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TeruMob & ShouRitsu College AU. Inspired from @beanpots

I’ve always wanted to draw this headcanon for a while now. I like the idea where couples wear matching accessory and I thought really hard on what kind of accessory that would match these boys. 

I still think that rings would match TeruMob better, but rings will likely catch too many attention from people, especially Mob who doesn’t seem to be the type who wear accessory. So, Teru would buy a pair of custom-made earrings with Blue & Black stone. They will wear it on one of their earlobes; Mob with the blue earring and Teru with the black earring. For ShouRitsu, I was thinking of bracelet or necklace. Not too flashy, yet casual and still in style and look like something Shou would buy for RItsu. 

This was really fun to do! I really like how Bean draw their hairs (although Mob is still the same hairstyle, but that’s okay), especially Teruki’s. I had a blast to decide what kind of clothes I would make them wear, Teruki was the hardest to choose because a lot of clothes seems to fit him really well X”D Also, my first proper ShouRtisu~! Yey~! Although it’s AU, but who cares lol! 

Hope you like it~! <3

keishota  asked:

Hi, Bean! Thank you for answering my question! It's really interesting to know of Teruki's backstory in royalty AU, also how the hair incident still applies in this AU lol. I wonder how he grows his hair back in the AU, magic?? And now, I'm really curious to see how 14 years old Teruki looks in this AU stand side by side with 12 years old Shigeo, I can just imagine Teruki's smug face there! XD

hey!! i’s not problem and yeah teru definitely went to tome for something to get his hair to grow back lol

and here is 14 year old teru and 12 year old mob!! and well teru’s more annoyed than smug hahaha

Hanazawa Teruki (Sunflowers & Goth)

Collab Art I did with @condraws

I did the Lineart and Con did this REALLY MARVELOUS coloring! This is just so beautiful and I can’t stop staring at it! I’ve never seen my art in this coloring style before, so I’m just in a total AWE~! The clothes was supposed to have more frills or details in it, but as I was linearting it, I totally forgot about it and ignored them completely LOL! I hope you didn’t ‘suffer’ too much when coloring this :”))  

Still, thank you for doing this collab with me! It was really fun!! :”DD 

Ritsu is feeding Takenaka his own kind!

For @hydrachea​, because I saw her post that said there was little TakeRitsu content after Takenaka’s first name has been revealed in the latest chapter. I bet you never expect this to happen >:”D

TBH, I planned to do this TakeRitsu after knowing Takenaka’s first name, but I ended up only drawing Takenaka instead lol. I have fun researching fashion clothes for these two kids to wear, since I really want to draw them in different clothes other than their gakuran, and I put fashion glasses on Ritsu because we all know he looks good on them! (●´□`)♡ Also, I’m experimenting on flat color painting, definitely not because I’m lazy to paint /sweats. I think I accidentally made Takenaka a bit too good-looking on this piece.

Anyway, I hope you like it~! <3


花と桃 (Flower & Peach)

Because I want to draw Takenaka and Teruki in a suit in a fashion magazine feel~! I accidentally made them look a bit older, but I guess it’s okay. At first, I didn’t plan to style Takenaka’s hair, but since he’s in a suit, his hair need to be styled too. I was torn between want to make Teruki’s hair short or medium length, since I really like Teruki in his short hair. When I was researching, I found a hairstyle that seems to suit Teruki, so I was sold. 

I would likely to do more of MP100 characters in fashion, just because it’s fun to see my babies in fashionable clothing~! :”D

Hope you like it~! <3

Family Photo~!

About months ago, I had a chat with @azeher about our headcanons and I told them about how I have this headcanon of TeruMob having a daughter! Their daughter is the split image of Mob, but her eyes are inherited from Teruki. 

Her name is Hanazawa Himawari~

I always like headcanons where my fave OTP has a child, so I couldn’t help myself! I imagine Teruki would be the doting father for his daughter and keep buying her pretty clothes since she’s so cute! Then, Mob would lecture Teruki for spending too much money on clothes for their daughter! X”D

I didn’t know what kind of hairstyle I should draw for Teruki, so I decided to draw @beanpots‘s Teruki in College AU. I hope you don’t mind, Bean! I mean, it’s already been done anyway /slapped

P.S: Don’t ask me how Himawari was born, because I didn’t think about that part at all. I literally skipped that part, all I know I just want to draw TeruMob have a daughter! LOL :”))

Doodle Klaus Von Reinherz!

Trying to draw again today! Also, trying my best to draw him looking like his age. I haven’t drawn grown adult men for so long because of the current fandom I’m in;;;


Preparing for the worst (click on it)

Don’t blame me. Blame the one who requested @feroluce

When I saw this combination, this was the first thing that came to my mind. Also, I wanted to experiment on this type of work again. This was fun! XD


Teruki & Mob (16. Confess love without saying ‘I Love You’)

Emotional Theme Challenge


I choose 16 since I already did 11 before. I couldn’t choose, so I just did both of them because I thought of quite a few sentences that suits them. I love drawing tears! :”))


KlausLeo Movie Date & Concert Date~! <3

Headcanons by @verdantrivers

I had so much fun making these~! Putting these two dorks in different clothing is definitely the most fun part! I’ve been wanting to dress-up Klaus in casual clothes. Gotta admit, deciding on Klaus’s clothes might be the challenging fun part since I want to give him a gentler look, yet classy! O(≧▽≦)O

I like to do this kind of sketchy style. It got the ‘Messy, yet not Messy’ kind of feel LOL (*≧▽≦)

Hope you like it~! 

“Don’t look, Mob. We’re having some ‘grown-up stuff’ right now and you’re not invited~!”

Doodle of EkuRei with Mob, the uninvited guest (LOL). I was browsing through the EkuRei tags and I couldn’t help the urge to draw them!! I blame @tmkn204, EkuRei fanarts and tags that keep appearing on my TL and Pixiv! I FELL TOO DEEP TO THIS PAIR! SEND HELP! 

Although I doubt I’m gonna do more of them, but I’m gonna cross my finger for this :P /slapped