“(B)romance” You/Xiumin

happy birthday to my love minnie queen-chan for beta-ing this fic for me (thanks also to the sister wives who mentioned f-ckboy minseok and gave me the idea in the first place)

vague college/summer au

the guy who always comes in during your shift is kind of an asshole. But also really, really hot. 

rating: nc-17 don’t say i didn’t warn you, save yourself

“Don’t ruin your pretty little figure with all that booze.”

Minseok works his jaw like it’s a miracle of God he hasn’t leapt over the counter to duct tape your mouth shut. He’s cute® when he’s angry.

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David Tennant and Billie Piper discussing David’s favorite Halloween costume at the Tampa Bay MegaCon convention

(and David Tennant in his Gru costume, sans mask, with Gracepoint co-star Kevin Zegers at a Halloween party in 2014)

video source [ x ]

Ayano's Theory of Happiness (Osomatsu-san/niisan ver)

I was remembering about my family again

“Osomatsu, you’re the eldest brother “

“…so take care of them “


Okay..I`m soo..sorry I just need to do this
yeah it`s from Ayano`s theories of happiness~
has this been done yet?
I was too lazy…so yeah really bad quality art