¿Qué mejor manera de celebrar la Navidad que desvelar la primera pista para la nueva Bodybox Enero? ¡Os va a encantar!

Podréis conocer los increíbles productos de Keims, una marca que nace de la observación de los altos beneficios del Aceite de Oliva como poderoso hidratante y antioxidante. En Keims crean productos con ingredientes naturales a la vez que aplican su alto conocimiento científico ¿La fórmula de su éxito? Naturaleza + Ciencia = Equilibrio Keims 

Empieza el año con tu Bodybox Enero Fresh Start y podrás disfrutar de los superpoderes de una marca totalmente espectacular como Keims en tamaño Full Size ¿A qué esperas? Suscríbete 


Finally! My first Birchbox is here! This is the April edition that I received.  This box is $10.00 a month and goes by what you are interested in. 

My thoughts: Not what I had expected to get. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get so many hair and skin products. I really wanted something different and also make up.  I did receive one make up item though. It’s a cheek and lip stain but I don’t really wear cheek stains so I will probably just use it on my lips. I can’t decide if I will keep Birchbox since I was really pleased with my Ipsy box i received last month. But for $10.00 I think I will give it one more go.

Join here!

Will let you know what I think of the products within the week! =)

Let me know if you subscribe and what you receive or if you think there is a better box out there worth the money and excitement!

Hope y’all have a good one!

Shelby <3