ravensdamjokes asked:

7-10? :)

7.  Top 3 fictional families - Weasleys (Harry Potter), Delinquents (The 100), Cohens/Atwood (The O.C.)

8.  Top 3 fictional parents - The Bartlets (West Wing), Keith Mars (Veronica Mars), Maura Sergeant (The Raven Cycle)

9.  Top 3 fictional siblings - Bellamy and Octavia Blake (The 100), Oliver and Thea Queen (Arrow), Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)

10.  Top 3 child characters - Kira (Orphan Black), Harley (Iron Man 3), Henry (OUAT)

Ask My Top 3s


The recurring joke from both the pilot and the finale of Veronica Mars—“Who’s your daddy?”—gives the most direct explanation of Veronica Mars’s themes in its first season. From a transgender parent to Jake Kane trying to support Duncan’s lack of ambition to Lianne Mars’ failures to the woman running from the stepfather who raped her, most every episode deals with parenthood in a significant fashion. And it’s done so in a fairly mature and intelligent fashion, rarely resorting to simplistic “parents love their children more than anything” clichés. Veronica Mars shows that love, with Keith and Veronica, but it also shows that parent-child relationships, like everything else, are as complex as the world they inhabit. - Rowan Kaiser