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Bar & alcohol vocabulary in Finnish

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Baari - bar
Pubi - pub
Klubi - club
Disko - disco 
Kahvila - café
Ravintola - restaurant
Karaoke - karaoke 
Baarimikko - bartender
Portsari - bouncer, doorman
Narikka - cloakroom
Tiski - counter
Hana - tap
Pöytä - table
Tuoli - chair
Terassi - terrace, beer garden
Tanssilattia - dance floor
Diskopallo - disco ball 
Musiikki - music
Peli - game
Vessa - toilet
Pullo - bottle
Tölkki - can 
Lasi - glass
Tuoppi - stein
Muki - mug 
Tynnyri - barrel, keg
Pilli - straw
Juoma - beverage, drink 
Drinkki, cocktail - cocktail 
Shotti - shot
Alkoholi - alcohol
Alkoholiton - alcohol free
Vesi - water
Mehu - juice
Tee - tea
Kahvi - coffee
Kaakao - cocoa; hot chocolate 
Virvoitusjuoma - soft drink 
Energiajuoma - energy drink 
Olut, kalja - beer
Siideri - cider
Lonkero - long drink
Viini - wine
Punaviini - red wine
Valkoviini - white wine
Roseeviini - rosé wine 
Kuohuviini - sparkling wine
Samppanja - champagne
Vodka - vodka 
Likööri - liqueur
Rommi - rum
Viski - whisky
Tequila - tequila
Gini - gin
Jää - ice
Siirappi - syrup 
Ruoka - food
Pikaruoka - fast food
Ranskalaiset - french fries
Hampurilainen - hamburger
Pitsa - pizza 
Kanansiipi - chicken wing 
Tilata - to order
Maksaa - to pay
Juoda - to drink
Syödä - to eat
Juhlia - to party, to celebrate 
Tanssia - to dance
Olla humalassa/kännissä - to be drunk (more)
Krapula - hangover
Ikäraja - age limit
Alaikäinen - underage
Täysi-ikäinen - of age; adult
Henkilöllisyystodistus, “henkkarit” - ID
Kippis! - Cheers!
Valomerkki - last call (a last call announced by flashing the lights to inform the customers that the venue is being closed)


Oh my goodness, I cannot express how excited I am about this one.

It’s for one of my favorite clients, Education Week. They always go for my epic adventure concepts. This one, is about the continuing demographic gaps in high school graduation rates. I tried out some newish techniques to infuse a more painterly quality—something I strongly desire, but often struggle to achieve—and I’m rather excited about the result. It’s called

“in Seas not yet Seen”


This morning, Governor Phil Bryant passed a bill into law that raised the alcohol content for beer sold in Mississippi.  Cityslickers rejoiced, and Keg and Barrel and Raise Your Pints threw a party in honor of the decision.  $15 all you can eat crawfish, Lazy Magnolia and Rogue Beer on tap, and a free beer if you sported your Raise Your Pints tee shirt, you got a free draft beer. Raise your pints, Cityslickers!

Hey, my sister has finally gotten around to selling her TARDIS-decorated kegerator. If you feel like your nerdy drinking nights need that extra something (and are willing to pick it up from Portland, OR) then it’s just what you need!

Finally getting around to selling this:

Custom built TARDIS Kegerator, E Portland, $1500, Pickup Only

I loved this and loved building the TARDIS (BARDIS?), but I don’t use it anymore and I want to see it go to a house where it’s loved and used. It has 3 taps, and can hold a full keg and two sixth-barrel kegs, or three sixth-barrels.

It hasn’t been used in about a year, but it has an operational fridge and freezer. It’s only a TARDIS on the front and left size, the fridge opens to the right.

The light on top plugs in and lights up!

Make an offer, I’m willing to negotiate within reason!

If anyone is interested in buying it, drop me a note, I can get you in touch with her.