Kefalion | FanFiction

Kefalion is a fanfiction author that has written 17 stories for Harry Potter, Merlin, Avengers, Supernatural, Twilight, Mass Effect, Big Bang Theory, Ironman, Sherlock, Captain America, and Lord of the Rings.

This is where I spend too much of my time, yet I can’t seem to regret it. I’ve loved to write for a long time and I suppose you could say that I found a home when I discovered fanfiction. I can still remember when it was all new to me. I thought it was so strange. I didn’t understand it. “How can you possibly change in the stories?” I asked myself. And now I can’t see how to do without it.

I needed a new profile image for a few places online and so I took the time to create one, one which I can change the colours of fairly easily and these are the versions I came up with. The purple one is for tumblr.


I think it is appropriate to start off by telling anyone who will read this where the name comes from as it doesn’t have anything to do with the content I will be posting.

It was the summer of 2007. I was 14 (you count my age) and it was at this late time that I began to join internet communities. I had no idea what my username should be. I didn’t want to use my real name in any way or form, so I ended up taking inspiration from the name of a Greek island I’d visited in June that year. It has different spellings, but the one I was familiar with was Kefalonia. 

I know the name ends on lion, as in the African animal featured in Disney’s the Lion King, but as I’m not English and read my first full book in English at the age 15 it did not occur to me at the time. When I think of the name I pronounce it following the Swedish standard.

If I am to write it using English standard it might come out something like this: Kee-fa-liii-on