keith askins


Keith Askins
Supreme Bass Guitar Player & Instrumentalist

Keith Askins has been playing instruments since long before time it seems. A graduate of Montbello High School, Keith has played for and with some of the music industry’s top names. Like most musical artist and savants, Askins got most of his recognition in church. Branching out to multiple church venues, he played drums and bass guitar at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and the well known Potters House in Denver. Currently, Keith is touring with smooth jazz artist Dotsero who has been performing for 20 plus years. He is also the music director for the rising star Rellion, the former back up singer for New Edition and BBD. You can even listen for his bass play on Sirius XM Radio, as he just returned from a recent live performance for the satellite radio station Soul Station.

His resumé also includes playing for: Soul/Blues artists Taylor Scott, Natalie Stewart “the Floacist” from Floetry, Dave Hollister from Black Street, Gospel Artists Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, Kurt Karr, Marvin Sapp, Smooth jazz artists Tim Bowman, Darren Rahn, Dee Lucas, Marcus Adams, Elan Trotman, Lin Rountree, Jackiem Joyer, Ryan Kilgore( Stevie Wonders sax player) and he has even performed with Actress Lynn Whitfield.

As far as his future, Keith will be playing at Winter Park Jazz Fest, and Catalina Island Jazz Fest. Along with all of this, he will be included in multiple tours along the East and West Coasts and in Canada.

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