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I got your back

The other night I had just gotten off and was waiting by the counter for my employee meal. It was past midnight at that point, mind you. This customer who was also waiting approached me and starting trying, key word trying, to chat me up. Telling me I looked like a cool girl, asking if I had a boyfriend, everything. He asked me where I was from and I said, “here.”

He then asked for clarification, and HONESTLY I DON’T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME, WHAT SNARKY CONFIDENT BEING POSSESSED MY BODY, BUT I WAS TIRED, AND I DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO PRETEND TO BE INTERESTED IN THIS CONVERSATION. So without even a beat I deadpanned, “No really, here. I was born in this [insert chain name here], I’ve never even been past these walls.”

He laughed and tried to joke it off, but you could tell he didn’t know how to respond to that. I’ve never been so proud of my gay little ass.

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yes please talk about the possibilities and scenarios of kuroo seeing how much of his blocking actually influences tsukki's


I went a little rogue with this…it turned into much more of a Battle of the Trash Heap “wishlist” post but I HOPE YOU STILL LIKE IT! 

A list of Kuroo & Tsukki Battle of the Trash Heap moments that I desperately want to see happen:

1.) The initial reunion.
Can you believe we have gone through 149 chapters since their last real interaction? Though, to them, it’s only been a few months, but still, this is EXTREMELY overdue.
I hope Furudate allows them a pre-game conversation to light the fire between them. Of course Kuroo is going to give some attention to his rivalry with Daichi, but let’s be honest here, he’s got some things to say to Tsukki. Kuroo HAD to have heard about Tsukki’s iconic block against Ushijima, right? There’s no way he’s going to just let that one pass without a mention, I mean, as his mentor and friend, could he be more proud? Though we all know he will most likely turn what could be a genuinely supportive compliment into a snide, provoking comment to motivate Tsukki even further, and I am ALL FOR EITHER TBH.

2.) Kuroo seeing Tsukki blocking up close
We all know that Tsukki’s blocking style has evolved GREATLY, and it is 100% due to Kuroo’s help. I mean, we even saw Tsukki recalling Kuroo’s pointers to him DURING THE SHIRATORIZAWA MATCH ITSELF. That being said, he has grown by leaps and bounds, and if Kuroo was distracted watching Tsukki’s progress at the training camps…(you’re IN THE MIDDLE OF A MATCH Kuroo what are you doing watching Tsukki?!)

…then can you imagine how shook he is going to be seeing our boy show off his skills right in front of his eyes? Bonus points if his first block is against Kuroo himself…which brings me to my next point!

I think, if this happens, I will collapse on the spot. Picture this. Kenma and Kuroo executing their signature one-person time difference attack, only to forget (or not realize) that Tsukki has grown accustomed to identifying time difference attacks and shutting them down on the spot. Tsukki sees his chance and takes it. Complete shut out. You don’t know how badly I need a side by side panel of Kuroo’s STUNNED expression as he realizes what just happened, along with Tsukki, smirking back at him like the smarmy little twit he is, because who was it that taught him how to read time difference attacks, hmm??
I’ll be preparing my funeral in advanced.

4.) Tense, across-the-net stare-downs

LAWD. hELP ME. They are both middle blockers, so chances are, they are going to end up face-to-face with just the net to separate them. Kuroo with his signature provocative smirk on his face, and Tsukki trying a bit too hard to seem totally cool. You’re not fooling anyone, Kei.

5.) Trying to out-snark each other
This could come in MANY different forms. Both Tsukki and Kuroo are known for their snide (and often unwarranted) remarks on and off the court, so I am SURE there will be some iconic back-and-forth moments between them. What I’d really love to see is for Tsukki to be the one to initiate a little argument and dish out a few quips at Kuroo’s expense.

6.) Tsukki spiking past one of Kuroo’s blocks
THIS would be interesting to see. If you remember back to the training camp Tsukki and Hinata attended, Tsukki had to grow accustomed to Koganegawa’s super-high sets. He was basically forced into reaching his full potential (literally) and Kageyama later caught wind of this new ability of his, too. In the attempts he has made with Kageyama so far, we have learned that it is extremely successful when it works, but also very taxing on his stamina. (last minute edit: SCREAMING OVER THE NEW CHAPTER AHHHHHHASLKDFJASDKFAAS.DFK)
I hope that they are able to whip out one of these above-the-block spikes during this match, taking Kuroo completely by surprise!!

7.) Genuine, shared admiration
I hate that this one might be the most far-fetched for actual canon story-line, given Tsukki’s natural distaste for expressing any sort of genuine, raw emotion, but MAN I need to see them admit the obvious respect they have for one another OUT LOUD. I think there is a good chance we could see this from Kuroo. He is so much more than just a provocation master. He genuinely cares for his friends and wants to see them do well. I really hope he expresses to Tsukki how proud he is of him. I know ALL of us are amazed by the growth he has experienced in these last few months…

*sniff* …so imagine how Kuroo will feel?? Kuroo, who basically took Tsukki under his wing, taught him everything he knows about the fundamentals of blocking, and watched on the sidelines as he began to transform into the blocker Kuroo KNEW he could be.
Then we have Tsukki, who knows damn well that everything he has learned, he learned from Kuroo. Of course he got plenty of over-all volleyball pointers from Akaashi and Bokuto, but the one he sought after for blocking tips was Kuroo. We saw him observe Kuroo from the sidelines, take in his style, his form, and listen to his teaching. He saw the blocker he wanted to be in Kuroo, and now he can stand confidently in his new abilities in front of the person that helped him get there. 

