“I won,” said Tom smugly, as their impromptu duel came to a stop. His wand was under Harry’s chin and he was forcing the Gryffindor to tilt his head back.
  “Are you so sure about that?” countered Harry.
  Tom then felt something poking in his chest, looking down he saw that Harry’s wand was pointed at his heart.
  “You’re a quick study,” Tom said.
  “I learned from the best.”
  “Yes.” Tom took a moment to let his breathing calm down. “What were we fighting about?” 
  “I don’t remember.”
  “Then we should stop.”
  “We should.”
  At an unspoken signal, they both lowered their wands and another battle began as lips clashed and hands tore at clothes…

Another quick Tomarry drawing. Pencil and white colour pencil on a coloured paper.


Wandless Magic

For Anon who wanted: “Would you be willing to draw Tom teaching Harry how to perform wandless magic? Set during Harry’s time maybe?”

Time is a bit ambigous, but it’s still Tom teaching Harry about wandless magic, as follows:

“Do you know why so many parselmouths have been Dark Lords?” asked Tom.

“No,” said Harry. “I suppose because they’re supposed to be evil.”

Tom made a small sound, like a snort. “Hardly. That’s what they want you to think. They were powerful. They had the power to change the world. They knew they had the power and they grasped it.”


“Serpensortia lumen,” said Tom. It took Harry a moment to realize that Tom had spoken in parseltongue. He still had trouble telling it apart from English.

Over Tom’s hand, Tom’s empty, wandless hand, a glowing snake floated.
“Wandless magic is a lot easier when normal spells are spoken in parseltongue. Now it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” Harry repeated, not as excited by the prospect as Tom seemed to assume.

“Yes, your turn.”

Harry, of course, couldn’t resist the challenge.

Yessss, draw Tom and Harry… Draw them with snakessssss pleasssse <3

I hope you like this anon.

Tom and Harry and a couple of snakes. Took me a couple of hours to do. I think I started as soon as I saw your ask.

Sketched by hand, coloured in photoshop


Harry was fighting sleep. He wanted to enjoy the moment, the quiet moment with Tom when it was just the two of them.

For pulsatingcreature who wanted “(domestic tomarry)” and anon who wanted “A domestic scene of Tom sitting on a sofa reading and Harry laying down with his head in his lap”

Anon, do you know legilimency? When I was thinking what to draw for pulsatingcreature Harry with his head in Tom’s lap as Tom reads a book was exactly what I was planning.

First time in a long while that I drew something without a referense, just drawing (I don’t count doodling in my note books) Additonally I drew it with art supplies that frustrated me to no end, they’re cheap and at least fifteen years old - water colours and colour pens from when I was a child. Still I think it turned out alright.