keiko orca

The moment my life was changed forever.

I remember the music, the mystery and excitement and then the surface of the water broke and I was forever changed for the better. God I hope you can love something so strongly one day. Every picture and video delights you, their graceful movements bring you to tears. You would do anything to help them thrive because Jfc they deserve it. I feel so blessed to love them.

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So like I was thinking and apart from anything else I don’t think it is possible to have healthy orcas in captivity because you can’t get the water temperature right? I mean if you have more than one orca in the pool they’re going to be from different areas of the world and so would want different temperatures?

I remember in Keiko: The Untold Story they were talking about how they adjusted the temperature of his water in Mexico and it had a massive effect on his energy levels. So for years they’d got his water at the wrong temperature and there was only one orca there.

So imagine if you’ve got orcas from all over the world who need massively different water temperatures all in one pool.