So, out of ALL of the things I mentioned in this very long, self-indulgent post, having Tsukki acknowledge Kuroo for the tremendous part he played in his development as a blocker would make me the absolute happiest.

I honestly, truly, cannot WAIT for this match. :’)

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What if the bros crush was high key crushing on them but they try and act cool about it. Then one day they see the bros and say "sup hot stuff- I mean, good looking- ah, what I meant to say is you look sexy. I should shut up. I'm gonna hide in the corner of shame, don't look at me." And this happened in front of all the brothers. How would they react? Thanks!


He doesn’t hear the words you say, but instead hears them in a different way.  You love him too.

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“No, hey! Wait, come back!”


You totally caught him off guard.  He doesn’t even know what to say.

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“Well, yeah, even I think I’m hot but – wait what’d you say…?”

He literally cannot shut up for the next five hours.

“Hey guys, they think I’m hot!!”

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things you said with no space between us w/ Matt? ❤️❤️❤️

Matt Murdock +  things you said with no space between us

a/n: oh my god i just found this in my drafts from like last summer i forgot i wrote this

@shayara @hireasummersbrother @phoenixejean @kurtwxgners @whoaheather @gcneral-organa

You’d never liked summers in the city. It was always too hot and humid and the crowd of people always bustling with tourists and making walking down the streets harder as they crowd around the shops and take pictures. But it must’ve been worse for him. He’d told you that he was hypersensitive to basically everything and what you felt must have been amplified a thousand times for him.

The only thing that could have made this short walk from his office to his apartment worse was rain. 

You and Matt had already been walking close, trying to squeeze through the thicket of people. Out of fear of losing him in the crowd, you grab a hold of his hand and continue to make your way down the sidewalk, not even thinking twice about it.

“You know you don’t have to walk me back,” he said, “I can find my own way.”

“I worry about you Matty. Just want to make sure you get home without a bruise or a cut.”

At the mention of being hurt, he feels guilty. Matt had still yet to tell you the truth of his night time activities and the reason why he was always covered in bruises, always looking like he went through a cheese grater. He’d wanted to tell you but the right moment always slipped away from his grasp, even if he’d been holding onto it with a tight fist.

You let out a breath of relief as the crowd dissipated but your good fortune lasted for all of three seconds before it began to rain.

“Just our luck,”You whisper and dig around in your bag, looking for the umbrella you kept. As you unfold it, you realize just how small it is. There would barely be enough from you, let alone both you and Matt. It was useless.

You grab his hand tight and tug him along with you, running through the rain to his apartment.

When you reach the door of his apartment, you’re both out of breath and smiling. You’re leaning against the door while he digs the keys out of his suit pocket. His fingers trace over the engraved grooves on the cool metal of each key, trying to find the right one.

“Do you want me to?”

He shakes his head, a soft laugh escaping his lips, “I’ve got it already.”

When he opens the door and you both come bounding into the entryway, clothes soaked and sticking uncomfortably to your skin.

He makes the first move to leave the entryway. Matt makes his way silently to the living room, tugging at his tie and peeling off his suit jacket, tossing them on the couch, something he would probably regret doing later but right now all he could focus on was you. He had to tell you. It would only be a matter of time before the truth came out and he’d rather not have it end like it did with Foggy.


He can make you out standing by the window, probably staring at the billboard that you’d always been mesmerized by. Your hum is soft but he can just barely pick it up.

“What’s up, Matty?” You glance over at him, your smile quickly turning into a frown that carves deep lines around your mouth when you see his anxious expression.

“I need to tell you something.”

You stand in front of him, holding his arms and looking up at him. Your heart thrums in your chest, beating frantically and loud and god, you hated being able to hear your own heart beat. Waiting patiently for him to speak, you watch as he tries to form the words, his eyebrows knitting together and jaw clenching. “Matty, it’s okay. You can tell me anything.”

Maybe your hopes are too high, you don’t really know what you expected. A declaration of love or maybe a kiss, anything to make these goddamn butterflies in your stomach stop whenever you see your best friend.

He’s almost got the words out when he sighs and hangs his head. Matt frees himself from your grip on his arms and just wraps them around you. “I love you.”

Of course he was too scared to do it. He didn’t want to lose you too.

Your heart drops at that because you know by the tone in his voice that it’s the regular ‘I love you’ that you say to each other as friends. You continue to hold him though, not wanting to give away any disappointment. But he can tell.

“I love you too, Matty.”

He can hear the slight crack in your voice and ignores it for both your sakes. Matt just tightens his arms around you and buries his face in the crook of your neck. This was getting ridiculous and he needed to say it, to just rip it off like a band aid. Maybe tomorrow or next week. 



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Warren Peace x Reader


Prompt: Can I have a Warren Peace soulmate fic with this prompt? “the one where soulmates share extreme physical sensation — if one gets hurt, the other gets hurt, and etc.” Thank you so much if you do write it ^_^

Note: Two things I love very very much: Warren Peace and soulmate imagines.

Warnings: FLUFFFF

Word Count: 462

Warren had spent basically his whole life trying to find his soulmate. But like, low-key though. He was too cool to have all of his friends know just how desperately he was trying to find the one that he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.

But this was high school, and as far as his friends knew, Warren thought destiny was overrated.

Until today.

You see, you and Warren had this fun little habit. You pretended to not think he was hot, he pretended to be a big grumpy baby, and you sat across from him at the lunch table with your nose buried in a book while the rest of your friends talked about whatever was going on at Sky High.

“Come on, everyone is going to homecoming.”

“I’m not,” Warren smirked.

“Neither am I. No one’s going to ask.” You said.

“We can all go as friends!” Layla tried.

