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My new whale bookmarks! These handsome bulls were suggested by @king-lobo, @stardust-dad, @sick-boner, and @vaquitatje and they are all available now on my etsy shop:

All are hand painted with M. Graham and Co. Watercolours on Arches Cold Pressed paper, laminated, with a few general facts about the individual whale on the back. 

I will take custom orders at $15 CAD ($11.08 USD @ current conversion rate which is subject to change) and if you’re interested in those you can contact me here on tumblr. 

The moment my life was changed forever.

I remember the music, the mystery and excitement and then the surface of the water broke and I was forever changed for the better. God I hope you can love something so strongly one day. Every picture and video delights you, their graceful movements bring you to tears. You would do anything to help them thrive because Jfc they deserve it. I feel so blessed to love them.

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The Etsy shop has received some much needed love and new additions!

The six recent sketchcards I created are now up for sale. And as a thank you, I have created some coupon codes for a nice little discount :) 

Use FREESHIPPING to have your purchases shipped completely free and  TUMBLRFOLLOWER to get 10% off!

Listings for commissions, from sketchcard to bookmark to A4 size, have also been renewed and all commissions ship totally free!

‘I think people have a slight misunderstanding about what happened with Keiko. Keiko was never released into the wild. He was never taken out to, you know, an orca pod or a remote distance from where he had been held in the bay and left. THAT’S released into the wild. That’s 'goodbye Keiko, have a nice life’’
Keiko: the Untold Story

…and that’s not what people are campaigning for this time either. Out of the tanks does not mean abandoned to the sea