keith the movie

pidge: *runs into lance and keith’s bedroom, starts screaming and jumping on their bed*

lance: *wakes up* i know it’s my birthday but this is a bit of an overreaction…

keith, who doesn’t sleep: *pulls of his half jacket, revealing a bright emoji movie tee shirt* TODAY 😃😁😄😀😃

pidge: TODAY 😃😁😄😁😃


guess who planned this birthday party lmao

happy birthday lance!! i fucking promised myself i’d get this shit done WAAAAAAAY earlier than everybody else but alas….nOPE

i still really heckin love how this turned out tho: emoji movie release + lance’s birthday

(bonus: close up of keith wanting to death)

  • Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE!!!!!
  • Lance: yay!
  • Hunk: I made your favorite cake
  • Shiro: I didn't disappear again
  • Pidge: I made a cool techno thing
  • Allura: *hugs Lance*
  • Coran: *hands Lance some weird thingamabob that can help with face cream or something*
  • Lance: so Keith, what do you have?
  • Keith: *shuffles feet*
  • Lance: Keeeefffff
  • Keith:
  • Keith: to the emoji movie...
  • Lance: *hugs Keith* this is my new favorite person okay let's fucking go man

one of the subtle things i like about Lance and Keith’s interactions is Lance explaining stuff he’s talking about after realizing Keith is a bit out of the loop with the mainstream

eventually Lance just explains stuff so Keith gets the reference

i just think thats so nice tbh. i appreciate Lance helping Keith understand mainstream references

keith’s life is a horse girl movie

  • mysterious texas dad
  • missing/possibly dead mom
    • wants 2 know more about his mom but can never get texas dad to open up about it
  • trying 2 impress a boy using his horse riding skills
  • senses horse emotions like how he sensed the blue lion 
  • strong magical connection w his lion/horse