“Yeah, except, you and Will are a couple. So are Magenta and Zack. That just leaves Ethan, Warren, and I to stand around and try not to be awkward.”

“Oh.” Layla’s idea was suddenly deflated. That was right. And if you and Warren magically realized you were meant for each other as they all suspected, it would leave Ethan all alone.

“Homecoming is overrated anyway. Remember last year when everyone got turned into babies?”

“Right.” Will said. “Almost forgot about that.”

“I have too many books to read.” You shook your head, turning the page. And when you did, pain struck your finger.

“Ow!” said someone who was not you. You weren’t the only one who brought your finger to your mouth, sucking on the newly forming paper cut. Warren was too.

Your eyes widened, and then he finally met your gaze.

“No way.” He whispered. He tried to fight the giant grin that found his face, tried to hide the tears of relief and unimaginable joy that threatened to spill from his eyes. “Are you…are we-?”

“One way to find out.” Zack grinned mischievously and then continued to hit Warren on the back of the head, a pain you also felt.

“Hey!” You both yelled in unison. Then you looked at each other in shock again.

“Oh my God,” you stated. You couldn’t believe it. Warren Peace of all people was your soulmate.

“Come here.” Warren stood up. You stood up too, not quite sure what to expect. You certainly were not expecting a bone-crushing hug or him burying his face into the crook of your neck or the feeling of his silent tears against your skin, but you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him as close as you could manage.

Suddenly, with you in his arms, Warren thought Homecoming might not be so boring after all…

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Oh nice! Cuz I was kinda gonna make this after shidos palace, like if Akechi lived (he does I tell you I will defend this theory with my own life) and s/o visiting in the hospital after that gunshot wound? All low key worried but trying to stay cool abt it? Still mad asf at shido? I'm always passionate about an s/o who stayed at akechis side the whole way through even if it was wrong technically speaking, with all that jazz (tsym omgg, this wound up being more specific than it meant to be)

I support your theory!! It’s sad that the adults get a chance at redemption but Akechi’s the one paying the price. ;_; And it’s okay, specifics help a lot! Thank you for the request, and please enjoy!! I love the idea of Akechi living and trying to redeem himself. T_T

SPOILERS AHEAD. Please read at your own discretion.

S/o’s heart was racing as they dragged themself to the reception desk. The receptionist put her phone on hold as she looked up. “May I help you?”

“I-I’m here to see Akechi Goro.” 

“Hmm…” The receptionist surveyed the list of patients. “All right, the doctor will see you in a moment. Please have a seat in the waiting area.”

S/o nodded and did as they were told. Seconds felt like years as they anxiously fidgeted with their carry-on. 

Why did this have to happen?

S/o admitted that the ace detective’s actions were less than noble, but why is his father being treated as a national hero while Goro is struggling to recover from a critical condition?

“You’re here to see Akechi, correct?” The doctor’s voice pierced through their stupor.

“T-that’s right.”

The doctor nodded. “Please follow me.” S/o briskly followed after the doctor.

“His condition has stabilized, so you can see him now. But not for very long, I’m afraid,” the doctor explained.

“…I understand,” s/o replied. They continued walking down the hallway until the doctor halted and gestured toward a door.

“He’s through here. I can allow 5 minutes max, but after that you’ll have to leave.” His expression was apologetic, and s/o nodded at his statement. Once the doctor left, they turned to the door and took a deep breath. Even though their legs were shaking, they still pushed their shoulders back and stood up straight. With bated breath, they carefully opened the door and peered inside.

Akechi was laying in bed with his eyes closed, looking very fragile and pale. S/o felt their heart sink at the sight. They took another deep breath to keep themself composed and closed the door behind them. Then they filled the empty space of the chair next to the bed.

“Goro… you better be awake,” s/o said softly.

“…I honestly didn’t think anyone would come.” His eyes were still closed and his voice was gentle.

“It would be shameful if I didn’t take this chance to nag you.” S/o tried to keep their voice playful, but their stomach was in knots with worry. 

Will he be okay…?

A snicker caught their attention. “So, that was your plan all along. Very nefarious of you,” he said weakly.

“You caught me. Impressive as always.” S/o paused. They thought carefully about their next sentence. “…so, what will you do now?”

The atmosphere tensed, and silence had befallen the room. Seconds became eternities as s/o nervously waited for his reply.

Akechi opened his eyes. “…I don’t know,” he finally replied. “Assuming that the Phantom Thieves held up their end of the deal, I will have nothing more to do with my father.”

S/o’s eyes widened in surprise. What? He’s going to cut ties with Shido?

“I was only a mere puppet…it was foolish of me to assume I held the upper hand, and I was far too blinded by vengeance to see that he would have ended up killing me long before I could do the same to him.” He briefly paused. “…the Phantom Thieves helped me realize that.”

“I see… I’m grateful that they offered you a second chance.” And they truly were grateful. Had the Phantom Thieves not went back for Akechi, he could very well be dead right now, and had they not stolen Shido’s heart, Akechi would have been hounded by his bastard of a father until he was disposed of. If only s/o could meet the Phantom Thieves in person to thank them…

“I’m grateful as well,” he agreed. “They gave me the opportunity to apologize to you, after all.”

“Apologize?” s/o parroted.

His voice hardened. “My stupidity is almost laughable. I was so invested in my popularity and the acceptance of my father that I had entirely forgotten you were there for me all this time.” His face wore an expression of guilt. “Even though you warned me time and time again, even though you made me doubt my actions on numerous occasions and caused me to fleetingly reflect on my actions… I only ever thought of myself. I… can’t even verbalize how sorry I am.” He laughed bitterly. “I’m pathetic.”

