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21 Chump Street x Klance

So I’m really into musicals right now and you should probably listen to/ watch 21 Chump Street first because otherwise this looks kind of really awkward lol

it’s wierd how I didn’t draw the scenes that I actually intended to draw and which made me make this crossover in the first place lol
well I imagined it as a story board in the first place so maybe I will make an animatic when I have time
(should I do it? and if I don’t should I make a continuation or at least draw the actual scenes I wanted to draw?? lol)


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anyway i’m crying about the idea of keith finding comfort with hunk because he was the first person we saw who didn’t judge keith in the belly of the weblum episode and who tried to make light of something keith was still coming to grips with, who definitely still is.

hunk has so much potential to be a Rock to him, who can help alleviate his worries and his stresses, a calm harbor. a nice soft shoulder to lean on. someone who can make him laugh even when he doesn’t feel like it

Allura: I suppose I should talk about how the cafe was founded. When I graduated college my father proposed to me I run my own small business before taking on the family company.

Lance: Allura here is the princess of Altea department stores like… for real. She is swimming in the hot okane* stacks!! ( money)

Allura: Yes well. I have always been interested in the idea but many of the maid cafes around us lacked subtly. While I love delighting and entertaining with more of the otaku brand culture, I wanted to add my own. We often hold lessons on fine dining and western tea. Helping our customers become more eloquent and elegant and poised.

Coran: I of course as her father’s assistant, saw to that Allura was doing her job.

Allura: Now I love the shop, struggles aside it is so rewarding.

Coran: Now for the rest of you scrappy lot!

Allura: Yes! Why did you all join us?

Shiro: Ah.. i-it seemed interesting (( 'cause he liked Allura))

Lance: Y-Yeah good work opportunity (( ‘cause he liked Allura ))

Hunk: I get to spend time with my b-buddy! (( Lance’s wingman/ free food ))

Pidge: Money. (( Lance’s backup wingman…. and really money ))

Keith: Broke a window.

Keith: It’s alright. A job’s a Job, right? But a reason?

Keith: No reason really.

klance / keith / lance headcanons because why not

•lance always wears socks to bed because his sister told him if he didnt, the foot goblin would come and eat his legs 

•keith doesnt wear socks at all, ever 

•keith kicks in his sleep

•he also constantly rubs his feet on lances legs when theyre cuddling cause his feet are cold 

 •keith has a Thing™ for lances forearms 

 •he doesnt know why 

 •lance makes sure when hes wearing a long sleeve to roll it up to his elbows 

 •when the watched the titanic together, they made a bet that who ever cried had to do the dishes 

 •they both lost 

 •keith cries very easily 

 •like REALLY easily 

 •he will cry everytime he sees one of those wholesome meme posts 

 •lance is that one kid in highschool thats the captain of the football team but is also a drama nerd 

 •keith really likes music and knows how to play piano, violin, and flute 

 •neither of them have a side of the bed but keith must be on the side farthest from a window 

 •keith used to (still is) be a warrior cats stan 

 •lance was the biggest pokemon fan in the whole damn country 

 •his whole room was pokemon themed

 •lance used to be afraid of shrek 

 •they go to a carnival together and lance tries to be suave and win keith a stuffed bear but he CANT GET THE DAMN BALL IN THE HOLE KEITH GIVE ME MORE MONEY 

 •keith had never been on a roller coaster so lance takes him to disney world and takes him on the scariest one first and it scars keith for the rest of the day 

 •keith hates oranges and he will fight people on the matter 

 •keith kills the spiders 

 •keith can break a leg and wont cry but once he got stung by a bee and locked himself in the bathroom crying and wouldnt let anyone touch him 

 •keith is so in love with lance sometimes he will just stare at the ceiling and think about him for HOURS 

 •lance love love loves disney movies 

 •keith can talk about conspiracies for hours and of course lance listens bc he loves his bf 

 •they are both 100% convinced justin bieber is a lizard person 

 •if keith is sitting on a carpet he will run his fingertips in circles on it until his fingers go numb and tingly 

