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is there another tv couple that dersha reminds you of?

Actually, yes. They remind me so much of Keira and Blue (Bleira) from BET’s The Game. There’s just a few similarities (and to be honest, they’re both my favorite couples from each show, so that may play a role in it).

  • Just like Dersha, Bleira argues over the small stuff. They argue over little things, but they also make up. In my opinion, their small arguments and fights show how much they appreciate and care for one another.
  • Derek was the first to tell Ahsha that he loved her and that he was in love with her. Blue did the same with Keira, when his father told him to focus on football and that he had to break up with her, but he told his father no because he loved her.
  • There’s girls falling all over Derek and throwing themselves at him. Although they don’t show too many girls throwing themselves at Blue, there is definitely quite a few girls, just because he’s a football player and that’s natural.
  • Blue and Keira started out as friends as well. They dated, then they broke up and they decided to stay in each other’s lives and be friends for the time being. Ahsha said in an interview on the red carpet when she and Derek came out with their relationship that they were friends first.
  • Derek and Ahsha lived together, even though she claimed she was living with Kyle, we all knew that in reality she was living with Derek. After awhile, Keira and Blue moved in together as well.

There’s definitely more similarities, but that’s all that I could think of right now, but those are definitely the most valid points that I could make.

Thank you for asking!