kees it

Shadow: Yeah! I’m done with school!
Warrior: Awesome
Mist: Now we’re all free!
Shadow: But first…a moment of silence for our absent comrade…
Kee: Guys1 Help me! Please!


Shadow’s way more excited to get out of school considering he’ll be working at the same place. No stress for him, ya lucky bastard

But yes, I’m always the last out for summer. Thank you Trimesters. It’s not going to be too long. My last week is next week but it doesn’t feel like it since all I"m concentrating on his the last five or so projects that are due before the end of the class. It’s gonna be a hectic time. Y'all out there who’s already done with school are lucky!


If any of you were curious about how I do interiors from start to finish. This one fought me the entire time =D