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One last thank you to those who’ve made this amazing.

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Any everlark threesomes?


Burning Alive - dovingbird

Let Me Fly - FanficAllergy & RoseFyre

Release - rosetyler_i

Better Together - Alexabee

Surviving Death - fnurfnur

We All Fall Down - adiopsys

Underneath the Waterfall - Miya_Morana

Some Say the World - favoriterecord

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Falafel_Waffel

Purpose Served - kismet4891

One Shot of Nightlock - Keeta-Everlark

Hunger in District 12 -

Three’s a Crowd - prodigy X19


Knots - atetheredmind

For the Liquid Measure of Your Steps - forallthewords

Speeds We Can Run At - zee


All the Lies We Bought - Jai


Perfectly Fine - lollercakes

Lines of Demarcation - Ameila_Day


Rough Day - dubliner

Make a Wish - Belladonnablush


The Executive Agreement - lulubee1234

An Anniversary to Remember - glintwarsgreatest


Delly’s Memorable Visit - everdayescapeartist

Three’s Company - streetlightlove (written for FFF, so beware of the nsfw gif if you click on this)


I Kissed a Girl - Lbug84


With a Little Help From My Friends - maktub

And this series is polyandry rather than threesomes, but I thought I’d include it anyway:

The Gluwein series - LBug84 & MockingJayFlyingFree (Katniss/Peeta/Annie/Finnick)