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Jarvis Cocker of pulp..Bernard Sumner of new order and Keith Flint of prodigy on the Jo Whiley show ‘99. Part 1 of 4.
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lewd anon here - i have previously put thought into which paladins would be what dogs. i don't remember it exactly but i think i had shiro as a german shepard or something similar, hunk was definitely a saint bernard, keith was a doberman ?? i think. lance was a chesapeake bay retriever. and i think i made pidge a corgi just for the lols

Hi Lewd Anon!  I forgot about this one:

Pidge - Miniature Poodle - People who do not know poodles outside of cartoons have an image of this dog that is utterly inaccurate.  Poodles are constantly ranked among the smartest breeds: they are incredibly trainable, but also quite stubborn.  They are also hunting dogs, though less so for the miniatures (for obvious reasons), and so they’re surprisingly fierce.  Also?  Non allergic.  Great dogs, my Bax is a poodle mix, I love him, you can fight me on this one.

Shiro - Belgian Sheepdog - I’m always fond of working dogs for Shiro, especially herding, and this is a great dog for that.  The Belgian Sheepdog is also very pack/family oriented, amazing with kids, patient, whip-smart and energetic.  Also, for a dash of angst, they’re quite prey-driven and can be fierce hunters when called upon.

Hunk - Newfoundland - Newfies are giant lovable balls of fluff and kindness, no joke.  They are incredibly patient but can be a little sensitive, which means they can be a touch nervous.  Overall they’re a pretty mellow breed, content to lay on you and drool, but they’re Newfies, c’mon.   They also really don’t take well to cramped environments (like, say, being stuffed in a rocking simulator with ‘The Taylor’).

Lance - Field Spaniel - Both land and water retrievers, field spaniels are energetic breeds who absolutely despise being alone, but make excellent family pets, as well as being quick to befriend strangers.  They’re also quite trainable and intelligent, with a high drive for movement and play.  Also, that smooth, silky fur.  These are dogs that required to be well groomed and cared for.

Keith - A mutt.  Nah, just joking, a Rottweiler - Rotties are fierce protectors with terrifying bite strength and a stubbornness to hold on.  They are also deeply loyal and affectionate to those they consider family, and very standoffish to those they do not.  A Rottie will get between you and a threat and scare that threat off.  I don’t think I need screenshots to show why this one works.

Thank you for this!!  Honestly, I am goddamn nuts about dogs and I could do most of this off the top of my head, ahaha.

   If I haven't said anything lately, thank you so much universe 
for the zombie apocalypse! And for Dr. Merch and my
whole situation. And for, what else, the badlands nuclear
power plant! And yes points to you universe, points to you,
for dragging my ass all the way to South Dakota to die!

That was sarcasm.