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the chicago blackhawks as "drunk, stoned, or stupid" cards
  • patrick kane: finishes every wounded solider at party
  • jonathan toews: will find a reason to take shirt off
  • brent seabrook: always makes the executive decision
  • duncan keith: would survive in the woods with just a hatchet
  • artemi panarin: has no idea what's going on
  • vinnie hinostroza: gets trapped by a revolving door
  • ryan hartman: builds a fort and sleeps in it for a week
  • marian hossa: is always right
  • corey crawford: plays drinking games for glory not drinking
  • trevor van riemsdyk: gets popcorn bucket from trash for free refills
  • artem anisimov: is never impressed
  • niklas hjalmarsson: refers to themselves in the third person
  • scott darling: goes to taco bell sober
  • johnny oduya: has heart-to-heart with homeless guy
  • marcus kruger: goes missing within 15 minutes of going out
  • john hayden: knows all three stages of charmander's evolution
  • 1988: has sex on a treadmill
  • coach q: would take the last parachute

Be my Princess x Be my Princess 2  ¦ ★ insp.
↳ For the lovely ohimebento, because I casually saw Oliver, Joshua, Ivan, Kuon and Wilfred in your bias list  ♪~(´ε` )

BMP 1 & 2 Princes In GIFs

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Wilfred Spencer:

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Roberto Button:

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Keith Alford:

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Glenn Casiraghi:

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Joshua Lieben:

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Edward Levaincois:

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Hayden Spencer:

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Oliver Button:

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Kuon Casiraghi:

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Sieg Lieben:

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Ivan Chernenkov:

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Aslan Mafdir:

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Maximilian Levaincois:

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Kevin Alford:

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For many, they are just actors. For the Kingdom Hearts fans, they’ll be marked with the Nobodies sign forever (In a good way)

Note: Sorry, I couldn´t find recent pictures of Demyx´s voice actor, so I used an old one when he was a kid. 

You can go to my blog and check the part 1

Real world countries respective to the fictional countries in Be My Princess/BMP2

Philip Kingdom (Prince Wilfred/Prince Hayden) - England
Dres Van Kingdom (Prince Joshua/Prince Sieg) - Germany
Altaria Kingdom (Prince Roberto/Prince Oliver) - Spain or Italy
Charles Kingdom (Prince Edward/Prince Max) - France
Oriens Kingdom (Prince Glenn/Prince Kuon) - Italy/Japan (both)
Liberty Kingdom (Prince Keith/Prince Kevin) - America
Saint Charbel (Prince Ivan) - Russia
Shahara Zal Kingdom (Prince Aslan) - Saudi Arabia

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Hayden: [leyendo en voz alta] “No quería despertarte. Gracias por lo de anoche. P” ¿Qué es esto?
Simón: Mierda… No lo sé. Debe ser para Keith.
Hayden: No me mientas. Keith no pasó la noche aquí, hablé con él.
Simón: Bah, como sea.
Hayden: Simón, ¿estás saliendo con alguien? ¿Es eso lo que te tiene tan misterioso últimamente?
Simón: Definitivamente no.
Hayden: ¿Una aventura entonces?
Simón: Oh, ya cállate. No digas tonterías.
Hayden: Vale, lo dejaré por ahora. Pero volveré a preguntártelo más tarde.
Simón: Mi jaqueca te lo agradece.
Hayden: Te haré un café. Luces horrible. 
[EN] Hayden: [reading aloud] “I didn’t want to wake you. Thanks for last night. P” What is this?
Simón: Shit... I don’t know. It must be for Keith.
Hayden. Don’t lie to me. Keith didn’t spend the night here, I spoke with him.
Simón: Bah, whatever.
Hayden: Simón, are you dating someone? Is that what has you so mysterious lately?
Simón: Definitely not.
Hayden: An affair then?
Simón: Oh, shut up. Don’t talk nonsense.
Hayden: Okay, I’ll leave it for now, but I’ll ask you again later.
Simón: My headache thanks you.
Hayden: I’ll make you a cup of coffee. You look awful. 

