I was tagged by the lovely @dictacontrion and @bixgirl1 to post the first lines of my published fics and wips, up to 20. (I’m only going to do published drarry fics to keep it consistent with this blog.) Thanks for the tag! :D

It wasn’t like he meant to go and fucking fall in love with Potter. One Big Misunderstanding

Draco closed his eyes and counted slowly to ten, willing himself to have the guts to make the request while he still had the chance. Let’s Find a Way

“Potter, I need you to be my friend.” Forgiving an Enemy

Harry stared at the crisp white card on the table. Bound to You

Harry stared morosely at the portrait. A Place to Hide (do I detect a pattern here…?)

Draco doesn’t come to this club often. Misguided at Best

“Harry, it will be good for you – trust me.” White Sheets in the Morning Sun

Draco tore away the brown paper packaging carefully, discarding it on his bedsheets. What I’m Missing

Draco Malfoy, senior biologist on the current expedition despite his mere twenty two years, was pissed off. King of the Jungle

The sound of the crowd had faded, and Harry could swear the tiny fluttering of the snitch’s wings was as loud as a bird soaring past. Praise Me

It was at a ministry function, same as all the others, that Harry Potter saw Draco Malfoy for the first time since Hogwarts. It Goes Like This

Harry tilted back in his chair, eyes roaming across the ceiling in a futile attempt at finding a distraction. New Spells

Harry glared at Hermione as she pulled him through the entrance to the Slytherin common room. Games Night

“Too what for his what?” Dark Wizards, Dark Wizards Everywhere

The sound of someone clearing their throat made Harry look up. Who I Really Am

“You bloody what?” Incongruent

“I can’t do this anymore.” Protection

(Bonus WIP (original novel): I was twelve years old when my Uncle Ben returned from the dead.)

I was curious on any patterns that might emerge in this… There’s not one prominent pattern I can see, but there are:
9/17 Character action openings
5/17 Dialogue openings (no tags)
2/17 Sound openings (followed by character action)
1/17 Aggressive musing

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Cover art for my last Quidditch League story. We Wasps made the Final. I couldn’t be prouder of the effort all of us has put into this over the last year.

Some of my team-mates think that this is the best story I’ve written in the competition. If a bittersweet story about Harry’s life with the Dursleys is your thing, you might like it too.

Read it here: — or — Archive of Our Own

Imagine that Dumbledore had wanted to humanise Tom rather than vilify him and had showed Harry the awe reflected in Tom’s face the first time he saw Hogwarts, when he in the boat across the lake knew that no one was looking and he could afford to express what he felt.

- drawn inside the packaging of a chocolate bar, because although I have piles of nice paper, I tend to scribble on what’s closest to me


Tom planted roses in his time, protecting them with spells so that they would endure, so that years into the future Harry would see them in his and not forgett - a sign left beind.

For the Tomarry Bigbang and the fanfic The Three Roses by partofforever

Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper