• hvad jeg har hørt mest de sidste mange dage
  • 1: hvorfor har du altid så meget tøj på?
  • 2: du har alt, alt for meget tøj på
  • 3: skal du ikke have en øl?
  • 4: skal du ik snart være fuld igen?
  • 5: må jeg prøve dine solbriller?
  • hole nu kefte

20. “Please don’t do this."  HAPPY

"Please don’t do this.” I begged as Happy held the slice of cake up.

The mischievous glint in his eyes told me what was waiting for me.

We had said our vows just an hour beforehand and were now ready to have some fun at the reception.

Everyone cheered and laughed as Happy teased me with the cake. Finally he put it up to my mouth letting me take a bite before smashing the rest of the slice into my face.

I laughed, chewing my mouthful.

Happy stood there, smiling like a nut and it was contagious.

I picked up my slice, putting it to his mouth. He opened, taking a big bite, but keft quite a bit of cake in my hand.

The crowd booed as I let him chew, but soon cheered as I took what was left and smeared it on his freshly shaven scalp.

Happy yanked me to him, laying a kiss on my lips. Cat and wolf calls and clapping erupted.

“Let’s go get cleaned up, baby.” Hap said, taking me inside.

We were at his Mom’s house so she could be part of thw celebration. He pulled me to the bathroom up stairs, shutting the door behind us.

Getting a washcloth, he wet it before cleaning my cheek off.

“You got a little frosting.” He point to the corner of his mouth.

I stuck my tounge out, licking at my lips. He shook his head before swooping in and kissing me deeply.

As he pulled back, he licked at the corner of my mouth.

I moaned, holding onto his cut. “Save it for tonight, Hap.”

He hummed against my cheek before cleaning his head off.

He whispered in my ear, “That ass is all mine tonight, baby.”

I giggled, rolling my backside against him before taking off down the stairs.

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Andreil: Neil gets into a fight on court and the other player hits below the belt and cause a panic attack. Cue possessive and protective Andrew to the rescue.

For some reason I’ve written a lot of Neil ft panic attacks lately? Let him be happy! Both you and me. Here it goes.

  • Neil’s smart mouth get’s him into more than a few fights. Some of them are physical. Others are not
  • Usually Andrew is carefully observing from his goal, maybe gettting an amused glint at some of Neil’s comments (Because no one likes a smart mouth, but he does)
  • One day Neil’s scored more than usual, and the opposing defensive player decides it’s a good time to bring up Neil’s past
  • “Hey, Nathaniel! I’m surprised the feds let you walk out. With your daddy’s work, I doubt you have’t sliced anyone up” “Nice scars. At least we have one way of telling Junior appart from Senior”
  • Neil is nauseous. He tries to fight it, tries to hold on to the present, to the game, but he’s slipping
  • He goes back to a hot iron being pressed against his skin, and it sticking to it even after it’s keft his body, to his father’s men showing him how to slice up a person, to his father doing it in front ofthe Moriyamas and Kevin
  • And he can’t breathe, he can’t, everything goes blurry and sideways
  • But someone’s there holding him up, and he knows this feeling, knows the solid weight that’s being pressed against him
  • It’s not enough to pull him all the way through, not yet, but it’s enough to get him breathing
  • As soon as Andrew sees Neil is off the edge, he goes after the defenseman
  • But this time he chooses to strike the way Neil would, using all the information Wymack gave them before the game and his own observations of the game
  • “Nice jersey you got there, at least you still get to play afer the other three schools you tried out for rejected you” “If you couldn’t even make that open pass, you can hardly talk to someone who outscored you 8 times like that”
  • And he gets worse and worse, taking every low blow until the other guy has gone from mad, to furious, to dejected
  • And Andrew doesn’t usually enjoy breaking people, just keeping his promises, but this man hurt Neil, and for that he;s geting everything he deserves
  • He doesn’t like other people messing with his things anyway
  • He hasn’t been able to use that excuse about Neil for a long time, but old habits die hard
MMFD 3 Fan Fic Ep 2: Grounded
MMFD 3 Fan Fic Ep 2: GroundedRae’s DiaryJune 17th, 199_ Dear Diary, I’ve never seen Finn move so fast, as when Mum arrived back from Bingo. We grabbed our clothes and put them back on at literally the speed of light, apart from when Finn fell off the bed trying tp put one of his trainers back on. Then I quickly made the bed. Finn left the room and went downstairs; I was about to follow when I saw the used condom on the floor.  >> BONKING EVIDENCE ALERT! << Quick as a flash I picked it up, ran to the bathroom, threw it down the loo and flushed it away. Fortunately it has a strong flush or the flamin’ thing would have floated back up. So anyway… I ran down the stairs and reached the sitting room just as I heard Mum’s key in the front door. I glanced nervously at Finn. He had combed his hair and was sitting near me on the sofa, pretending to be fascinated by the Radio Times magazine. I moved closer to him and pretended to read it over his shoulder, as Mum walked in. For some weird reason, my Oasis top felt a bit tight. I looked up at Mum. “Oh hi Mum!” I said casually. “Was bingo all right?” “Yes love, I won fifty quid as it goes!” She looked smug. Then, chillingly, she looked us up and down.  “Wait a minute… Finn… Rae… have you been having nookie in my house while I was out?!” Finn visibly blanched; white as a ghost. He shook his head, unable to find his voice for a terrible moment. “No Mum!” I lied. “What makes you think that?” “Well it’s not rocket science to work that one out Rae” she snapped, “you’re wearing each other’s tops!” I looked down. Finn’s medium-sized Oasis top was stretched across my humungous boobs like a small black shopping bag trying to contain two giant melons. I looked at Finn. He appeared to be wearing a parachute-sized bell tent printed with the Oasis logo. To make matters worse, as he realised what happened, he began to snigger. I tried not to look at him but it was no use; I started laughing as well.. “Oh, well I’m glad you think it’s so funny” said Mum, folding her arms sternly. “Well you can swap your tops back over right now, then Finn, you can sling yer hook,” (she gestured to the door) “and Rae, you’re grounded for at least three weeks!” I wanted to shout back at Mum not to ground me, that I wasn’t a kid; but I was too embarrassed. Finn looked well embarrassed too. “I’m sorry Mrs. Bouchtat” he said, suddenly. I looked at him in surprise. “But it’s not like you think. Rae and me… erm… we love each other."  He looked even more uncomfortable now, saying this, as if he wished he could teleport himself off-planet just to get the hell out of my mother’s death-ray stare. His face had gone all red, it looked dead sexy. Mum sighed.  "You know what, Finn” she said. “I don’t really blame you at all. You seem a pretty decent lad really. I blame this tarty little madam here!” She flailed her arm towards me, almost whacking me in the face. “And in any case” she ranted on, “whoever’s fault it is, I will NOT have MY HOUSE used as some kind of student KNOCKING SHOP!!” I have this deranged imagination, me. Well, as I’ve said before, I am mad. As soon as Mum said these words, a vision flashed into my mind of me dressed in red lacy basque and black stockings, while Finn, as my pimp, stood there in a white fur pimp coat, leather jeans, shades and black trilby hat, counting the money I made that night. There was also this big neon cartoon sign, “COME TO MADAME RACHEL’S NAUGHTY KNOCKING SHOP” …I tried desperately not to laugh at this thought, which made Mum even more livid. But she turned away in tight-lipped silence as me and Finn swapped our Oasis tops back over. “Right” she said, after a while. “Are you decent?"  "Yeah” we answered, as one. “OK. Well Finn, you can go home now, and you won’t see Rae again out of college hours for at least three weeks.” Finn looked sad at this announcement. I could swear I saw his lower lip tremble. He picked up his leather jacket and left. I felt gutted as I heard him go downstairs and leave by the front door, pulling it shut with a faint click. Not like how I usually leave, with a resounding slam;  but then Finn is such a gentle soul. Now Mum was looking at me with a silent, slow-burning anger. Her eyes were almost glowing red with rage. “Well madam” she said, quietly. “What have you got to say for yourself?” “I’m sorry for having sex with Finn in your house” I said, still feeling desperately embarrased. “But I’m not sorry for having sex with Finn. He’s gorgeous, it was beautiful; and I’ll never regret it even if it never happens again; and you can’t take that away from me.” “Oh, well bring out the Mantovani violins” Mum sneered. “I hope it was worth it, because there’ll be no pub, no rock concerts-” “Gigs” I corrected her, “no hanging around in the park with your silly friends after college; and speaking of college, you’re going to buckle down and finish that coursework on creative writing! I’m going to end up proud of you if it kills me.” And it probably will, I thought, but out loud I said nothing. In the days that followed this severe and embarrassing bust-up with Mum, i resigned myself to hard work, no social life, no rock gigs and only seeing Finn at college. Well, the “no rock gigs” thing hardly mattered most of the time, anyway.  Then bloody Chop turned up at the campus grounds and announced he’d blagged us all some tickets for Oasis live at the Manchester Appollo. And I was still grounded! Everyone was so excited except for me. I was almost in tears at the thought of missing it. Finn noticed my emotional state, and took me aside. “You all right?” he asked softly. I took a deep breath. “Not really. But I hope you all enjoy Oasis next week.” “So you’re still grounded then?” He stroked my hair as he spoke. Some girls were staring at us, giggling. I tried to ignore them. “Yeah I’m still grounded” I said. A tear ran down my face. I felt like an utter twat. “God, Rae,” he sighed, “it’s been over two weeks now.” He caght the tear gently with his thumb. “We need to help you escape. You have to come and see Oasis live. It won’t be the same if you’re not there.” “It won’t be the same for me either” I said miserably. “You’ll all be at the Oasis gig and I’ll be sat at home under the Gestapo glare of my mother, doing bloody college coursework! And how will you help me escape from that?!” “I don’t know” murmured Finn, leaning close. He kissed my cheek. “But I’ll think of something.”

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