keith anthony higham

I think I really like the Keith Anthony Higham Grantaire because I really really love his physicality. The way he moves is how I imagine Grantaire to move. And I adore the way he clutches at his head or hair when he’s upset. I’ve always thought of Grantaire as one of those people who is pretty messed up in the head. And like he always has these little voices just telling him terrible things about himself and stuff and like he wants to believe them just as much as he doesn’t want to believe them. And his love for Enjolras is a huge conflict for him because of that, because Enjolras for him is hope and light and all these other things but at the same time he doesn’t want to think about them or believe in them because if they let him down or fail it will only cause him more pain. And I think that grabbing of the head for some reason really sort of encompasses those issues, like he just wants everything in his head to shut up for a second and stop so he can just love Enjolras without hurting himself. And the way he seems both cynical and doubtful, and like he’s genuinely terrified of Enjolras failing when he sings in Drink With Me is absolutely incredible.