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Gwahhhh >< , can you do a kinda Winged AU! where s/o lost her wings and Tsukki comforts and protects Her, anyway's have a nice day~~

AHHHHHHHH! This was soooooo much fun!

Originally, I was going to do something fallen angels were this request came in, but then this idea of a hierarchy came in and I was like ‘YES’. So, essentially the idea is that the Winged are at the top and the Unwinged at the bottom. And similar to any past with inter-anything marriages, they cannot marry. And there is a movement for freedom to marry and such!

P.s. There is blood!


“Shit…” he was frozen in place when he had first seen her stooped over the few stairs before his apartment. Blood overflowing from the surface she sat on to the one below, trailing down onto the sidewalk. His mind was telling him to act, but his body had completely shut down, his entire being trembling. “Shit…” he repeated as though the word would ebb away his panic. It didn’t.

When he saw her shift, Tsukishima forced his feet forward. He crossed the distance on his long legs and crouched beside her, hand floating above her shoulder as his eyes trailed to her back where the two gashes bled. “Fuck… don’t move!” He found himself yelling, something that would’ve initially startled him if his adrenaline hadn’t been pumping so hard. He removed his jacket, reaching to press the bundled cloth tightly against the open wounds. She hissed, but he remained firm, he needed to stop the bleeding

Her hand rose, weakly grasping at the fabric of his shirt, making him hyper aware of the lack of color in her skin. He pulled out his cell phone, quickly dialed for an ambulance as her gaze turned up to him, the corners of his mouth rising ever so slightly. “Kei, the rally… It didn’t go so well…”

“[F/N], hang on, stop talking,” he’d listen to everything she had to say when he knew she was going to be okay. Right now he was focused on getting her the help she needed, keeping her awake. She just had to stay awake until they got here.

“Kei, they… they didn't…”

Tsukishima’s gaze jerked from the street down to her, his hand instantly shaking at her shoulder, the other reaching to prop her head up. “Hey, stay with me!” his voice bared all his panic, desperate to direct her unfocused gaze on him again.

But they didn’t and as his attempts became more frantic. His hands covered in blood - her blood - and hot tears rolled down his face. He was barely aware of the ambulance as it approached. He fought against the paramedic arms that pulled him away from her. Shouts of ‘save her!’ filled the empty street at they loaded her away, machines and hands already working to revive her. He ran after the vehicle a short ways, breath and body trembling.

He’d see her again.

At first the constant beeping had been annoying, but the more Tsukishima related it to the steady beating of her heart, the more it comforted him. It had been nearly a whole twenty-four hours since he arrived at the hospital in hopes to see her. He was told that she was in an emergency surgery and that he had to wait. Wait he did even if it felt like he had been doing too much of it.

He finally allowed himself to cry when he walked into her room, seeing her so bandaged and broken. The doctor informed him that her wings had been completely severed, cruelly, he added. The artery there had been cut, which resulted in the mass blood loss. She had been lucky, he said.

But Tsukishima didn’t feel like luck had been on her side at all. She had gone to be part of a civil rights movement, demanding the hierarchy be demolished and marriage between the Winged and Unwinged be legalized. It wasn’t hard to guess what had happened, but when she woke, he listened to it all with a heavy heart.

A group of them had been ambushed after the event, told if they loved the Unwinged so much they should become them. She didn’t tell him how they cut the beautiful hazelnut brown wings from her back and he was thankful for it. He didn’t need to hate himself even more with the regret of not being there to protect her.

“I’m sorry…” He choked, bringing her hand grasped in both of his to his mouth to kiss the skin there with trembling lips, “if I was… if you didn't… we shouldn’t’ve met and then–”

“Tsukishima Kei,” their voice was so stern it caused his head to jerk up, meeting with their narrowed eyes, “do not finish that sentence.”


“But nothing,” she took another stern moment before her expression dissolved into the softness he adored so much, “I love you, end of story. Besides,” her hand traveled behind her, fingers brushing against nothing where soft feathers used to be, “there’s nothing stopping us from getting married now.”

And, god, Tsukishima fell in love with this strong beauty all over again.