“Goro…” s/o said quietly.

“Let me thank you now, at least.” He weakly extended his hand.

“Thank me…?” S/o gently grasped the offered hand. They were surprised by its warmth.

“Thank you for trying to save me. I’m truly a hopeless cause, but you’re still by my side even now. For that, my gratitude is endless.”

S/o shook their head. “I couldn’t have saved you, anyway. You’re the one that became your own light to ward off the darkness. You’re very strong for being able to accomplish that, and I’m proud of you,” they finished.

Akechi raised his eyebrows at the sheer sincerity of their voice. The lack of a heart rate monitor is another thing that he’s thankful for, as he was certain that it would betray his fluttering, rapid heartbeat. He felt the blood rush to his ears, but luckily his long hair left no evidence of it. His gaze fell on their clasped hands.

“I’ll never comprehend what it is that you see in someone like me… perhaps we are both hopeless.”

“That’s fine. We have plenty of time. Someday you’ll see how cherished you really are,” they said confidently.

“…That’s relieving to hear, but…” Akechi mulled over his choice of words. “A question has been weighing on my mind for quite some time now. Its answer is something only you would know.”

S/o nodded their head, urging him to go on.

“I want to become a better man for you, and so my question is this: will you take me as such and continue to watch over me as my romantic partner?” 

S/o just stared at him in disbelief, and Akechi started to panic. “I-it’s okay if you don’t want to though, it’s a very selfish thing to ask, and I completely understand if-” His nervous chatter was interrupted by s/o’s lips on his own. It was a soft and gentle kiss, yet it still made his heart throb fiercely. 

Much to his disdain, s/o relinquished their lips from his. The couple blinked at each other and hastily averted their eyes, a blush conjuring on both of their faces.

“The only selfish thing about that question i-is the fact that you made me wait too long to answer it,” they said accusingly.

“M-my apologies! I’ll do everything I can to make up for it.”

“…You better,” s/o muttered. The doctor knocked on the door and signaled that their time was up. S/o nodded in reply and sighed.

“Will you be visiting tomorrow?” Akechi’s voice sounded hopeful.

“I-it’s a date,” they replied, embarrassed by their own response.

“I look forward to it,” he said happily, a pink hue decorating his cheeks. S/o’s heart melted as they reluctantly said good-bye and followed the doctor to the waiting room. A pack of high-schoolers entered the hospital and made their way to the reception desk. As s/o passed by them, they heard the bespectacled boy say, “we’re here to see Akechi Goro.” 

S/o froze in their tracks and turned toward the group. “Please wait in here,” came the reply of the receptionist. The boy with glasses slouched over to the nearby vending machine while the others took their seats. S/o decided to pursue the loner. If their hunch was correct, then they needed to do this. They placed themself next to the boy, who seemed to having a hard time figuring out what soft drink to choose.

“Hello,” s/o said. The boy nodded in acknowledgement. S/o made sure their next words were for his ears only. “You’re the Phantom Thief that saved Goro, yes?” Another nod, but this time it was hardly noticeable. “Thank you for everything.” They didn’t wait for his response as they turned to leave, but then they abruptly stopped and looked over their shoulder. “Oh, and I recommend the Dr. Salt NEO.” 

S/o continued their departure from the hospital. Yes, they thought, thank you for healing his heart.

haikyuu headcanons: siblings edition
  • Hinata Natsu will grow up to be 180 cm and will become the star player of her high school’s basketball team
  • Tanaka Saeko loves horror movies.
  • Akiteru loves his little brother so much. They were practically inseparable for the first 9 years, and Kei looked at Akiteru like he hung the moon and the stars. 
  • Akiteru lied about volleyball because he was disappointed and ashamed of himself, and was terrified that Kei would feel the same way.
  • Akiteru started avoiding Kei out of guilt, and they grew apart over Akiteru’s 3 years at Karasuno. Kei going to that final match wasn’t him trying to show off his cool big brother; it was him trying to reconnect. What broke Kei’s heart wasn’t that his brother wasn’t a player, it was that his brother had wasted what little time they had left together over something so stupid. 
  • Saeko is the fiercest, most protective big sister on the planet and will Fight anyone for the sake of Her Boys
  • Her Boys™: Ryuu, Noya, Hinata, Kags, Tsukki, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi…(cut for length)
  • Saeko has a motorcycle that Nishinoya desperately wants to try out
  • Haiba Alisa is as much of a no-filter social trainwreck as Lev is, it’s just that she’s so pretty it takes people longer to realize
  • Yamamoto Akane definitely knows more about volleyball than half the players do (EX: Lev)

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Tsukishima,Kuroo,Bokuto and Iwaizumi reaction when their s/o wears their clothes? Like the guys' shirt,hoodie,jersey etc... :)

This was too cute! Hope you enjoy! -Admin Lana

Tsukishima Kei:
•Mr. Cool will try to act as if it doesn’t phase him, but secretly he thinks it’s adorable.

•Whenever he comes over, he ‘accidentally’ leaves his clothing over at your house so that you’ll wear it.

•When you stay overnight at his house, he usually give you one of his sweatshirts because he loves how it swallows you up.

•His face gets red when he sees you in his clothing, but he tries to play it off by climbing it’s hot.

•Tsukki thinks it’s arousing if you wear his jersey, but he’s not going to tell you that.

•He really wants pictures of you in his clothing so just do the boy a favor and send him a few pictures.

Kuroo Tetsurou:
•He adores when you wear his clothing. It makes you even cuter in his opinion.

•Expect a lot of compliments for this man.

•He becomes even more flirtatious and finds any excuse he has to touch you.

