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The future is bulletproof / The aftermath is secondary

Can we just appreciate how incredibly professional Minho was during today’s performance? Not only did he performed with an ankle that he could barely even walk with, but he nailed all his parts, sang the base notes through all the choruses, all the while maintaining the brightest smile in the fucking world. 

Like his injury isn’t hurting like hell at all. 

I almost choked up when I saw this little moment on music bank where he stumbles away from the stage only to turn around with all smiles afterwards for the final chorus (around 4:10 of this video, right before Taemin’s high note). Every time he jumped during the performance I winced because really, how much would that have to hurt if he had to lie down immediately once the recording ended?  

The fact that he could’ve easily justified sitting out from performing but didn’t just shows the lengths he’d go to give us a perfect stage. He always tries his best to hide his pain so that the fandom doesn’t worry about him (but we always do anyways). 

This boy does so, so much for us all the fucking time and it pains me that people outside the fandom don’t recognise his hardwork and passion, writing him off only as the ‘handsome but useless’ one of the group.

Choi Minho you the real mvp (’: 

I’m totally here for demisexual Tsukki because I can’t imagine him with anybody other than Yamaguchi because he’s so, like pulled away from everyone else, and he’s really only close to Yams and I can’t even imagine him falling in love unless he’s known that person for awhile idk. I only have like basic level knowledge on different sexualities, but Tsukki is the only one i hacve a headcanon for and it’s that.

I’m still baffled at the size of the shit storm being stirred up from a simple comment about a personal preference. But so so much more at why all this hate and criticism is being directed at the most liberal, open-minded, empathetic and socially aware idol in the industry, Kim Jonghyun.

Call me biased for all I care, but Jonghyun has demonstrated time and time again that he isn’t any of the negative labels that are being attached to him. He’s nothing but a humanist, from supporting transexual individuals to fighting against domestic abuse. He hasn’t fucked up shit.

This kind of aggressive backlash is why idols cut off social media.

This kind of cherry picking of ‘evidence’ is why idols don’t normally speak up about social issues.

And this honestly terrifies me because we really, really need more Korean public figures like Jonghyun to keep speaking up about issues that matter for people who are considered different, and about causes that need attention. This is especially important for the Korean public, who are mostly still afraid to. Please remember this.

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi

I’ve noticed that there are still people out there who say that Yamaguchi and Tsukishima have an unhealthy relationship. Stop using that as ship hate.

Some of those same people in the Haikyuu!! fandom ship IwaOi and Kagehina, but their relationships aren’t any “healthier” than Tsukishima’s and Yamaguchi’s. Kageyama is aggressive towards Hinata, Iwaizumi hits Oikawa. Despite this, I don’t care. I still ship them, because it’s an animation and people can ship whatever they want for whatever reasons.

However, how is Tsukishima’s and Yamaguchi’s relationship any less healthy when you put Kageyama’s and Hinata’s or Oikawa’s and Iwaizumi’s in perspective? Does Tsukishima physically harm Yamaguchi? No. Does he verbally harm him? No.

If Tsukishima were to physically or verbally harm Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi probably wouldn’t be friends with him, seeing as how he was bullied in earlier years.

If anything, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi have a healthy, growing friendship and they balance each other out. We’ve seen them support one another many times in the manga and the anime now. We know that Yamaguchi has always been supportive of his best friend, but we’ve also seen Tsukishima reciprocate that support.

Please stop using the term “unhealthy” to hate on a ship that has no reason to be hated on. It’s annoying and immature to even put any effort into hating something that other people enjoy because you’re salty and bitter over a simple friendship in an animation and manga.

I just wanted to say that if you’re making scenarios for Seventeen and Joshua is in it: don’t make him out as some sort of Jesus freak. It seems like you’re making fun of the fact that he’s religious. It bugs me to read something then the next sentence saying “Joshua would be at your door saying, "Hello would you like to talk about our lord and savior Jesus?” “ and it’s like ok we get it he’s Christian and you’re acting/writing him out like he shoves his religion down everyone’s throat. You’re probably thinking that I’m overreacting and being too serious, but it really isn’t funny. It’s not funny to make someone’s religion into a comedic line. It honestly ruins the mood for stories.


after seeing the apartment trailer i’m really just more excited about this expansion pack. it’s the first pack that feels big and fully developed and flourished. we’re getting actual apartments that each feel unique and completely different than one another. i’m obsessed with the fact that low end apartments have special gameplay that you won’t find in a high end apartment, and vice versa. it seems like we’re finally getting features that feel fresh and new, all while adding that endless, non repetitive feeling gameplay. this is the first expansion pack that i’m actually excited for, and really gives me *hope* for the future of the sims 4.