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Duel Links’ TVTropes pages got some interesting edits in light of the Yami Bakura event!

“Duel Links’ Yami Bakura is confirmed to be an NPC controlled by Kaiba, which begs the question of why Kaiba made him, how he got his personality down, and why no one else knows he’s an NPC.“

“OOC Is Serious Business: When meeting Kaiba, Yami Bakura breaks character and informs him, and the players, that he’s an NPC controlled by Kaiba.“

“Yami Bakura, who’s an NPC, gets several funny moments by giving Kaiba advice for dueling, insulting Ryou’s dueling skills and calling him a thief, telling Keith to beat Pegasus up, and fanboying over Weevil throwing Yugi’s Exodia cards in the ocean.“

“Yami Bakura’s event mentions several manga events like Ryou reclaiming the Ring from Yugi and the Monster World game, but also mentions anime events like Pegasus and Keith being alive.“

“While mischievous in some cases and malicious in others, Yami Bakura is nicer to several characters than in canon, particularly Mai, Weevil, Kaiba, and Yami Yugi.“

“Yami Bakura/Mai, Ryou Bakura/Mai, Yami Bakura/Kaiba, and Yami Bakura/Yami Marik all get teased in Bakura’s event. Mai says that usually Bakura has a cute face, and he thanks her for her kind words and admires her spirit in return. Kaiba created and controls the virtual Bakura and they give each other dueling advice, and the bulk of Bakura’s conversations with Ishizu and Odion have him discussing Yami Marik and how he knows he’ll appear eventually and can’t wait for when he does.”

Updated my Reshef of Destruction mugshot sprite sheet because I forgot one of Mako’s. NOW I have them all!

Modern day Yu-Gi-Oh headcanons

We all know that Yugioh DM was set in the late 90s. But what if it was set in 2017? Comment with your headcanons!

Tea/Anzu: Instead of working as a waitress, she teaches Zumba and Soul Cycle classes.
Ryou Bakura: runs a popular Welcome to Night Vale fan blog between possessions. Also, man bun.
Joey/Jounochi: (American dub) upset by the gentrification of Brooklyn.
Yuugi: currently holds the record for quickest escape in Japan’s most difficult Escape Room.
Tristan/Honda: spams Facebook with memes.
Kaiba: was on an episode of Undercover Bosses. It did not go well.
Mai: YouTube and Instagram beauty guru. Especially popular for her Duel Monsters inspired looks.
Grandpa: ends all his texts with “-Solomon” even to Yuugi.
Bandit Keith: Trump supporter and has an alt-right Twitter account.

anonymous asked:

I would like to say this holy shit goddamn I'd be DOWN with African American Yugi. (And straight up African Atem)

Yesssss I love that.

On a related note- ATTN Duelists, please feel as free to send me your ideas for the ‘POC Teens In America’ Yugioh AU as you do my other AUs. <3

Maybe if we get another together, we can inspire some people to make some America AUs that are as diverse as the country truly is. I mean, it’s definitely time for a new standard imo.

(and please don’t feel silly if your idea is to make your fave’s race/ethnicity the same as yours. representation is the core of the idea, after all!)

Poor Rex gets no respect and he got terrified. And unlike Pegasus, Bakura has dialogue with Mako! He also encourages Keith to go beat up Pegasus. Nice. XD

Yami Bakura: Humph. My opponent is a weakling.
Rex: Whaaaaat! I’m no weakling! I’m Rex Raptor, semifinalist of the Japan tournament! remember that, idiot!
Yami Bakura: Nope, I don’t know you. Stop acting arrogant when you’re nothing more than a 2nd place finisher!
Rex: Gwaa! (What’s with that merciless comment that felt like he was gouging out my heart…… And that look in his eyes…… He’s seriously dangerous!!)
Yami Bakura: What? Are you scared? If you’re going to turn tail and run, now’s your only chance. Hahahahahaha!!

Yami Bakura: Hey. It’s the first time we meet in person, but I know all about you. You’re that fish guy who battled against Yugi at the ocean.
Mako: I’m not a fish guy! I’m a fisherman! The fish are my prey!
Yami Bakura: Humph. Like I care! I’ll slice you into thirds! Hurry up and come at me, fish guy!

Yami Bakura: Hey, Bandit Keith. It seems you have a huge grudge against Pegasus.
Keith: Huh?
Yami Bakura: If you have a grudge, then hurry up and beat up that lame punk.
Keith: What……?
Yami Bakura: Or don’t you have the guts? For someone known as a bandit, you’re very incompetent.
Keith: How dare you say these things!
Yami Bakura: If you defeat me, maybe I’ll tell you how to defeat Pegasus. Hahahaha!

Episode 51, further odd decisions all around and also much trauma. So much trauma, I’m doing another two-parter.