•Oh, you’re staying over? Here, have my extre large sweatshirt because I love the way it envelops your entire body.

•Kuroo even gives you an extra hoodie of his in case you start to miss him and he’s not there.

Bokuto Koutaro:
•The first time he sees you in his jersey, he’ll probably have a nose bleed.

•He will most likely start yelling about how cute you are and how lucky he is to be able to date you.

•This prompts him to start giving you his sweatshirts.

•Pretty soon half of your closet is his sweatshirts.

•Wearing his jersey is a major turn-on for him. He thinks you look sexy af.

•Compliments galore. It nearly every five minutes where he has another saying that will make you blush.

•He becomes extra affectionate and wants to cuddle with you while you wear his clothes.

•If you wear a long button-down of his and nothing else, it’s all over. Bokuto will be all over you.

Feeling Perfect : Calum AU

Someone (anonymous) requested a 4/4 of the boys finding out that you’re ticklish, but it would’ve taken forever to write all of them, so here’s one of Calum. The rest might come later with time. Hope you enjoy :)

Word count: 1706

“Is it just me, or is the floor moving?” You reach out to catch yourself against the nearest wall which ends up being farther away from you than estimated, but before you miss and go tumbling over, Calum catches your arm and holds you up right until you find your balance again.

“It’s just you, babe,” he chuckles. Your stomach flutters because Calum’s laugh is one of the most heavenly sounds to bless the earth, and you look up to make sure you’re able to catch a glimpse of his perfect smile and crinkly eyes while they last. He takes notice of you staring at him and lowers his own gaze to return yours with an equal amount of admiration. “You’re so drunk,” he says with a playful shake of his head, unable to contain his amusement.

As if Calum’s observation triggered the alcohol in your system, the toe of your shoe hits the carpet of the hallway wrong and you stumble over your own feet, clinging onto Calum’s arm to prevent a potential face plant. After checking to see if you’re okay, he instructs you to take off your heels, allowing you to lean on him as you do so, and once the four inches of liability are removed, you and Calum both feel a little better about your safety. He carries the shoes for you and takes your hand in his just in case any more intoxicated slip ups are in your near future.

You babble to your boyfriend about nonsense as the two of you make your way to his apartment, and he’s nice enough to entertain your drunk chatter with questions that keep you going. After what feels like an eternity you’re finally stopped in front of room 214, and Calum is forced to release your hand so he can dig through his tight pants’ pocket for his key.

“I want to do it,” you say childishly, slipping the keys out of Calum’s fingers and turning toward the lock.

He doesn’t fight you on it, instead choosing to stand close behind you to peer over your shoulder, watching your hands fumble with the multiple metal options.

“Why do you have so many?” you ask frustratedly, trying to differentiate between the key to his place and the key to his parents’.

“I’m a popular person,” he reasons, and rests his hand patiently on your waist. “It’s that one, by the way.”

You pause on the key that he pointed out and let the useless others fall to the bottom of the ring. “I knew that,” you lie.

“I know you did,” he plays along, and his lips are so close to your neck that you can almost hear the corners of them curve. As you’re trying to fit the right key into the lock, you feel a sudden cool sensation gust over the back of your ear, and pleasurable chills shoot up from your shoulders to your neck. “You got it?” Calum asks huskily, taking your earlobe between his teeth.

“Not if you do that,” you admit, your eyelids fluttering closed. How is it that he can make something as simple as unlocking a door so sensual?

His laugh comes out in swift breath, and he plants a chaste kiss to your temple before cupping his hand around yours to help with the task. Within seconds the door swings open, and he wastes no further time to usher you inside. Your fingers still tangled with Calum’s, you turn abruptly to face him and attempt to stand on your toes, a necessary step when it comes to kissing your skyscraper of a boyfriend, but with your equilibrium under the influence of four martinis and a sip of Calum’s gin and tonic, you launch yourself too far forward and wind up relying on his body to stop you from falling over once again.

Calum thankfully finds as much humor in the situation as you do. He’s never gotten mad at you for getting too drunk when you guys go out, and he even admitted one time that he kind of likes taking care of you; said it makes him feel “needed”. So he grins when you cover your mouth guiltily and look up at him with glossy eyes. He shakes his head again in a way that doesn’t reprimand you at all but instead expresses how proud he is to call you his.

Slowly, he lowers your fingers from your mouth, assuring you that it’s alright.

“Maybe we should take this to a more horizontal position?” he suggests cheekily.

You bite your bottom lip and nod.

In one quick motion, Calum has you swung over his shoulder as if he’s a fireman to the rescue, his patience clearly run out when it comes to getting you from one room to another. You laugh and complain about your dress creeping too far up your thighs, but he counters with the excuse “it’s just gonna come off anyway.”

When he makes it to the bedroom, Calum closes and seals the door like usual, something you always tell him he’s weird for doing since he lives alone, but he can’t break out of the habit. A moment later your back hits the bed, the mattress bouncing softly beneath you. Calum crosses the room to press the on button to the old stereo he’s had since he was thirteen, and one of the songs from the new Adele album that you and Calum have been listening to on repeat for weeks travels through the room. He turns it up ever so slightly, making sure that the music is loud enough for the two of you without disturbing the neighbors.

You sit up on the bed and watch Calum peel off his shirt. His tan back looks darker in the dim lighting of his room, and for this you’re grateful that he hasn’t gotten around to changing the light bulb that burned out on the ceiling fan the other night. When he turns to face you, you grin, and you see a flash of his white teeth as he mimics you.

“Feeling okay?” he teases.

