kei trying to be cool

haikyuu headcanons: siblings edition
  • Hinata Natsu will grow up to be 180 cm and will become the star player of her high school’s basketball team
  • Tanaka Saeko loves horror movies.
  • Akiteru loves his little brother so much. They were practically inseparable for the first 9 years, and Kei looked at Akiteru like he hung the moon and the stars. 
  • Akiteru lied about volleyball because he was disappointed and ashamed of himself, and was terrified that Kei would feel the same way.
  • Akiteru started avoiding Kei out of guilt, and they grew apart over Akiteru’s 3 years at Karasuno. Kei going to that final match wasn’t him trying to show off his cool big brother; it was him trying to reconnect. What broke Kei’s heart wasn’t that his brother wasn’t a player, it was that his brother had wasted what little time they had left together over something so stupid. 
  • Saeko is the fiercest, most protective big sister on the planet and will Fight anyone for the sake of Her Boys
  • Her Boys™: Ryuu, Noya, Hinata, Kags, Tsukki, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi…(cut for length)
  • Saeko has a motorcycle that Nishinoya desperately wants to try out
  • Haiba Alisa is as much of a no-filter social trainwreck as Lev is, it’s just that she’s so pretty it takes people longer to realize
  • Yamamoto Akane definitely knows more about volleyball than half the players do (EX: Lev)

It’s hard to capture how adorably flustered Tae Ha is in this scene. Really, since he met her, he’s been low key trying to impress Hye Won. Or at least come off as a cool, self-possessed guy. Hiding his slave tattoo from her isn’t only about self-preservation - he doesn’t want her opinion of him to change or lower. So when she gently kids him about getting lost, he tries to recover cool points by… quoting high-minded pieces of scripture. LOL  What an adorable nerd!

Luckily for Tae Ha, Hye Won finds his flustered, less self-possessed self quite charming.


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So…. I’ve typed every members first name in google then clicked images. Here are the very first images in line :D

Chinen Yuri

(sprout days) XD

Yamada Ryosuke

(so young and pure)

Yuto Nakajima


Okamoto Keito

(hahaha, blush)

Daiki Arioka

(that-trying-hard-to-look-cool face) XD

Inoo Kei

(that are-you-aware-that-im-far-prettier-than-you face) >/////<

that thing in his pocket reminds me of the NBA logo. and that tie looks like a flag. XD

Hikaru Yaotome

(i’m seriously not laughing)

Takaki Yuya


Yabu Kota

(i noticed his hands)