“What IS that?” Draco looked disdainfully at the object in Harry’s hands before gathering up the last of the empty plates left over from their housewarming. With a flick of his wand he deposited everything neatly into the nearby trashbag, which then tied itself up and floated over to rest at the back door, ready to be taken out.

Harry laughed as he held up the offending item. 

“It’s a Polaroid camera! Arthur gave it to us. It takes muggle pictures, and you get them right after you take them.” He looked down at the camera and smiled. He had always had a sort of fondness for muggle pictures, even after the excitement of discovering the moving photos of the wizarding world when he was younger. 

“Muggle photos? They don’t move, what’s the point?” Draco crinkled his nose as he looked over Harry’s shoulder to get a better look. It seemed rather pointless to him. Photos that didn’t move? Honestly.

Harry just smiled, turned around and snapped Draco’s photo, much to the blond’s dismay. They both watched as the camera spit out a photo full of grey, and Harry couldn’t help but notice Draco’s mild interest as they watched the photo slowly develop. It depicted a slightly surprised Draco, his nose still crinkled in confusion over the device. 

“I kinda like them. Wizard photos are nice, but muggle photos capture the exact moment you want them to.” He shrugged. “There’s a certain kind of charm to them, ya know?”

Draco didn’t really get it until later that night, after they had finished cleaning up and were getting ready to spend their first night in the new house. Their new house. When Harry flopped into bed with the camera he pulled Draco close and told him to smile. Draco looked at the photo as it developed and something caught in his chest. Instead of focusing on the movement, like he did with wizard photos, he focused instead on the way Harry’s wide smile made his green eyes crinkle and shine. And his own shy smile was so uncharacteristic on his normally-haughty face, something that would have quickly shifted in a normal photo. Harry snatched it from him after another moment and wrote something on it, showing it again to Draco with a smile. 

“Maybe we could start a photo album?”

The next morning Draco found another photo on the dresser and couldn’t suppress his smile. He dug out the pen Harry had used the night before and wrote his own note on the photo.

A photo album didn’t sound like such a bad idea. 

Domestic!Drarry is one of my weaknesses, so this just kinda happened. 


Okay so the scanner with my new printer is being completely terrible but I really wanted to show what I worked on tonight so here’s some phone pics. I spent way too much time on this but I really love the outcome so it works. I’ll probably add this to my 5x7" prints when I can get a good scan of it.

Older!Drarry, sometime post-Hogwarts. Mostly just an excuse to draw scruffy Harry and Draco with some way-too-stylish-for-his-own-good hair.