“Feeling perfect,” you ensure, gracefully sliding your arm down the bed until you’re laying on your side, propping your head up with your hand. Finally taking on a comfortable position, you start to realize how drowsy the alcohol’s made you. If an incredibly handsome Calum wasn’t standing half-nude a few feet away, you’d definitely be able to nod off within seconds.

The Australian Adonis starts to make his way toward you, a sexy smirk plastered just below his squishy cheeks. His toned arms come down on either side of your ankles, and you roll onto your back as he crawls higher up your body.

“You’ve had quite the night.” His voice is low and playful. You smile and reach up to cup his broad jaw, pulling his face low enough to give his forehead a light kiss.

“Thanks for watching out for me.”

“Of course,” he whispers so quietly that you wouldn’t have heard it if you weren’t looking right at him.

Calum brings his lips down to yours for a slow kiss that lasts ages. When he finally pulls away it’s only to change his target, trailing intimate pecks to your cheek, your jaw, your neck…

A sudden giggle bursts out of you, and your shoulder immediately scrunches toward your neck to protect itself from Calum’s loving assault. He leans back to look at you, amused confusion crossing his features.

“What?” he asks lightheartedly, smiling because you are.

“It tickles,” you confess adorably. Calum’s recently been proud of the little amount of scruff he’s managed to grow on his regularly hairless chin, and the new trait would take some time to get used to.  

“It tickles?” he questions, an idea clearly popping into his head. “You mean here?” He dives for your neck again, peppering quick kisses all over your sensitive skin, causing you to squeal like a child. You toss and squirm and try everything you can to get away from him, but you’re in a tough position and you already feel weak from all of the laughter.

“Calum!” you try, but he doesn’t relent.

He adds his fingers against your ribcage into the tickle attack and you about lose it.

“Calum, stop!” you laugh, taking the seriousness out of your plea.

This time he does, ending the torment with a warm smooch to your throat. He looks at you again, a smug expression on his face to show that he’s obviously pleased with himself.

You’re too out of breath to reprimand him further.

He brushes the tip of his nose against yours. “Where else are you ticklish?”

“Nowhere,” you lie, and he knows it.

He remains quiet, though, as he brings back the mood you two were in when you first walked through the apartment. Adele hits an impossible note in the background, and you’re once again breathing at a normal pace. Calum runs his callused hand all over your side, warming you up with his touch. His lips make contact with the corner of your mouth, and a deep appreciation settles over you because you can’t remember another time when you’ve ever felt so comfortable with anybody.

That is, until his fingers glide past your hip, your thigh, and rest just above your knee, where he applies pressure to the left and right of it without warning. The sensation instantly shoots up your leg; you gasp and lurch forward to remove Calum’s hand, but he’s already a step ahead of you.

“Knew it,” he chuckles, proud to have found another prime tickle spot.

The humorous torture starts all over again, but somehow in the midst of battling Calum you’re able to get him on his back and take over the dominant arrangement. As you brush your wild hair out of your face, Calum reaches for your sides, but you catch his wrists and pin them above his head.

You look at each other dead in the eyes. Calum thinks he’s about to get kissed, but that’s the last thing on your mind right now. Instead, you move your lips toward his ear and whisper a most menacingly threat:    

“My turn.”


[ a/n: alright, this is my last entry for @klangst-week. thanks everybody for all the likes and reblogs! it keeps me writing, and it’s just nice to see people enjoying what i’m putting out! also, the works everyone’s created have just been amazing, so keep it up, y’all! ]

title: impulse control
words: 3,547
prompt: secrets/betrayal
rating/genre: T for language, modern au, college au, angst & hurt/comfort with a tinge of humor
trigger warning(s): mental illness (implied depression and anxiety), depersonalization, mentions of injury (bruises and blood)

extra notes: keith and shiro are adoptive brothers (it’s mentioned very briefly), klance is established

Yes, he works in the most hipster coffee shop within a twenty mile radius of campus. And yes, he loves it. Sure, The Underground sounds more like a sketchy bar you’d find in an alleyway that may or may not host fight clubs every other night, and yeah, it kinda smells like pencil shavings even after he mops the floors three times at opening, but at least it has character. Most people would roll their eyes at the always pretentious shop-goer in their thrift store clothing and knit hats, but Lance can’t help but find them interesting. Not that it surprises anyone.

Lance became famous around campus after only one year of being a— totally amazing, if he may say so himself— residence hall assistant. Almost anyone who lived in Levine Hall found a friend in Lance McClain. Eager to please and even more eager to befriend, it’s no secret that he falls in love with almost every social interaction he can muster up.

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Lego Ninjago Movie Drabble #1 (bit of spoilers)

“Lloyd’s birthday”

Ninjago Fanfic

Lloyd Garmadon found himself in a famous sushi restaurant in Ninjago with his friends around him, his mom and a birthday cake in front of him. He was finally getting the birthday party he always wanted, with no one to spoil it for him just for being the son of Lord Garmadon.

“Here Birthday Boy!” Kai said loudly, elbowing Lloyd playfully in his side. He pushed the large red wrapped present in front of Lloyd. “Me and Nya got something for you.”

“Yeah!” Nya exclaimed. “I mean I was the one who found it, but you know-go on open it!”

Lloyd chuckled. “Alright, alright-” He ripped open the wrapping paper and tore open the box. Inside, he pulled out a video game. “Oh man! It’s the new racing game! Thanks Kai, thanks Nya, this is so awesome!”

“No problem!” Kai laughed before stuffing his face full of sushi. Lloyd chuckled and got a nudge from Cole who handed him a mix tape. “Here dude, I made you some tunes, old-school.”

“Whoa, sweet Cole…now I need to find tape player.”

“Ill hook you up bro.”