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mahilieben  asked:

Oohh so your ask box is open..yaayyy.... Sweet bath time with bmp2 princes ?? Please please... ( note :- they're engaged now ) aahh a fluffy one.... :-)

Since there are so many to write for BMP2 I just did how they would act because the scenarios would probs all be the same. Sorry! But like…sorry in advance they all would tease the MC so its hard to write different scenarios about the same thing 8 times.

Hayden: He would already be taking his clothes off and be walking towards the bathroom, throwing a jab your way about joining him as he got into the tub. You contemplated going in or not before slowly walking inside the bathroom and near the tub to be pulled in by the smirking prince.

Oliver: He would joke around before falling serious about wanting to take a bath together. As he would wait for you to come in after him, half nervous that you wouldn’t come, but happy once he saw your frail form peek though the door, clutching to the towel around you. 

Kuon: He would suggest it as a joke at first, but when you suddenly agreed to bathe together he would blush madly as you raced to get in first. His chiseled features and masculine face made you even more nervous as he slowly got into the tub the furthest away from you. He wouldn’t dare go any closer until you made the first move.

Sieg: He teased you the whole way. Pulling on your towel and blowing in your ear as you were forced to jump into the tub to escape his endless teasing, only to fall more into his trap as he quickly got in and locked you in his arms. 

Ivan: Forceful. He would pick you up and carry you in, not understanding why you were embarrassed, clutching onto your towel fiercely. Once you both were in he would pull you to his chest and ask why you were so stiff. Only when you pointed it out would he get embarrassed for a brief moment, before teasing you. 

Aslan: The thought of bathing together intrigued Aslan as he would suggest it to you, knowing full well your would be embarrassed. As he guessed, your red faced showed your embarrassment as he dragged you into the bathroom, teasing you along the way.

Keith: He would drag you in along with him, shower cap in tow as he forced you to change while he teased you relentlessly. Finally having enough and lying saying that you would leave, he pulled you close to him and pressed your frail form to his while he whispered in your ear. 

Max: He would word it in a way to where you suddenly found yourself in the bath tub and him slowly climbing in. Thinking back to how you got in this situation you suddenly found yourself being pulled in towards his chest, not being able to keep up with anything that night.

anonymous asked:

Be my princess 2 :- " How do the princes tease the mc ?? "

Did I do this right? Oh well~

Hayden: He would whisper naughty things in your ear as you sat with the other princes. He loved the look on your face as you were embarrassed yet trying to act polite in front of people. The way you fidgeted in your seat only turned him on more.

Kuon: He would be the one who would get embarrassed with you after the fact. What he thought would be a good idea in teasing resulted in his own shyness. Right after the words left his mouth he would hide his own face in embarrassment.

Oliver: He would pounce on you at every moment. Hugging or kissing, it wasn’t enough and he loved to rub it in all the princes face as he was the one who could hug and kiss you and not them. However, you heart never got a break.

Sieg: He would be one for physical embarrassment. Randomly blowing on your ear to feeling you up. But he would do it discreetly so that no one would see the face you were making but enough to where you you be beet red in the face.

Ivan: He would be the one who wasn’t aware of how shy and flustered you were getting. He would do thing that he considered “normal” that you considered to much in public. The amount of bodily contact between the two of you left you hot all day long even in the snowy fortress of Sanct Sybil.

Aslan: He was the one who would always tease you about your age. Saying that you should be the “older one” in any situation. Although he loved the expressions you made and was thankful that he could tease you about your age to see them.

Keith: He always picked on you. Since the first day you met till now, he was one for rude comments to show his affection. Although, when the mood was right, he would be sweet then and only then. Otherwise, it was cruel punishment outside the bedroom walls.

Max: He would woo you with his words. Everything started out romantic and innocent around others, but when you two were alone his next line would have you weak in the knees waiting what would be in store later.