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Okay but like

Imagine Sans just sitting on the couch, looking tired as all hell from yet another night of no sleep. He trying to keep a somewhat positive outlook on life as he watches TV, but isn’t long before he gives up and just starts sobbing from the lack of sleep. Like, he just can’t take it anymore. He just can’t go on not sleeping…

He keeps crying to himself, trying to stay quiet since he doesn’t want to burden any of the other skellies with his stuff, but eventually Papyrus hears him and comes downstairs.

When he sees him crying, he walked over, sat down on the couch and hugged his brother without a word. He knew why he was crying. Why he was so tired… he pulls his brother into his lap and cuddles him for a little while, telling him it’s okay and that he loves him dearly while showering his skull with kisses. Sans still cried, but clung to his brother tightly, whimpering to him that all he wanted was some sleep, and… and maybe some cuddles. Papyrus smiles and kisses him before setting him back on the couch and telling him he’ll be right back.

Papyrus runs back upstairs to grab some blankets from his closet, and was about to head back down when he had another idea. He pulls out his phone and sends a text to the other skellies that Sans wasn’t feeling good and that he needed some loving. So Papyrus brings the blankets down to Sans and throws them over him, giggling happily. Sans still looks almost hopeless… Papyrus realizes he forgot the pillows and runs back upstairs, yelling down to Sans that he’ll be right back.

While Sans is waiting for Papyrus to come back, Stretch and Red teleport into the living room. They see Sans looking so sad and tired and silently snuggle under the blankets and cuddle him from both sides, nuzzling and kissing him while telling him some jokes to cheer him up. He smiled at them wearily, but nothing more.

Boss and Blue get home right as Papyrus comes back downstairs. When Blue saw Sans looking so sad, he jumped right into action, running into the kitchen to make sans something warm to drink while Boss made him some food. They both worked quickly, not wanting their brother and lover to be so sad.

Blue rushed out with a glass of warm milk while Boss walked out with some leftover lasagna (contrary to popular belief: he cooks lasagna very well… provided he doesn’t drug it). They both handed it to Sans, who just set the plate of lasagna on his lap and quietly sipped the milk.

The moment it touched his teeth, he seemed to relax quite a bit, smiling a little more. Blue sat down on the floor by Sans’s legs and rested his chin on his knees, looking up at him with big eyes. Boss took the lasagna back and asked Sans to stand up for a moment.

Sans did so confusedly, and before he knew it, Boss was behind him, pulling him back to the couch and handing him his lasagna. Papyrus went back and got enough blankets and pillows for everyone before sitting down on the floor next to Blue and cuddling against Sans’s legs, telling them that he loved him. The others happily murmured their love to him as well, hugging him close and kissing him again while doing so.

Sans starts happy crying and they all start snuggling into him, telling him he’s loved and adored and that they’ll always look out for him. He laughs heartily and tells them he loves them all back, and that he would do the same to keep them safe.

Blue takes Sans’s now empty dishes from him and cleans up before heading back. By now, they were all on the floor in a big cuddle pile, with Sans in the center of it and the other skellies around him in a big mess of pillows and blankets. They were all watching a movie they had put in a few minutes ago. The other skellies were looking at Sans with a tender, loving expression. He had finally fell sound asleep.

Blue giggles and hops into the pile, wrapping his arms around Sans and planting a few kisses on his skull before settling in. It wasn’t long before the other skellies had fallen sound asleep as well. ~