“Oh me next!” Jay said and pulled out a bag. “I hope you like it, but just in case you don’t, the receipt is in the bag.” He said softly, fiddling with his claw hands.

“Aw come on Jay.” Lloyd said with a smile. “I’ll like anything you guys give me.” He pulled out a green cap. “Sweet dude! Seriously I love it!” He put on the hat make Jay smile in relief. Lloyd turned to Zane, who was quietly sitting and observing with a permanent smile on his face.

“What about you Zane?” Lloyd asked.

“Oh, I didn’t get you any object Lloyd. Instead my gift is being here.”

“Of course it is, Zane.”

“Yes. I am a great friend.”

Lloyd smirked. “The best.”

Lloyd’s mother Koko gave her son a kiss on the cheek and slid another present across the table. “I got you something too sweetheart.”

“Ah mom, you didn’t need to get me anything.” Lloyd said, knowing how hard his mom works to save money for the two of them. Being a single mom and trying to provide for him, she works in three jobs. It’s hard work but she makes it work. “Hey, I saved up, just for this occasion. Go on, Birthday Boy!”

Lloyd ripped open his gift and saw a set of small keys with a green ornament attached to the key ring. He hummed and raised his brow. “Umm, is this new house keys? I love it, its cool.” He said not trying to hurt his mom’s feelings. She let out a scoff and slapped her son’s back.

“No silly! These are the keys to your new moped!”

Lloyd whirled at his mom. “No way! You mean you got me an actual moped?!”

She gave him a wink. “You deserve it, after all-you did save Ninjago!” Lloyd immediately gave him mom a hug.

“This is the best, mom, thanks!”

“So lucky bro!” Nya exclaimed. “Hey we should totally take it for a spin after dinner, I’ll teach you some of my sweet tricks.”

“Lets not get too excited now.” Koko said nervously, knowing Nya they might just crash his new moped. “We should get started on cutting his cake.” She said picking up a knife. Lloyd stopped her.

“Wait Mom, um…dad isn’t here yet.”

“Oh.” Koko eyes narrowed. “I told him to be here at six o'clock sharp and yet its…” she glanced at her wrist watch. “Wow! 8 o clock…typical.”

“I-I’m sure he’ll be here. After I saved him today, he said he really wanted to be here so maybe he’ll be here soon.”

“Hmmm-” Koko crossed her arms and glared at the cake. Lloyd pulled at his shirt collar by the heavy tension his mom was putting out. She still has mixed feelings of Garmadon coming back into their lives by being more active in his role as being Lloyd’s father. In truth, Lloyd believes that his mom is still disappointed in Garmadon for leaving them when he decided not to change his villainous ways. Now, it seems that it was too late for her.

“Hey Lloyd-” Kai said making his friend turn to him. He pointed to a plate full of sushi. “Can I have your dad’s food?”

“Dude, no.” Lloyd said, grabbing the plate and pulling it away from his hungry friend. “He’ll be here, I just don’t when.”

“Well wait no longer, Luh Loyd!” Announced a booming voice and everyone whirled to see Garmadon strolling in. Immediately, Koko glared at Garmadon who mistakenly took her harsh gaze as some sort of flirting.

“Hey Koko-butter! What’s up? Oh you into sushi now, that’s cool, I like sushi too.” He winked, making her groan and turn away. He took his seat besides Lloyd and gave him a playful noogie. “How’s my son doing? Now the party can really start!”

Lloyd pulled away and chuckled softly. “Yeah actually, it started like three hours ago…”

“Three hours?” Garmadon repeated, holding a blank face.

“Yeah, like we only have a half an hour left before the restaurant closes.” Lloyd slid the plate to his dad. “But we saved you a plate!”

“Oh I’m not hungry. I just ate.”

“Dibs!” Kai yelled, snatching the plate and immediately devouring it.

“What?” Lloyd gave his father a scowl. “Is that why you were late?”

“Yeah. I saw this sweet ramen shop on the way over here and I was like “oh man, I gotta try that!” And so I did and boy am I stuffed!” He said, patting his swollen stomach.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope, Oh and I also got you this for your present. Catch!” He threw a set of keys at him which he caught easily. His dad smiled widely when Lloyd looked at the set of silver keys, with an ornament that looks like his dad’s face.

“Uh what’s this?”

“Your new keys for your new car. Duh.”

“What!” Lloyd shrieked, making his friends slam their hands on the table in surprise. Koko gasped softly and glared angrily at Garmadon, who took a slice of Lloyd’s cake.

“Yeah, I got my science nerds to build you one after I threatened them.” He took a bite out of his cake.

“B-but what about my moped?”

Garmadon spit out the cake, making everyone cringe in disgust. “What! Sell it! pssh, a car is way cooler and you can drive your little ninja-nerds around!”

Koko immediately stood up.

“Wow! Thanks dad! But-” Lloyd was cut off when his mother grabbed Garmadon’s helmet and dragged him aside. Lloyd sighed and lifted up the two keys in his hands.


“Ow! Ow! Let go!” Garmadon protested and Koko obliged by throwing him against the wall. “Whoa babe! If you wanted to spar, can it wait after Luh Loyd’s party? I know how you get grabby.” He winked, giving her a smile.
Koko shook her head and growled.

“You knew I was getting Lloyd a moped, and yet you come waltzing in and one up me by handing him keys to a brand new car?!”

Garmadon gave her a small frown. “Yeah? I mean it’s a bit of a no brainer. You buy your son a car and you get unconditional love after, it’s a win-win!”

Koko slammed her hand over her face. “Lloyd doesn’t need a car Garmadon! It’s too expensive!”

