keeree's rambling

So like Snapchat has this new thing where you can search up other people’s snaps. So I typed in an art school (not mine) and somebody was on a toilet, like actually going.

So…be careful what you post??? I Just started to use Snapchat more so idk how these things work? I don’t think this person would want other ppl seeing a snap of them going to the bathroom????

Let me tell you about ants man o man I rather ants burn in hell than spiders.

Just now, after finally leaving my room when my slob of a dad went to bed, the kitchen is a mess. He just left whatever he used to make his dinner everywhere as usual. There was a folded tin foil on the counter. That’s probably what he used to bring home some food.
There was an ant on it, so I squished it and holy shit. I didn’t SEE it, but I heard a bunch like A BUNCH of tiny scurrying feet of ants running around inside the foil LIKE SHIT I QUICKLY WRAPPED THE FOIL UP INTO A BALL AND THREW OUT IN THE OUTSIDE GARBAGE BIN.

And if you think that’s it HUH. NAH.
I see…MORE ANTS!!! Near the SUGAR CONTAINERS. I OPENED IT. ANTS RAN AROUND IN THE SUGAR. I moved the other containers, BAM. ANTS. Of course I screamed as I squished them with all my might. Don’t worry dad, I’m screaming because I want to, don’t come down and check up on me or anything.

After cleaning up the damn corpses of ants, I wanted to warm up some food (yes I some what still had an appetite). And there was a whole plate of meat loaf that my dad left there like the microwave is a fucking refrigerator. Are you TRYING to invite more ants you fucking fuck.

It’s like that one time where I was gonna take a bite of an apple but I stopped myself cuz there was a hole in it.
So thankfully, I used a giant knife to cut it in half and ANTS SPEWED OUT, RUNNING IN EVERY DIRECTION. I also screamed and slammed the giant knife on them.

Yeah I wanna go back to school.