the signs as classic rock stories

aries: the beatles getting pelted with jelly beans

taurus: roger taylor locking himself in a cupboard

gemini: the who checking out of a hotel and driving away and keith moon going back to their room to throw the tv in the pool

cancer: the beatles throwing the monkees a party and micky getting really high and wandering around hyde park talking to trees and singing with fans

leo: when a queen fan had cancer and her mom wrote to freddie mercury asking for a signed photo to cheer her up and freddie sent her multiple gifts, talked to her on the phone the night before she went back to the hospital, and then sent flowers to her hostpital room

virgo: keith moon passing out on stage and a fan filling in for him for the rest of the concert

libra: the jazz release party

scorpio: when roger taylor sold freddie mercury’s jacket to some guy and freddie chased the guy down the street to get his jacket back

sagittarius: keith moon’s 21st birthday party

capricorn: when the beatles were high and paul thought he’d discovered the secrets of the universe and wrote it down but all he wrote was “there are seven levels”

aquarius: when brian may threw a guitar offstage during a concert and no one was there to catch it

pisces: when queen found out bohemian rhapsody had gotten to number 1 and they all started jumping up and down in the elevator and the elevator stopped