“And what do you expect me to do?” He said, trying to defend himself from her anger. “Just take it from him and say “sorry sport, your jealous mom said I can’t give you a car!” And I take the keys?!”

“I’m not jealous!”

“Koko…I know you’re jealous face when I see it. Can’t I give my son this one present! This super cool present which is the only present I have ever given him in sixteen years!” He shouted and punched the wall, breaking right through. He breathed slowly and sighed. “Since I never gave him his fifteen others…”

Koko’s glare slowly softened and gave him a sigh. She placed her hand on Garmadon’s arm, making him look up at her. “Garmadon, I’m sorry…you wanted to make up all those missed birthdays by giving a car to Lloyd…that was very sweet of you.” She admitted.

Garmadon snickered and brushed his hand across her cheek. “You know, the whole time you were talking…you had bits of rice on your face. That’s embarrassing.”

Koko rolled her eyes and slapped his hand away. She walked back to the table with Garmadon trailing behind. Lloyd ran up to them.

“Hey I actually made a decision!”

Koko placed her hand on Lloyd’s shoulder. “I understand if you don’t want the moped anymore…”

“What? No I’m keeping your present mom.”

“What?!” Garmadon shouted. “But what about the car?”

“Easy. Its for mom.” He placed the keys in her hand, making her blink. “I know you always take the commute to go to your three jobs and I know how tired you get when you come home late…” Koko felt her eyes water. “You deserve this mom, it’s more convenient for you than it is for me.”

Koko wiped her eyes and gave her son a tight hug. “I love you Lloyd.”

“Aw Mom. Its no big deal.”

“Hey mama’s boy!” Nya shouted, waving him down. “Time to eat cake, I can’t hold Kai back forever you know!”

“Oh right! Coming!” He pulled away from his mom and ran back to the table. Koko stared at the set of keys in her hand and couldn’t stop smiling. She blinked when Garmadon shuffled beside her.

“You have three jobs?” He asked, in a whisper.

“Yeah, well…being a single mom is hard.” She put the keys in her pocket. Garmadon frowned.

“I didn’t know. I’m…” he rubbed the back of his head, almost shamefully. “I’m sorry. I-if I knew that I would have…helped you out. You know?”

“I didn’t want to beg.”

“You really are still prideful.”

“I could handle myself and my son.”

“I know, but still…” he kicked a piece of trash aside. “It was selfish of me.”

“Well…you’re here now.” She said giving him a smile. Garmadon mirrored her.

“Anything you need! Rent, food, whatever! I got the cash, baby! Like literally I got a volcano full of gold!”

“Sure sure, now let’s go eat some cake or are you still stuffed?”

“I could eat!”

They both made their way to the table just in time to grab a slice before Kai could get to it.

I was an Angel once | Part 7

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Words: 1511

A/N: I’m sorry for any mistakes, my native language is not English.

Warning: none


Neither of you found anything in the books that day. Sadly, Lucifer didn’t insist, he just disappeared, barely smiling to you and never came back. You should have been happy, but you weren’t. You didn’t know why but you felt a bit sad and disappointed that he just left, without a word, without thanking you… Just leaving you alone, as you asked him. And it frustrated you to feel that way. You wanted to be left alone in the first place, so why was it bothering you now? Maybe it was because you were ready to help him now. You thought about what he told you that day, about trusting him, and you finally decided to help him.

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There’s no turning back
I get on the bus
Thinking about us
It’s been a week
Since we could speak
As I hear your husky voice
I know I have no choice
My eyes light up
And I stand there like a pup
My tongue is tied
If it’s not been clarified
When it’s you
There’s nothing I can do
The silence is filled by your laugh
I wish I could photograph
To don’t let it disappear
And to keep you near
As my cheeks turn to a soft lilac
I know there’s no turning back

You invite me over to your place
And my heartbeat speeds its pace
You open the door
And I keep wanting more
As we walk into your room
I know this is where it will all bloom
I notice the little things
Guitars, posters and drawings
Then we sit on the windowsill
And together we just chill
You begin to tease
I just feel at ease
As I cast a thirsty look at you
I wonder if you did so too
This, my beautiful captor,
Is just the first chapter
Of time we lose track
And there’s no turning back

We go in the kitchen for a snack
But it’s only of you my body lacks
You casually hand me a beer
You already know me so well, dear
We act as fools
As I try to play cool
We talk about cheese and keys
You ask me and do as I please
We play with thousands of kinds of spice
And we act as they will never suffice
From toasties and talks
To rap and beatbox
I do my best and at least try
You seem to not notice, I found my guy
At the door we hear someone ring
She walks in and I’m no more your king
I told myself I wouldn’t do this, fuck
But there’s no turning back


there’s no turning back.

Just a short poem I wrote about Evak chilling at Even’s.

A look at the career of Hiroyuki Imaishi

For my first entry for my new artist appreciation blog The Tezuka Complex, I decided “What better to do than my personal favorite artist currently working in the anime industry: Hiroyuki Imaishi?” Hopefully you will learn who he is by the end of this, or at the very least, learn more. Or well… that’s what my goal is? Hmmmm…. 

               First, some background. Imaishi worked the majority of his career at Gainax, his first notable animations being for

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peguinxox  asked:

How would Sans react if someone flirts with Frisk?

Sans would be nervous af. He knows that she has “better” suitable choices, like, boys her age from her school, for example… And he will try to stay cool, but will end up low-key asking her if she “knows/likes dat boy” and… I see him being afraid, so he will also low-key remind her that “hey? i still here for you and i love you” through gifts and maybe physically? Nervous Hugs & kisses every 5 min phahaha.
Sans is suffering.