 •lance is a morning person, lance is lucky if keith wakes up by noon 

 •keith gets really sad when lance makes self deprecating jokes 

 •"no baby dont say that youre so great and wonderful :,(((“ 

 •keith takes astrology posts seriously 

 •theyre constantly holding hands 

 •they are THAT couple you know the one 

 •pda? yes yes 

 •the only part about lance that isn’t perfect are his nails 

 •he will bite them down to a nub



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Can I request the crew having a night off and playing strip poker and Keith hardcore pins after shiro 👀

hey anon i want to let u kno that my Weekend of Work™ got interrupted by my laptop shitting out and I laid down on the sofa and contemplated life and thought of this prompt and hammered it out on my iPod so that I wouldn’t chuck my macbook out my window. I’m posting it from my iPod too so I’m sorry in advance for the formatting and the fact that this is me as a person. enjoy!


Keith tries to squash the idea as soon as Lance brings it up. Hunk, being a terrible enabler, eggs Lance on. Pidge, who never loses at anything ever, encourages him as well. It’s a horrible, horrible idea and Keith wants to distance himself as much as possible from it. Allura will snap all their necks with her bare hands when she figures out the truth, and then put them in the healing pods so she can do it again.

Keith voices these concerns. No one listens.  He tries to voice them again covertly when Lance brings up the idea in front of the Princess. Keith has to sit at the table and watch as Lance can barely contain his glee at passing off a card game as an Important Earthly Bonding Ritual.

“My friends and I used to play something very similar,” Allura muses, and there goes Keith’s out for the entire situation. “It’d be a good stress relief. “

Keith tries to beg off, tries pretends he accidentally injured himself training with the robot gladiators.

“I don’t think this game requires any physical effort,” Allura says when he tries to tell her this, while Lance nods eagerly behind her.

Shiro raises his eyebrows, and Keith prays that he’s going to do the sensible thing and put an end to this before it even starts.

“Huh,” Shiro says, looking at Lance and Hunk. “I’ve never played poker before.”

This is how Keith knows he’s living in the darkest timeline.

Lance sets up the rules; if you don’t have GAC, you throw in clothing instead. There is a grand total of three people who don’t have any intergalactic space money; Keith and Shiro, because they never had any to begin with, and Lance, because he has secretly given all of it to Pidge. She insists she doesn’t need it because she is about to wipe the floor with them. Keith also has no doubt in mind that Pidge is a sharp card counter, and that Lance is looking for an excuse to get shirtless in front of Allura.

Keith takes some pride in the fact that he’s actually not too bad at the game; at most, he might just lose his jacket. He’s a little concerned for Shiro, who watches with wide doe eyes as Lance explains the rules.

As it is, the fact that Shiro’s shirt is tight enough to show his muscles flex underneath when he does something as simple as gesturing towards a map, is enough to make Keith run hot. If Shiro loses his clothes, Keith’s going to lose his mind in front of all the other paladins, and then will have to eject himself into space out of sheer embarrassment.

If Keith’s going to be honest, he’s actually the most concerned for himself.

Shiro is an evil, evil liar and Keith briefly prays that Coran will walk in with an emergency mission and they will have to abandon the game. No such thing happens.

They’re all converged on the floor of the lounge, pressed up against the curving half of the circular seating area.

It’s very little comfort that Lance is almost as undressed as Keith is. Allura and Pidge have a claim on almost all the GAC and Hunk’s started to break into a nervous sweat. Lance is in his undershirt and jeans, while Keith is down to his boxers and left sock.

Shiro sits fully clothed beside Keith, legs crossed as he still tries and pretends this is all beginner’s luck. No one believes him. Keith has to tilt his cards away, because Shiro’s decided that he needs to lean against Keith instead of keeping his distance. He says it’s so that Keith can help him understand the game when he needs assistance. Keith’s sure it’s because Shiro is hyper aware of what he’s doing at any given moment of the day. Keith also thinks it’s worse to feel the fabric of Shiro’s shirt rub against his bare skin when Shiro shifts, than it would have been to see Shiro shirtless. Something in his lizard brain is sparking at the thought of him telling everyone else to get lost while he climbs Shiro like a tree.

“I thought you said you didn’t know how to play,” Keith says flatly, and Shiro does an incredibly poor job of hiding his grin.

“Maybe I just got a really thorough rundown of the game,” he says and Keith snorts.

