keith webb


Mysterious “Ugly” Woman Painting

Keith Webb of Winchester, Hampshire received an unmarked parcel. Upon opening the package, he found this strange painting of an “ugly” old woman in a white head-scarf. There was no explanation or note that came with the painting. 

“It’s a painting of such a horrid old crone - my wife won’t have it in the house.”

The couple have no idea who could have sent it to them, or even why. Upon taking it to local auctioneers, he found out that the painting was around 200-300 years old.

It’s not everyday someone sends you a painting of an ugly old lady without any information. Truly unexplained



48 Hours

Victo Ngai

This sums up my past couple crazy weeks. Two covers and an interior spread, each piece created within 48 hours from sketch to finish. I haven’t been able to work on quick turnarounds as much last year because of a few long term projects. The thrill is definitely to be missed.  

The first two are for Variety’s cover story on China’s growing influence on Hollywood, in particular four mega-media companies that have its eye on the film/entertainment industry. Big thanks to AD Chuck Kerr, I love the layout design and type treatments. 

 The third one is a cover for Wall Street Journal Weekend Review on the newest research findings of our brains. “For 400 years, we’ve had the wrong view of the brain. Now scientists are finally gaining a new understanding on how it works and its unique way of healing—and the latest discoveries are changing the way we approach brain-related ailments, from Parkinson’s disease to traumatic brain injury to dementia.” Big thanks to AD Keith Webb!

There may not be any officially declared candidates for president yet, but prominent Republicans from Jeb Bush to Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are making big speeches and jostling for consultants and donors. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton may not formally announce whether she is running for months. But any number of polls would indicate, without even declaring, she has a lock on the Democratic nomination.

Which got me thinking — who are the other potential Democratic candidates?

In Likely Democratic Primary, Who’s Joining Hillary Clinton?

Photo credit: Ethan Miller, Mandel Ngan, Patrick Smith, Mark Wilson, Chip Somodevilla (2)/Getty Images
Caption: Democratic Party possibilities for 2016 (clockwise from top left): former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; Vice President Joe Biden; former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley; Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren; former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.