Someone make that one meme of the UK in a wheelchair with the USA holding it, with the dialogue like “I used to rule the world” and “OK DAD”, but with an Imperial Guardsman and an Eldar. “I USED TO RULE THE GALAXY, MON-KEIGH.” “OK FOUL XENO.”


1500 Craftworld Eldar vs Sisters of Battle - Purge the Alien.


Here is the battlefield, ruins, and marshes in the center

Eldar deployed, with most of the assault troops along the center, and knowing the Knight would be showing up, I split the heavy hitters along each edge. Warp Spiders in reserve.

Sisters deployed with the knight on the left, Exorcist in the center and a good amount of troops to the center and right. No reserves.



Windriders with scatter lasers opened up on the Penitent Engine, dropping one wound.

The Fire Prism switches to Lance mode, strafes left and clocks a penetrating hit on the Knight, shaking the crew.

Dire Avengers unleash a bladestorm on the seraphim, taking out five Mon’keigh.

The wraith constructs move into the marshes, their soulless eyes locked on Celestine. The Wave Serpent moves flat out, hoping to deliver it’s deadly cargo of Fire Dragons beside the Exorcist.

The sisters move up and rapid fire their bolters at the Dire Avengers, taking revenge against five Xenos scum! Death to the Eldar!!

The Knight fires his Thermal Cannon at the same squad, but due to snap shots, scatters on to the Wave Serpent who luckily manages to downgrade the penetrating hit to a glancing one thanks to the Serpent Shield.

The remaining Seraphim and Celestine jump into the marshes, and combined with fire from the Melta Squad in the Immolator manage to take out a Wraithblade as the constructs move deeper into the marshland. Out of the corner of her eye, Celestine sees the Avatar breaking off and striding towards her. She worries not, for she has the light of the Emperor to protect her.

After skirting out of range of the flame squad, the Banshees Screech as they surge towards the squad, knowing that their overwatch will be useless!

The Windriders, forsaking their name, chill out in cover and keep peppering the Penitent engine with shots, taking another hull point.

The Fire Prism strafes into the huge ruins and cracks another lance shot into the side armor of the Knight, penetrating it’s Ion Shield and forcing snap shots for the coming turn, sorry big guy!

The Warp Spiders deep strike without scattering ready to unload into the back of the Melta Squad, as the Wave Serpent jumps into the ruins to unload the Fire Dragons beside the Exorcist next turn.

The Avatar, molten eyes focused on Celestine, casually oneshots the Exorcist on his way past. The Wave Serpent and Fire Dragons are left wondering what to do next, and the Canoness is non too pleased.

The Spiders unleash Monofilament weapons to slice the melta squad to tiny little cubes.

Finally! The Epic Showdown! Celestine looks serene as the Xeno forces of Craftworld Istaulir close in around her. The Avatar swings the Wailing Doom with lightning speed before she can even react, and she loses two wounds.

Celestine, faith unwavering and absolute, strikes back faster than ordinary eyes can see piercing the molten core of the Avatar and dealing a wound in return.

The Spiritseer ducks forward with the Shard of Anaris and heaves a mighty blow, but doing no damage.

The Wraithblades, unyielding and cold, crash their force axes into Celestine and cleave a final wound into the Living Saint.

Ash and I shook hands for a good game, though we fully expected Celestine to get up for another bout, it was looking like an inevitable win for the Eldar.

Purge the Alien? Guess it depends on your perspective!

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the latest Calums tweet, keigh?

You mean the one with “Good morning humans”, right? 

Hm, let me see. I was already talking about how Cal despises his own (at elast twitter) fandom, right? We can’t really blame him. The ladies there are too oyung and too uneducated to create a supportive fandom just liek for example 1D have. 

The thing is, he is trying to find himself, his place as well as the fandoms place in his life. It’s gonna take time, and its alright if he doesn’t know what he needs right now. He’s young, unexperienced, uneducated. 

For now, he needs space to figure out himself and probably some of the personal issues and friendship issues he has with his bands (thats for a long post, about this one, but i am open if you want to talk about that, too). I don’t think he’s ready to deal with the stupidity his own fandom bulls him everyday. 

Cal is extremely private person, and he stands feet on the ground the most out of the boys. He didn’t forget where is he from and what he stands for, but Seasons changed for him, and so did people around him, mostly his closest friends and surroundings as well as the level of professionals and PR stuff in his life. This isn’t easy to deal with. We need to be supportive and let Calum have his way with us, till he’s sure he knows where everyone’s place is - includint his own. 

For now, I think Calum is trying to get rid of the “I am famous, and You are my fans” thing. Or he might be sassing his own fandom again, in meaning “dont forget you are a human, and behave as one”. Could be it. Cal is pretty sassy, as far as I know. It’s just not easy to keep this sense of humor, when it comes to young fandom like this. Everyone take everythign too seriously. No place for sarcasm. I really think Calum is just trying to find a way between insanity, that happened to be his life, and himself. 

It’s actually pretty easy to get annoyed, when you are in the spot, as well as get really overwhelmed, when somethign good happens. Cal seems to be vulnerable at this moment, and if he kept his appearance and life public now, he’d probably either: caused public drama; or broke down. I dont think we want either to happen, so for now, it’s better to keep quiet around him and wait till he is ready to speak/interact more. 

Thank you for your question and sorry for all the typos, I’m not native speaker. 

Sleepy Keigh-Jhöe. #Day40of366
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