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2nd Gen Captains Headcanons

these are some headcanons i have for the next batch of captains (specifically Yahaba, Ennoshita, Shirabu, Futakuchi, Akaashi, Terushima, and Yamamoto) and how they are all buds. Leggo

  • Yahabu and Shirabu are actually really good friends. they decided not to be complete rivals like Ushi and Oikawa 
    • salty af bffs
  • Enno learned from the best (Suga) and learned everyone’s secrets and weaknesses before exposing his true evil self
    • they all live in fear of the day he finally loses his mind and destroys them all with the black mail he has
  • Terushim aka Captain Bisexual- is so goddamn gay for Akaashi. I mean, look at him he’s so pRETyyy!
  • Setter Skwad going on group shopping trips and looking fly as fuck
    • (Akaashi had to pick out Shirabu’s clothes for him so he didn’t ruin their aesthetic with his fucking hawaiin print shirt)
  • Teru and Yama took Enno out on a ‘the not setter skwad’ trip and Enno just spent an hour screaming into the void to prepare
  • Futakuchi is such a bitch and they have a board that counts how many days without sarcastic remark
    • it has never passed 3
  • But honestly everyone else loves him and the minute someone not in their squad insults him or threatens him they form up and prepare for battle
  • Akaashi and Yamamoto are the best of friends and they hang at each other’s houses a lot with Kenma and have sleepovers
  • Yahaba is the saltiest person on the planet but he is also the best person to go to for advice
  • Ennoshita is just waiting for death to claim him honestly
  • Akaashi and Enno go out together once a month and calmly drink shit talk their teammates and the other captains
  • Everyone teases Yahaba about his crush on Kyoutani
    • at all times
      • forever
  • Yamamoto is best friends with Tanaka and he keeps trying to drop hints that the other boy should ask Ennoshita out
  • Shirabu is not actually aware of his crush on Semi
    • the others dont’ tell him because its adorable
  • Futakuchi is too bitter for love but he enjoys making fun of Aone and Hinata’s relationsip
  • Akaashi literally never shuts up about Bokuto
    • is constantly showing them photos of his hot bf
    • “have you seen my BOYFRIEND Bokuto, look at how hot he is, he’s not wearing a shirt, look at those arms”
  • Teru talks about Hana ALL THE TIME but doesnt seem to realize his crush
  • Yamamoto is cool right now. HE’s focusing on him and his team.
  • Enno has panic attacks sometimes and when he does its always Yahaba that calms him down best
  • I love them all so much and i want the manga to continue so i can see them be captains and grow up and progress even more as characters.

And thats all the creativity i have time for tonight.

Haikyuu!! Novel Volume 5: Before Our Representative Playoffs - The Blazing Dodgeball Highschooler Bokuto “Dodge” Koutarou (Summary)

Bokuto. Dodgeball. Team Fukurodani vs. Nekoma. What can possible go wrong? 

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Top 5 setter and ace combos?

Hello! Here I am back with the top 5s! It’s been a while, isn’t it? I figured this would be the perfect one to start again!  

1. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. “Oikawa-san, when cornered, will always toss to Iwaizumi”“They are connected, both mentally and physically”. They are the setter™ and the ace™, the most iconic power couple of them all. They shaped who the other is as a person and as a player, and probably no one (or just one) combo could ever surpass their level of trust, care, and devotion.   

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2. Akaashi and Bokuto. Speaking of devotion, it’s impossible not to mention our favorite owls. They are a match made in volleyball heaven and Akaashi is simply the perfect setter to Bokuto, balancing and always supporting him the way he needs, as much as Bokuto is the perfect source of insipration and motivation for Akaashi. They make each other feel better and that’s beautiful.

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3. Sugawara and Asahi. How can we forget the iconc “SUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” or “A high toss, slightly away from the net. The toss, Asahi’s speciality, which I’ve tossed to him many times. Eve if it’s just a plain toss, give it all you can!”. This one scene of them is one of my all time favorites scenes of Haikyuu. And no matter if we’re not getting much more action on the court, no matter if now Kageyama is Asahi’s setter, I’m happy to see that they are still incredilby precious to each other and their supportive yet playfully violent relationship never changed a bit. 

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4. Kenma and Taketora. Fresh from the latest chapter of the Haikyuu manga, here’s the unexpected friendship we all couldn’t wait to see explored! From enemies always at each other’s throat to friends and supportive players, their relationship is for sure one of the best revelation of this Nationals arc!

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(they even have complementary hairstyles now)

5. Shirabu and Ushijima“Shirabu, you still remember our promise, right?” “I remember.”. We can’t say that their relationship extends to the lenghs of the couple in the top 3 positions, or bettet, not on Ushijimia’s side. Shirabu actually shpaed his volleyball carreer in order to be able to be Ushijima’s setter in the future, he primised to use him merciless in any situation (???), to toss to him no matter what, he was even the person ho made Ushi smile like that (you know the smile). I wish we could have seen more of theri dynamic, from the glipses we’ve seen, it looks pretty interesting!

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Ask me my top 5 things!

You know that feel: you’re innocently reading your chosen lord’s route, when a wild npc ikemen throws himself in your path.

Here’s clan Uesugi’s Kageie and Kagetsugu:

That physique on Tsugutsugu, tho! Who knew Emo McAngst was built?

I love their outfits. I really want to know more about Kageie. He has a Saizo vibe to him.

Things we will not talk about:

1. Kagetsugu’s cooking

2. This face:

And of course, the cool hair duo: 

Adorable Yoshichi who gives nicknames to everyone and stoic Kagekatsu, who potentially has more personality and dialogue in Saizo’s route than Kenshin’s.

Maeda Keiji:

I don’t know anything about him except that he has bedroom eyes and looks smug af. Keiji, step right into my harem. There’s a good lad.

Kansuke of the Takeda:

His eyes are purple. That’s all I need. Okay, fine: I’d love to know what it would take for this kuudere to come undone like Masamune in Falling For You. 

Also, you cannot tell me that he doesn’t look like Toramatsu:

And speaking of what is clearly Kansuke’s younger brother…Voltage why!  Let us date this cinnabun! It’s like if you took Yukkin, Kagetsugu and Mitsuhide’s personalities and rolled them into one.

Date clan’s Shigezane:

I like Masamune. I do. But am I the only one who was reading his route and wondering when Shigezane was going to pop back up?

my dumbfounded sons realizing it was recording and not a selfie….
Pick Up Lines --- Nekoma & Fukurodani
  • Kuroo: I know it’s not Christmas, but Santa’s lap is always ready.
  • Kenma: Let’s play a game. Winner dates loser.
  • Yaku: Unlike Subway, my footlong doesn’t cost five dollars.
  • Lev: I think I need a parachute because I’m falling for you.
  • Yamamoto: You’re the kinda person I can see myself surviving a zombie apocalypse with.
  • Inuoka: Do you know any good bakeries around? Because I’d love to have a cutie pie like you.
  • Nobuyuki: You’re perfect, but there’s one thing I want to change about you...your last name.
  • Bokuto: I miss you like an idiot misses the point.
  • Akaashi: The word of the day is legs. Let’s go back to my place and spread the word.