keisha greene


Caleb: *getting wrecked*

Santi: *needs to make an enemy for his lifetime aspiration*

Me: This couldn’t possibly end badly.

@cupidjuice (your build that my whole town seems to love), @blarffy (your Caleb), @cabsim (your Pancake).


April: I, according to a licensed expert in the field, have one of the most beautiful honeypots. You know, my hushpuppy…My cookie!

Keisha: All men say that when they’re trying to get it. Don’t tell me you fell for that.

April: No, seriously! This man is board certified; this is not an opinion.

Keisha: Well, this we have to see.

Raquel: Mmm hmm. You can’t come in here with that kind of pronouncement and not back it up with proof.

April: You really want me to show you? That’s kind of weird guys.

Keisha: If we are indeed in the presence of an extraordinary “hoo-ha” the council must confirm.

Raquel: Agreed.

April: Alright then. Let’s confirm.