“I’ll show you a thorough rundown,” he mutters under his breath and Lance makes a gagging sound.

“Hello,” Hunk says. “There are other people in this room too.”

Keith gives him the finger, and doesn’t miss the press of Shiro’s knee against his thigh.

It doesn’t take Keith long to lose the sock. Lance loses his undershirt, Hunk has to give up his headband, Allura takes off her tiara and Shiro has forfeited his fanny pack. Keith is pretty sure he did that on purpose, just to make Keith feel better. Pidge folds out of the game, and gives her winnings to Allura to keep playing. She claims it’s to make things fair, but she also claims that the sight of Keith and Lance shirtless has made her slightly nauseous.

“Dude,” Lance says, shielding his eyes as Keith tosses the sock into the pile. “I’m seeing way more of you than I need to right now.”

Shiro lets out a short laugh from beside him. Keith elbows him and Shiro catches it easily. His hand is warm and big against Keith’s arm, and Keith has to actively work at not openly staring as Shiro squeezes it.

It takes only ten minutes or so till Allura is smiling sweetly at Keith. His face has gone completely red and he stares at his hand, cursing the cards into eternity.

“Fine,” he says, and slowly moves his hands to his boxers. Hunk pretends to be decent by covering his eyes, and Lance mimes throwing up. Allura continues to give him a shit-eating grin. Keith hooks a thumb in his hemline and takes a deep breath in. Just when he’s got just enough courage to start pulling down, a hand grabs his wrist.

Shiro’s smile belies his iron grip, and he nods towards Keith’s hands. Keith looks at them and— right, his gloves count as clothing too. Shiro generously peels a glove off for Keith and throws it into the pile, and Keith tries to be discreet about rubbing his wrist when he gets it back. At least he’s red enough from before that no one notices the blush creeping down to his chest.

Somehow, Keith stumbles upon some luck, and he stays in his boxers and one glove till it’s Lance that’s the furthest behind. It doesn’t have the effect Lance desires, because Allura is too busy winning to pay attention to him.

Lance calls the game when it’s his turn to take his underwear off; Hunk looks immensely relieved and Allura cackles.

“This was fun,” she says gleefully, pocketing her easily-won money. “Let’s do it again soon.”

“Let’s not,” Keith offers. Yet again, he is pointedly ignored.

Allura leaves first, with Hunk and Lance trailing behind. Keith reaches for his pants, wanting to put them on quickly so that he can escape to his room and work on erasing the memory of this game.

Shiro stops him with a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back against the lounge seats.

“It’d be a shame not to finish,” Shiro says lightly, and it takes a second for it to click for Keith. He still thinks Shiro’s a little shit for pretending to be new though, so he shrugs.

“I may not be the best,” Keith says. “But don’t think you can win against me. Don’t know if it’s worth playing.”

It’s a blatantly lame and empty threat. Keith knows Shiro can tell by the type of smile he gives Keith.

“I can try,” Shiro replies, and he does.

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hey if you have the time could you like... list some reasons that Klance could happen because i need hope please give me hope

oooOOOOO okay so first of all the people bringing us voltron brought us LOK and we both know how that ended 

Originally posted by otterbender

and i mean come ON

thats not gay at all right

Originally posted by bokutouh

they had a bonding moment that we didn’t get to see that involved lance being cradled for all we fucking know they’ve already kissed and only keith remembers (my poor gay son)

Originally posted by altmix

look at them bickering like an old married couple and still being lighthearted about it they’re so cute

also lets talk about the fucking symbolism of their dynamic holy shit

They are literally hot and cold fire and water red and blue 

they are MADE to balance eachother out which is practically canon because of this snippet from keiths official character page

notice on the page how they dont talk about anyone elses dynamic with him like this holy shit 

keith is smiling so gently we never see him like this until they’re flirting (and they ARE flirting) and lance looks so happy to hear him look at this fucking bullshit

look at how impatient he is to see lance out of the healing pod 

“how much good do you think a few more ticks are gonna do for him!!”

gay. keith cool your hormones for like 5 seconds k thanks

look at the fucking way he looks at him they’re so happy 

again. smiling openly while looking at lance, gay

they’re holding hands fight me on this

they run away screaming like children together 

this has gotten long but yes klance is gonna happen i will bet money