keith carradine

Hello Duellist fans! do you recognise this face? A hussar sits in a warm, autumnal homage to the short film The Duellists, bearing a not-so-subtle resemblance to Keith Carradine’s character.

“Shakò d’honneur d’Etat Major - Officer, 3ème de Hussards, campaign dress 1800-1805 (A tribute to Lucien Rousselot, Jean Baptiste Édouard Detaille, Keith Carradine and Ridley Scott).” By Stefano Manni.

I had to have this kiss with Keith Carradine, and I think he was tortured. He must’ve been just tortured by it, because he’s, you know, in his thirties, and I’m eleven. He’s thinking, ‘Oh God, I don’t wanna scar this kid.’

I looked like I was sucking on a lemon. I just kept scrunching up my face, and the director kept getting mad at me….So Keith took me aside, and he said, ‘Hey, come here. I got something to tell you….You know that this doesn’t count, right?’ I said, ’[GASP] It doesn’t?’ And he goes, ‘No way. The first–that’s a totally separate thing. This totally doesn’t count.’

I mean, was that not just the most beautiful thing to say? And that’s who he was….I never once felt taken advantage of or victimized. 

Brooke Shields, on Pretty Baby co-star Keith Carradine (x)