keishota's art

“Don’t look, Mob. We’re having some ‘grown-up stuff’ right now and you’re not invited~!”

Doodle of EkuRei with Mob, the uninvited guest (LOL). I was browsing through the EkuRei tags and I couldn’t help the urge to draw them!! I blame @tmkn204, EkuRei fanarts and tags that keep appearing on my TL and Pixiv! I FELL TOO DEEP TO THIS PAIR! SEND HELP! 

Although I doubt I’m gonna do more of them, but I’m gonna cross my finger for this :P /slapped

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the lines and faces! mostly the eyes and noses, you have a really distinct way of drawing them! although i once saw a half shot of an arm and immediately thought 'that looks like keishota's art' and i was right so maybe it's just the whole thing

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W-wow, that was unexpected! T-thank yo so much! (Q//////Q) I never thought my art style would leave that much impact. I always thought my style is just… generic? Especially, when my style is not that consistent LOL 

Still, thank you! That made my day :”D