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“Don’t look, Mob. We’re having some ‘grown-up stuff’ right now and you’re not invited~!”

Doodle of EkuRei with Mob, the uninvited guest (LOL). I was browsing through the EkuRei tags and I couldn’t help the urge to draw them!! I blame @tmkn204, EkuRei fanarts and tags that keep appearing on my TL and Pixiv! I FELL TOO DEEP TO THIS PAIR! SEND HELP! 

Although I doubt I’m gonna do more of them, but I’m gonna cross my finger for this :P /slapped

AoKaga FanArt for my wife~!
She requested me to draw her OTPs, since I like AoKaga as well, so I did them first  
This doodle is based on my wife’s short strip of them, which you can read it here >> Clickie!

I still love this couple, although the series is not as much LOL. Move on to the next one~!…. I don’t know who should I do first though _(:3_

This piece was inspired from my conversation with a friend quite few months ago. We haven’t spoken in a long time and she was already a college freshmen. She is a really passionate girl. Her passion for art is as big as any other artists out there, so I was pretty sure she would apply herself to an art school. I guess I was wrong. Her parents is totally against her idea of majoring in arts, so she applied to another major which is different from her interest. But, it suit her parents’ interest. 

I think most artists are familiar with this problem, even myself. I was quite lucky to have one supportive family member who helped me to convince my dad to let me apply to my current college. Well, of course, it didn’t mean all my problems end there. I’m still struggling to prove to my parents that I could be happy/successful with the path that I chose. Sometimes they would make a joke about it, telling me that I would end up drawing for a living on the street and how I have wasted my dad’s money for something useless.  I couldn’t say anything and just keep my mouth shut. No matter how hard I explain, they won’t understand the path that I’ve been walking through. 

The path that I chose is not easy, but they just can’t see it. As far as I can remember, my parents almost controlled every single thing in my life: what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, things that will make them happy and the things that will disappoint them. Usually, my happiness is considered as ‘the things that will make them happy’, but not the real happiness that I want. Sometimes, I actually felt that I was my parents’ puppet. I gave up on my dream and interest to art a lot of times, but now I won’t give up on them anymore.

This work is a concept of my old self, my struggles as an artist and also an expression of how I want to free myself from the strings that have controlled me for all these years. For my fellow artists out there who might also face the same problem as me and my friend, there are no easy way to get what you want. There will be always obstacles and people who might hurt you along the path, but don’t take those things as a reason to give up. Just ignore them and you’ll become stronger. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because we learn from our failures to become successful. Every person has their own path to success. Sometimes is shorter, but sometimes is longer. It depends on how we do to achieve that success. So, it’s not too late to change :)

As long as you believe and love what you do, no one can stop you but yourself. 

These guys are my first 3 OCs when I first started roleplaying at a Yaoi Indonesian Roleplay, Shiroi Gakuin. I kind of abandoned them after I created my other OCs. So, I decide to redraw them again since I did miss these 3 guys recently. 

The top one was drawn 4 years ago, while the bottom one was today. I’m still suck at anatomy, but at least it’s much more better than me from 4 years ago =))a

Haaaa… those embarassing memories…. I wish I can forget!!! =w=