Wow okay so a while back I posted these sketches of some Kevedd Teacher!AU stuff. Then chocolatechiplague wrote a super cute drabble to go after my original sketch that inspired me to turn it into a short comic-thing. And after sitting in my sketchbook for a month I finally finished it. <3 I’m fairly pleased with the outcome of this and it forced me to shade/colour for once. I want to do much more of it! I hope you enjoy. 

Edd gave a small laugh as he rubbed the back of his head after a moment, fingers moving to pull at the hat he wore through out his youth before remembering that he had let go of the ‘security blanket’ long ago. “Well, both of my parents are rather tall and genetics has proven that there is only a one and sixth chance that your height will take after generations genetics from say your grandparents. I just inherited the correct genes-“

"I didn’t want a biology lesson, dork.” Kevin snorted before moving to grasp onto the taller mans tie, tugging him down to his level and grinning. “You may be taller, but that doesn’t mean shit. You’re still my dork.“ Edd smiled, leaning in to brush their noses then their lips slowly. 

"Was there ever a doubt after all these years, Kevin?”

Writing by chocolatechiplague! Thanks for letting me share it and draw a silly comic of it.


My art production for the day, done at work and while visiting my mom. Both are versions of Kevin and Edd from the fanfic I’m mulling over.

The plot is pretty much Edd is home from University and Eddy and Ed drag him to a local concert to help cheer him up after a recent nasty break up. One of the opening bands happens to be Kevin’s band (including Marie on bass haha) where he’s the lead vocalist and guitar player. Emotions and misunderstandings get sorted out (with stuff that would be sorta spoiler-ish). Mostly just an excuse to draw rocker!Kevin and cute college (and slightly experienced) Edd. 

I’m thinking of having at least 1-2 illustrations per chapter and possibly including a song or two also with the chapters, either reflecting the mood of the chapter or how I think Kevin’s band would sound. Still mulling it over but hoping to start in on it by the end of the weekend. Also debating if I just want to go full-on and do a comic but ahhhh! Still undecided!


Ahahahaha why did this take so loooooong. *dies*

More art inspired by onhallowedground’s Kevedd fic ‘Can’t Hide Forever.’

I’ve always liked the idea of Edd covering up his gap as he got older and more self conscious of it. And Kevin telling him not to hide is too cute.


A Very Edd Birthday - Part I

My birthday was on Friday so my natural train of thought was to make a birthday!Kevedd comic. It’s a bit intimidating making comics in this fandom because of all the amazing comics that have been coming from it but I tried. ^^’; My favourite panels so far are the last two (and Jack, haha). Second part will be coming either later today or tomorrow, after I’ve slept. <3

The sleeping arrangement was figured out early on. Eddy was a notoriously heavy sleeper and would move in his sleep; Edd and Kevin often woke up to him on his back and his knees in the air. In contrast Kevin was a ridiculously light sleeper; just the sound of Edd’s shower in the morning was enough to wake him up. Not to mention he had a bad knee that made him have to get up several times in the night to walk around, a discomfort left over from a football injury from college, meaning he had to claim one of the outside positions on their bed. This then left Edd, a decently heavy sleeper who fell asleep in one position and woke up in the same position, to sleep between them. 

More OT3 and headcanons. I just can’t help myself, I love them too much. 

Some days it’s hard to be confident. Especially when one of your boyfriends is built like a Greek God and the other like a bean pole. Eddy was thankful for his boyfriends on those days because, even though he didn’t have biceps like Kevin’s or a flat stomach like Edd, they still made him feel attractive all the same. 



Okay so the scanner with my new printer is being completely terrible but I really wanted to show what I worked on tonight so here’s some phone pics. I spent way too much time on this but I really love the outcome so it works. I’ll probably add this to my 5x7" prints when I can get a good scan of it.

Older!Drarry, sometime post-Hogwarts. Mostly just an excuse to draw scruffy Harry and Draco with some way-too-stylish-for-his-own-good hair.

Well I didn’t expect to finish this tonight, so sorry for the final so close after the lineart. 

I wish the scan was better, because all the gold parts you see are actually liquid gold leaf and shimmer in person. Not to mention Kevin’s hair always ends up more ‘red’ than in person. This photo looks a bit closer to the real thing:

Again this was inspired by dee-cherrywolf’s Incubus!Kevedd fic, Binding Circle, and Incubus!Kevin is opticleech’s.



Kevin wasn’t quite sure why he let Edd kiss him. Maybe it was the way he bit his lip when he asked, the gap in his teeth showing every so slightly, or the worried look in his eyes as they looked anywhere but Kevin’s. Or maybe it was the fluttering feeling in Kevin’s stomach when the question left the other boys’ tongue. Before he even had time to begin to process Double D’s question he had already agreed to the odd request. The quick agreement threw Edd off track and he was forced to pause. Even for the near-genius who could usually predict five steps ahead this came as a surprise. 

“A-are you positive? Now is the appropriate time to decline if you are unsure-”

“You asked and I agreed. You gonna do this or what double dweeb?”

The insult was all but ignored as Edd stepped forward hesitantly. Kevin held his breath. The feeling of the other’s hand on his cheek and the whisper of breath against his skin already seemed to much to bare. Double D leaned in slowly, scared that any swift movement would scare the jock and make him change his mind. Soon enough their lips were parted only by a breath; neither knew who closed that gap, yet after their lips touched neither really cared. The kiss was soft, much to Kevin’s surprise, and tender, much to Edd’s. Even though neither boy wanted to stop the kiss was over almost as soon as it began. 

“Thank you for obliging to my request,” Edd murmured. His fingers toyed with the edge of his beanie, tugging it down to cover his quickly reddening ears. 

“Ah, yea, no problem Dork.” Kevin’s voice was soft in response. The image of Edd’s eyelashes fluttering as he leaned in, cheeks flushed and lips slightly chapped, was still stained on the back of the ginger’s eyelids. Damn, I never thought one of the Ed’s could be so damn cute… He couldn’t keep the red from creeping across his cheeks, matching the shade that was covering Edd’s ears. “If uh, you ever have any other requests, I’m your guy ok?” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and avoided eye contact. Edd laughed a little and fought the urge to cover his smile. 

“Most certainly.”

There’s so much beautiful art and writing coming out of the Kevedd fandom it’s so intimidating. T^T It’s also extremely motivating to do better! 


Yup don’t mind me just doodling Kevin and Edd at work like I have been all week so far. Trying to get the show’s style down. Edd’s pretty easy (and adorable) but Kevin is proving problematic. I really like the two Edd’s in the corner and the awkward Kevin haha.

I’ve got 6 more hours. Any suggestions to keep me occupied?