keisuke yamada

Ensemble pulls the chairs from under the nations during the world meeting in Osaka and all hell breaks loose because of the prank.

America begins whispering threats. England gets violent of course. China is keeping his cool with meditation.    💢( [∂]ω[∂] )つ🔪


Musical Hetalia: The GREAT WORLD (2016) - (1) (2)
(1/? Japanese Stage seen)

  • Italy: Ryōki Nagae
  • Germany: Yūsuke Ueda
  • Japan: Keisuke Ueda
  • America: Ryūko Isogai
  • England/UK: Daisuke Hirose
  • France: Juri Aikawa
  • Russia: Yūki Yamaoki
  • China: Taishi Sugie
  • Spain: Takeshi James Yamada

Miscellaneous Character Visuals ✧ VS Varia Part 1

During Curtain call for GW Okki rushes into introducing himself while James is being applauded. It just continues to go down hill from there with Okki and his bizarre airhead introduction and thank you.

You can just see the hamster in Okkikun’s brain trying his best. 

I relate so much to Uechan’s reaction.  ( ✧Д✧)

America and England swishing their hips kills me. It’s even funnier because they both had just finished crying their eyes out.  まるかいて地球 makes the mood brighter always.


The Eliminators
Takashi Okano & Keisuke Yamada
August 11th, 1996
ECW in Korakuen Hall