hey guys here are some actually good gay or just generally wlw/ artists (that I have personally listened to, in case ur wondering why (x) isnt on here) that dont make shitty male gaze-y songs in case u want to clear ur pallette from the mess that is “girls”!!!

  • hayley kiyoko - probably the most well known, her songs are total bops and i personally find them so poignant and relatable to the lesbian experience™
  • PVRIS - lead singer is a gay girl, their first album is one of the best ive listened to and they defy genre so check em out
  • janelle monae - also pretty well known, dirty computer is absolutely amazing and ur missing out if ur not listening and watching it numerous times
  • kehlani - love her, great r&b singer with some beautifully sweet and catchy songs
  • the xx - haunting indie-ish unit with one of the main vocalists being a wlw
  • against me! - one of the most famous bands within this category and one of the best, of course. just classic, beautifully-done rock music all around, and laura jane grace is an amazing human being
  • the greeting committee - my personal favorite lesbian rock band, the lead singer is a girl who rights songs about her love for girls and it’s amazing and please listen to “she’s a gun”
  • snail mail - another indie rock project that deserves a listen, music is absolutely captivating
  • girlpool - a folk-punk band which is my favorite genre, brutally honest and raw music that’ll get stuck in your head
  • kera & the lesbians - self-explanatory (lol), another folk-punk band worth checking out
  • syd - rapper formerly associated with odd future, makes some awesome tunes
  • sälen - unique electro-pop unit with addicting songs
  • tash sultana - hot. makes hot songs. my ideal vibe.
  • pronoun - one-of-a-kind lofi pop that is both sad and beautiful and i love her music sm
  • girli - electronic cyber-pop-rap is about the best i can describe it, not for everybody but one of my personal likes

and there’s my two cents but really, there’s a whole amazing world of wlw music out there that’s worth a venture, so go do urself a favor and explore it!

lgbt music reccs

starting 2018 with sharing some lgbt singers/bands that i listen to. some of these are really popular and you’ve probably already heard of them. and also im always looking for some new lgbt music so add some more if you want!!

gay bands and singers

sam smith – basically really sad soul/RnB. a lot of his songs are slow heartbreaking.

brockhampton – a rap/hip hop boy band. the founding member is openly gay and a lot of the lyrics are about him being gay, but also about things like racism/sexism/homophobia.

kevin abstract – the gay member of brockhampton who was mentioned above. he also has solo albums. his album american boyfriend is basically one gay love story.

mika -- lebanesepop rock singer who speaks a bunch of languages. majority of his songs are in english but a few are in french. his songs are kinda weird and sound like you would sing them with ur gay friends around a campfire

troye sivan – u know him. cool and funny youtuber/indie pop singer. not much to say bc everyone already knows troye is amazing.

passion pit – indie electropop band, the sole member is gay

neon trees – pop rock band. u already know them from animals back in 2010. the lead is gay.

years & years – one of my faves. an electropop trio with songs with cool imagery that you can dance to whilst crying. the lead singer olly alexander is a cool lgbt activist and youll want to know him.

lesbian bands and singers

jen foster – idk many songs, but definitely some pop country vibes

the veronicas – idk a lot of their songs either, but they’re a pop punk duo and twin sisters. one of the sisters is gay and in a relationship w ruby rose!!

hayley kiyoko – ok you already know her. she’s half japanese and The Lesbian Icon. all her songs are about girls and the music videos are great

coeur de pirate – she’s an indie pop singer and her voice sounds like lying in a field of sunflowers in the spring. most of her songs are in french, but she has a lot that are in english.

mary lambert – rnb/pop singer and also lgbt rights activist. she is absolutely amazing and her songs talk a lot of about her sexuality, sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, and body image.

tegan and sara – another twin sister indie pop duo except both of them are gay this time!!

bi bands/singers

halsey – another singer who everyone knows the name of. her music just makes you feel like a very cool teenager and her lyrics and music videos have amazing imagery

kehlani – rnb and hip-hop singer. all her songs are absolute jams and make you feel like a badass woman

frank ocean – rnb singer, and you probably already know him. so chill and gives you shivers

tokio hotel – pop rock band from germany who slowly turned to electropop over time. their early songs are in german but they have english versions to all their songs and their newer music is all in english.

taylor bennett – rapper who’s very similar to kendrick lamar and pretty open about his sexuality. he’s also chance the rapper’s brother (and don’t hate me but they kind of have the exact same voice. like it’s so trippy how similar they sound)

the xx – two of the members are gay and it is so great. They’re indiepop and sound like what laying on a cloud would feel like

green day – everyone knows green day. billie joe armstrong is bi ppl!!

sia– you probably know sia too. her music is electropop and basically just gets you dancing.

st vincent – idk much of her music, but she’s kind of indie rock and incredibly sweet

keiynan lonsdale – he’s actually a half black actor from the flash. but he also has pretty dope music on the side. if u don’t listen to him, follow him on instagram bc he’s a fun time

trans/non-binary bands and singers

mykki blanco – really great hip hop vibes!!

against me – awesome punk rock band. the lead singer is a trans woman

please add more!! let’s start 20GAYTEEN off right!!

*50 years from now*

Old History Professor: In 2018 there was a rise in LGBT+ representation in media. Finally there was more music, movies and TV shows like never before for this community-

Child in the back: Is it true they called 2018 “20gayteen” because of how…”gay” it was?

Old History Professor: …..Yes.

Old History Professor: And it was the most fitting epithet ever.

ICYMI ... peak lesbian pop culture has arrived

ICYMI: We’re at peak queer lady pop culture! “Lesbian Jesus” Hayley Kiyoko’s prophecy about the power of #20GayTeen is coming true, and here’s some scientific evidence to back up this claim:

1. “Strangers” by Lauren Jauregui and Halsey 

Tbh I feel like this queer lady anthem didn’t get enough love when it came out (pun!), so circle back and bump it again because it really is a banger AND they use she/her pronouns the entire time!! (Also I’m definitely not going to stop shipping these two badass women…)

2. The lesbian plotline in “Blockers”

What a shocker… a trailer for a mainstream comedy neglected to feature the gay storyline! It’s not even just a subplot y’all, it’s a full-on PLOT. Wish I’d been able to see this when I was in high school… Might’ve helped me avoid a lot of awkward school dances.

3. Hayley Kiyoko’s debut album

An entire electro-pop album full of sexy songs about sexing women?! Wayyy too good to be true… Thank you, Lesbian Jesus! 

4. Demi and Kehlani get down and dirty

Okay remember when Demi Lovato and Kehlani started kissing and grinding on stage?!?! I’m still recovering… The best part was definitely when Kehlani cleared up any confusion about her role in the situation. 

5. Janelle + Tessa 4ever

The energy between Janelle Monae and Tessa Thompson in the “Make Me Feel” music video was… electric to say the least. We’re living for this beautiful bi storyline. 

6. Cardi B rapping about threesomes 

I literally can’t imagine anything better than Cardi B’s suggestion in “She Bad” — a threesome with her, Chrissy Teigen, and Rihanna?! Shook. 

7. The dancing girl from Missy Elliott’s “Work It” video came out

Okay so Alyson Stoner (aka “Disney Channel” star and the girl from Missy Elliott’s music videos) came out as bi! Yay! 

8. Lena Waithe’s moment

FYI: Lena Waithe is having a moment. From her Vanity Fair cover to her role in Ready Player One and her incredible series “The Chi,” Lena’s the it girl in the industry right now. And she’s doing big things for black lesbian representation. We see you! 

9. Random queer women everywhere

Is it just me or are there random queer women everywhere in TV and movies these days? Used to be we had to project lesbian narratives onto supposedly straight characters if we wanted to feel represented, but now I can’t even keep up with all the queer ladies! “Black Lightning,” “Love & Hip Hop,” “Grown-ish,” “Jane the Virgin,” “Everything Sucks!,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “One Day at a Time”… We’re everywhere!

What a time to be alive.

What else did we miss? Comment below.

Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko: a breakdown

Expectations/Overture: Chill, relaxed happy, kinda a buildup to the rest of the album

Feelings: Lonely, looking for love, tired of being single .

What I need (feat. Kehlani): Found someone but getting mixed signals??? Why are you keeping me at a distance? Are you hiding me? WHAT DO YOU WANT???? We could be good together!!

Sleepover: I want to be with you so bad but you dont want that :( at least i can fantasize about us.

Mercy/Gatekeeper: i cant stop thinking about you and it hurts. I cant tell you how i feel because i might mess things up. I need to get away and get a fresh start.

Under the blue/Take Me In: We get together, bow chika bow wow but like cool and gay,

Curious: so you’re avoiding me and you’re back with your boy toy but im too cool for this so its all chill. Ps are you really with him what are we stop playing with my emotions like this.

xx: why’d you do it? vibes. No words. Confused?

Wanna be Missed: why you dont want me? You were so into me and said all those things and made me feel like this now where did you go?

He’ll Never Love You (HNLY): You clearly want me, why are you with him im the one for you, we would better than you and him would ever be.

Palm Dreams: im going home. Partying and being here if you want me. Living life and moving forward. This is my place.

Molecules: youre really gone and im trying to move forward. Trying to feel again. Ive lost you.

Let It Be: i have to move on but i miss you and its hard. Feelings are hard.

This album is a story we all know in the form of 10 bops lasting 49 minutes altogether.