when he turned the pad in his hand toward her and her husband’s face was staring back.

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Wassup honey boo, gimme some grilled cheeses related Voltron headcanons 😎 Does anyone have a fave cheese or bread? What about Allura and Coran's first grilled cheese experience curtesy of Hunk? Gimme The Good Stuff™

lance learned a long time ago that there’s more to grilled cheese than the basics. hunks not the only one who likes to experiment with food. now lance can’t have a grilled cheese unless it’s his own Gourmet™ creation. he uses all kinds of breads, all kinds of cheeses but his favorite thing to do is to use at least 4 cheeses at once, sprinkle a little garlic salt on the bread, oh and there needs to be soup. tomato basil. home made.

lance has a conniption when keith goes to make grilled cheese and uses plain white bread, margarine and kraft singles. 

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making grilled cheese.”

“No you’re not you’re making barf sandwiches. Move over i got this. Trust me your taste buds are gonna thank me.”

and they do. keith doesn’t say anything, his eyes get wide, and he nearly just shovels the entire sandwich into his mouth all at once.

“Wait, Keith, aren’t you lactose intolerant?” 

//mouth full// “I’m what now?”

pidge doesnt care either way. shes good with whatever. she doesn’t see what the fuss is about. food is food.

shiro doesn’t do grilled cheese :’( with a body like that? please. that man prob has never even had a grilled cheese. to which hunk and lance collaborate to make a healthy grilled cheese shiro will actually touch. 

coran is having a melt down. he wont even finish it, he’s just on a rant. he’s pulling the bread apart and yelling about the perfect viscosity of the melty cheese. it took a bit of coaxing to even get him to try it. you know him and his goo lmao. but one bite and he was hooked. 

allura takes one bite and is, like keith, nearly shoveling it in like it’s going out of style. she aint shy. if this is what exotic earth food is like she cant wait to try everything else. but since makes the mistake of calling everything grilled cheese. 

“What’s this grilled cheese?” 

“That’s… that’s a carrot. Not everything is grilled cheese.”

poor allura comes from where everything is goo (idk anything about altean cuisine im assuming they just eat food goo and nothing else) so she just assumes grilled cheese is the earthly word for food. 

eventually she finishes hers and looks at coran and says “You gonna eat that?” 

hunk makes his the same way as lance, seeing no flaw in his design. and lance is just happy that hunk loves something he made, always wanting to impress him with his own culinary skills. they can often be seen in the kitchen together, talking astrophysics theories. lance absolutely gets a giant kick out of making grilled cheese because HE gets to take over the kitchen while hunk watches. hunk watches with a goofy lazy grin and heart eyes cuz it’s so damn adorable.