Yugi and Bandit Keith As Controlled By Marik are duelling and Yugi’s really worried but actually he’s doing fine. He gets worried way before he should, really.

He starts freaking out when he still has three times the Life Points that Keith does! Now, in fairness, maybe he just knows the way things are going better than I do, cause a metric shit-ton of cheating later…

Uh-oh! Now you’re allowed be worried, Yuug. Also maybe worry about your face.

Keith, in fairness to Yugi Faceblind Mutou, does look pretty different here; he looks kind of gaunt. Marik hasn’t been feeding him well, I guess. On the other hand, literally everyone else recognises him immediately, even when he looks all crazy and things are literally on fire… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Keith takes control of the duel and not even the Pouting Dark Magician can help Yugi now!

“Fine. Put me in Defense Mode. You’re no fun. Yami always lets me charge in recklessly.”

Meanwhile, Bakura has shown up, and FREAKS OUT.

While manifesting a swimming pool behind him, he recognises someone is controlling Keith and breaks the link between Keith and Marik.

Yugi takes Keith’s apparent hesitation as an opportunity to prove that he and Yami are more alike than people give them credit for.


… But he did almost win, Yugi. And I’m not sure he wouldn’t have if Bakura hadn’t been there, so… I mean, yeah, it’s a totally hollow and invalid victory, but still!

In any case, Keith is too distracted to be picking up these truths Yugi’s laying down for him.

Marik tells him to focus because he needs to know who’s hiding in the Puzzle, which turns out to be a bad idea, because it makes Keith … blame the Puzzle?

(People should run around on the holograph area more often!)


But then!

Ryou! To the slightly-too-late rescue! But not dropping the honorific even when Tarzan swinging through a warehouse!

He knocks Keith off the side of the duel arena and helps Yugi collect the Puzzle pieces.

Oh jeez. Can you imagine if it took eight more years? And Yugi’s just finished college and gets this crazy teenager back in his head! And then Yami’s the shorter version!

I didn’t have much time to dwell on this amusing AU scenario because…

… feels. Poor Yugi! He feels so guilty that the Puzzle got broken even though it wasn’t his fault. He was very foolish to hand the Puzzle over, but, in fairness, even the most cautious person would struggle to come up with mind-control and a warehouse fire as a potential outcome!

And now, Bakura makes a move!

Oh, well. That’s nice. He can’t have planned this, though, right? Like, what were the chances that Keith would go crazy and smash the Puzzle and give him an opportunity to Horcrux himself up. Because yes…

… that is some Horcrux level shit right there! WHY can it do that? Can they all do that, or is it Ring-specific like the homing device feature? I really want more info on the Items powers!

And now, 50 episodes in, we get some plot!

“I mean literally hidden. None of that ~hidden~ as a metaphor for ~residing~. They’re really sodding hard to find. It’s a whole thing.”

… No? They didn’t? The canon is very confused. Does it mean, like, they devoted themselves? Cause, like, I have it on good authority that High Priest Seto survives…

Ryou decides to just, y’know, head on off. Without Yugi.


(I feel like this is one of the Bakuras dicking with the other one. “Yeah, you hide a piece of your soul in my friend’s jewellery? I’m going to deliberately land on our shared butt just to annoy you.”)

Yugi goes to get the chained Puzzle piece and head off, but, danger is afoot!


Look, I’m not gonna stand here and say thiefshipping is canon, but you can’t deny that the relationship between Marik and Bakura is unique from every other relationship they’ve had. 

I mean, take Bakura as a primary example. He has shown opposition or hostility to every single other person who’s tried to fight Yugi that he encounters (Pegasus, the Paradox brothers [manga], Bonz, Sid & Zygor, Bandit Keith [anime], Otogi [manga], Haga and Ryuzaki [anime], Yami Marik, hell even Kaiba in the anime). And yes I know that in many of these cases defeating them helped him further his cause but it doesn’t change the fact that he is hostile to them.

But not Marik. Despite the whole “trying to kill each other” at the start, they create an alliance. We see that they both have abrasive personalities and get on each other’s nerves, but never at any point does he go back on their agreement.

“But Krissy, isn’t he just trying to get closer to his revenge?” No child, because you see he needs the Pharaoh alive so that he can open the door of darkness. By helping Marik try to kill the Pharaoh, he’s throwing an extra wrench into his plans and yet he still does it.

Analysing it purely from the world of the writer (as opposed to the world of the characters), it really says something when your main villain will oppose every other antagonist except one. Takahashi put a lot of thought into the details of Yu-Gi-Oh!, so in my personal opinion it’s not just a coincidence.

yugi: i sacrfice my blue eyes white dragon to summon THE DARK MAGICI-


yugi: im from japan 

bandit keith