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Knock, Knock Ch. 13: Over-Identifying with Taylor Effing Swift

A/N: Sorry for the insanely long delay. I have most of this story entirely mapped out - it’s just about writing it. And life has been a little bit insane lately for me. And a little bit rude. But yay! I finally got myself a few hours to just write.

(Also just to clarify, I have no hate for the T-Swift and this chapter was named long before whatever weird feud thing is going on right now on the interwebs. The chapter title is simply about identifying with sappy love songs - something I myself can attest to being a swift kick in the lady parts when you’ve previously prided yourself on being independent and capable and totally above the whole lovesick puppy thing.)

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Adulting was the fucking worst.

Seriously, at least some people had the benefit of an idyllic childhood – not Killian, of course, but at the very least it was a possibility. But had anyone ever described a grown-up scenario as idyllic? Not unless they were in a fucking fairy tale. And even then you never actually got to see that part of it. The meat of the story was dragon slaying and evil-stepmother-outsmarting. The floofy happily ever after part was always just a platitude, a sentence to lull children to sleep at night.

No, adulthood was stupid. It was bills and complications and being the bigger person and to-do lists and a whole gamut of bullshit that was so much shittier than even the worst afternoon on the schoolyard.

Killian wasn’t one to whine – no, he was generally the suck it up type – but today he was cranky. After leaving his soul-sucking adult job on Wall Street, he’d opted for a more exciting, a little more carefree and fun-spirited career… only to be slammed in the face with the harsh realities of such a jolly lifestyle.

There’s the cleanup and the logistics and all the basic planning and whatnot. But then there’s the really icky stuff.

Like obtaining sufficient insurance.

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Her First Autumn

It’s October and I love October, so I decided to write a fic about it! It’s CS-related, of course, but it’s mostly about Emma babysitting and giving the kids a perfect Fall experience - one like she never got as a kid. This takes place after she’s not the Dark One anymore and I don’t include Zelena’s baby in the set of town children, but I also just don’t reference it at all (because who knows what’s going on with that story line). Anyway, this is just pure fluffy sugary goodness. Get your toothbrushes ready, people! You’re about to get a cavity.

Word Count: 2,300ish

Rating: P for PUMPKIN (no seriously it’s general audiences. I keep my potty mouth under wraps)

There was something about mid-October that made Emma’s usual hot cocoa with cinnamon just taste… better.

Maybe it was the smell of falling leaves wafting through the window of her (very own) house. Maybe it was the warmth of the fuzzy red sweater she was bundled in, tucked into the corner of the couch. Or maybe it was the unique taste lingering in her mouth left behind by Killian’s apple-cider laced kisses.

(Yeah, it was probably that last one.)

They sat on the couch, her hand wrapped tightly around his hook as they sipped at their beverages, just enjoying the last bits of silence for the morning before the kids arrived. Since the darkness had been defeated, everyone had been giving her plenty of space – whether that were because they were allowing her time to bask in the light with Killian or because they were still slightly afraid of her, well she wasn’t quite sure. But it was time to start paying everyone back for their kindness, so she’d offered to babysit so the other grown-ups could enjoy some mulled wine and candlelight rather than reruns of The Wiggles.

Emma hadn’t assumed Killian would help her, but that’s only because Emma could sometimes be an idiot. The man loved kids and he loved her, so of course he was chipper about the opportunity to be her second-in-command.

Of course, he didn’t realize exactly how much he’d signed up for. It had been so long since Emma had done anything to truly enjoy the autumn – when she was a kid she was only lucky to have a few “fun” foster homes that actually cared about the wellbeing and enjoyment of the kids in their care, and the most recent Fall in her adult life, she’d been a little too preoccupied with reigning with darkness and exacting revenge that she never really thought to sit down and enjoy a latte.

So she decided this was her big chance – she was going to make absolutely the most of this season as possible. And she was going to do so with a whole hoard of children.

“I thought it was just Roland and Neal, love,” Killian had wondered aloud as Emma’d gathered up a dozen pumpkins the day before. “And Neal can’t even carve on his own.”

Emma had laughed, using her magic to transport the heavy gourds into her tiny yellow bug. “I may have gotten us in over our heads,” she’d responded with a shy smile. She knew he’d forgive her over-excitement. Eventually.

They finished off their hot beverages just as the first knock came at the door. Killian leaned over and kissed Emma one last time before the chaos began, his lips lingering over hers in a content smile.

“Keep smiling, buddy, this is going to be a long day.” She locked eyes with him before snagging the mug out of his hand and taking them both over to the sink.

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