it weird to even think of “talking” to someone else . though we’re not together , “talking” or even friends atm . i can’t wrap my mind to liking someone else because i can’t nor do i want to
why can’t i just let it go . shit you have
Working In Rebel Building

They have got themselves a new recruit for sports department .None other than Darren cooney ,son of Paul cooney . These cunts don’t care about how obvious it looks now .My source tells me that certain guys like Guidi and Keevens were given ultimatums about working for either Snyde or the newspaper .They both chose Snyde .Ralston has been moved sideways to the food and restaurant gig ala Tom Cowans old job.The Sports dept are now so top heavy towards one club ,he struggles to even name a guy with Rangers allegiance ..More courageous journalism coming our way me thinks ? NOT
( Source: Rangers Media FORUM )