junesdivine asked:

Oh Spirit, my lovely Sugarcubefairy of my dreams! You musn't marry people so rashly. Give it some time. At least you should go with him on a date, before you marry him! D; And then again... when you marry, can I be the bridesmaid? Also, who will be the BRIDE? Or will you two just be the bridegroom? Can I arrange the party? So many questions that must find an answer!

Uuuugh…whats wrong with you, lady?
What do you mean with “rashly”? I know this handsome and wealthy…I mean…precious darling for a long time now!
No. You can’t be the bridemaid.Only if you wanna buy a Thneed.
Just people with Thneeds can be bridemaids.

Okay…for THIS question I drew you a lovely picture of my cute future-husband and the lovely me:

You can’t. I don’t know you. Who’s telling me, that you aren’t a big fool?
But hm….would you do it for free? May then….;V

anonymous asked:

Purr, darling. - augur-of-entropy(KEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH)

Grainne blinked in confusion, looking behind herself to see a tail swishing back and forth. She then turned her gaze to Raime with a cheshire grin upon her face, pouncing toward him to drag him to the ground. Licking his face like a cat, with a purr rumbling through her mouth.