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Real shit who gives a fuck if young girls on the Internet dress/act/resemble Lindsey it’s called developing an identity. People have been taking bits from their idols for decades. I can’t tell you the amount of Frank Iero, Kurt Cobain, Robert Smith lookalike boys there are on the Internet but yet I don’t see people giving them too much hassle?? And on another note Lindsey didn’t invent jumping on stage and wearing plaid skirts. Bottom line is let kids do whatever the fuck they want while they can, nothing is orginal and enjoy life damn

Minho and Onew just had their birthdays too. God they must’ve been having a good time and now….

Minho literally collapsed when he found out. This is going to be so hard.

No one knows what to do. Jonghyun has just been such a significant part of my kpop world and I don’t know how to adjust.

It’s just a bad time for us Shawols, and I hope everyone is okay. Even if you’re in another kpop fandom, even if you’re not a fan at all, a lot of us are sad and a lot of us love him. Above all, even if we’ve never spoken, I’m here for you. Because this has to stop.

You’re too important to be taken out of the equation.

Jonghyun was important, but he never believed it. In his song “Let Me Out,” he was literally crying out for help, and we never acknowledged it.

We can’t ignore cries for help.

I don’t watch SG and I actually have it blacklisted on desktop, but since I’m primarily on mobile I get to see the posts all day every day and let me tell you…if I did watch that show I’d 100% ship the superhero chick with Katie McGrath out of sheer spite. The shit I’ve had to read because of the discourse y'all get into with The Straights who ship the superhero with the bland white guy makes my blood boil and I don’t even have a dog in this fight. I sincerely hope he dies and that there’s an episode of nothing but the girls eating each other out for 42 straight minutes. I do.

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Your tags on that spoiler you reblogged for ML is exactly how I'm feeling right now.

yeah some people are wondering why people would ever want tiny, minuscule, disconnected teasers rather than waiting for the whole thing. but the whole point of advertising a new season of a show is to create hype. you create hype by showing us small bits of things we haven’t seen before or aren’t expecting. you get people talking, you get people theorizing, you get people excited, and then they’re more likely to tune into the show. that’s basic marketing. 

leading with lovesquare teasers doesn’t do much in my opinion. we already know that these kids like each other, and we’ve already seen all four corners of the lovesquare interact in some way shape or form. seeing a ladrien scene isn’t exciting. it’s more of what we already got in season 1. 

the value of season 2 is the plot. the fact that master fu and marinette are finally sitting down to talk about the miraculouses. the fact that we’re going to get new villains. the fact that we’re going to get new miraculous heroes, and that these new miraculous heroes are going to be going through some major character development in order to become these heroes. we finally have a continuous narrative to latch onto and that’s ridiculously exciting! 

if you’re going to be marketing season 2, the best way, in my opinion, is to give very small teasers and spoilers relating to that. i’m not talking huge bombshells like telling us who the new miraculous heroes are going to be. i’m talking an audio track of the bee miraculous transformation. i’m talking a quick peek at the new villain. i’m talking a line or two from marinette or master fu’s conversation. show us a small bit of some new powers that we should be expecting if there are any. small bursts of info that are small enough to not spoil anything major but big enough to get people talking are the key here. 

this is why the fandom is so dead and no one is talking about this show right now. they’re not getting people excited. and before anyone brings up the excuse about it being just a kid’s show, i can name other kid’s shows right off the top of my head that hyped up their new seasons leagues better than miraculous ladybug is doing right now. it’s possible. zag’s just not doing a great job with it. 

Young Tsukishima is very demanding. Everytime yams come over, he literally uses only one split second to say hi to Aki before Tsukki turns sour and glares at his brother because “Yamaguchi came over here for me, not you.” Aki would just chuckle and ruffle his hair teasing him about how much he loves Yamaguchi. Generally, he just doesn’t like sharing. His mom would ask Yama all these questions and Tsukki would answer for him, impatient and demanding every moment of Yamaguchi’s attention. “Yes, mom. He’s fine and school was okay. I literally spend everyday with him, I would know his schedule,” he argues when his mom asks him not to fill in tadashi life for her. Yamaguchi would just blush. He gets really cranky when night time comes along though. Believe it or not, he likes to cuddle a lot and just loves hugging the shit out of Yamaguchi. One time, Yams had to go to the bathroom bad and couldn’t hold it in so he went to use the restroom. When he came back, Tsukki was up and asking him questions like: “Where did you go? Why did you leave and not tell me? Don’t you know it’s cold in here?” Sometimes he gets too overbearing though. He would blindly follow Yamaguchi to do whatever task he needs to do at 12 o'clock in the night and would just whine and complain saying he needs sleep. Yamaguchi has never slept out on the couch or on the guest futon. Ever. Well, technically, he has many times but Tsukki always insist they sleep in his bed together or he’d just invite himself into Yamaguchi’s personal space. Yamaguchi sometimes wonder if he’s touch starved. He brings this up one time at a dinner conversation and Mrs. Tsukishima laughs because as a baby, Tsukki didn’t like to be held a lot and Yam’s just having internal conflict because man, he’s never slept so much at someone’s house before and he’s starting to miss his personal space and bed. On the days he doesn’t sleep over, Tsukki invites himself to his house so… alone time was a big no-no. They literally spend every waking moment together. Like, if Tsukki wakes up and Yams is still asleep, he literally ignores everything and goes back to cuddling yams tiny body. Like, Tsukishima will not let him go. He loves how Yamaguchi clings onto the nearest object or person and just snuggles into them too much to let go. He just loves Yamaguchi to be honest.


Onkey… Jinkibum …the cutest 😍😍

I just wanna know why “neutral” people think Jonsa shippers care to know that they think we aren’t 100% delusional (just 70%) but Jon and Dany are totally in love. I mean honestly you can keep that to yourself, I know I personally don’t care if you don’t ship but wanna throw us a bone and admit that hmm maybe we aren’t all just delusional idiots.

And another thing. Someone claiming “objectivity” doesn’t automatically mean their opinion is more valid than yours that’s fueled by “shipper goggles”. I actually really hate that idea. Someone can be objective and still completely wrong. You can have shippers goggles on and still be completely right. You don’t need validation from “neutral” or “objective” parties to feel like your interpretation of something is valid. You don’t even need to show objectivity to speak on your ship, most aspects of shipping are inherently subjective anyway. There is also nothing inherently wrong with using subjective thoughts to make a point. This isn’t science. It’s fiction and shipping, both of which rely on mostly subjective thinking anyway.

Okay so no one will read this but, everyone thinks Yamaguchi Tadashi is a pure cinnamon roll.
He is, but don’t forget about his sassy side!
I want more fanfics that focus less on the meek, shy, innocent and I’m-completely-submissive side of him and more of the jokey, sticking up for his friends and laughing with Tsukishima side of his personality.
Like (Some fanfics are great, Deanpendragons fanfictions has Yamaguchi’s character on point👌🏼👌🏼) but seriously, some of the fandom make him extra sweet and “pure”, forgetting about his other charms and what makes him an interesting character.
He’s a teen boy who’s funny and can be slightly awkward but also sarcastic, cute, hardworking and a loyal friend.
Not just someone who’s all “Tsukki I love you!!!”

So let’s just appreciate him🙏🏻🙏🏻

Suoh Mikoto Black Dog Live ~ from Idol K