keith diamond

Just saw a gif of Keith and Allura spinning in space. Almost looks like they’re dancing and immediately David Bowie’s Dancing out in Space started playing in my head.

“No one here can see you

dancing face to face

no one here can beat you

dancing out in space.”

If I had any video editing skills I’d make a fanvid, but alas I do not. Also has this gem: “Mist and silhouette, Girl, you move like water. You’ve got stars upon your head.” <3

anonymous asked:

But that moment where Keith bribes Lance to let him stay on the ship tho. Nasty little pervert thought he was offering something else xD

keith: i have other ways of convincing you…

lance: really?,,,. uh… just,,, how do you expect to do that? 

keith: by speaking your language ;)

keith: (whips out a diamond in an attempt to bribe him)



lance: keep talking


haha, baseball au, more like baeball au :-)