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This episode changed everything. Everything. This is the episode that proves all the people who claimed that Bellarke was and would always be platonic wrong. Why? Because it showed us how much Bellamy loves Clarke. He loves her so much that he’s willing to risk his life over and over again to save her. He constantly proves how much he loves her. He doesn’t have to say it. The way his eyes widened every time her name was mentioned did. The way Kane and Monty looked at him every time Clarke was brought up did. The way he almost froze when he saw her hand, in the cave, did. The way he ran to her and smiled when his eyes finally met hers did. The way his fingers gently touched her hair and cheekbone when he fell on his knees in front of her did. The way he wanted to keep looking for her even if he was severely injured did. The way he keept repeating that he can’t lose her, not this time did. This is love. The purest type of love. And if you think this feeling is one-sided, you’re wrong. Yes, Clarke doesn’t exactly love Bellamy yet, but she was only willing to surrender when his life was at risk. When Roan had a sward pointed at his neck. She was willing to risk her life in order to save his, just like he did. It might not be love yet, but once again Clarke proved how much she relies on him. How much Bellamy means to her. The thought of him being dead literally destroyed her, you can see it in her eyes when she looks at him, when she begs for his life. And this is enough for me. As long as they’re both alive, they’ll find their way back to each other. Always. Because Bellamy can’t lose Clarke, and Clarke can’t lose Bellamy.

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Concept: Sense8/Star Wars crossover, except it's only Sense3, Rey/Finn/Poe

look. look. look.

fuck off

I MEAN I’M SO INTO THIS EXCEPT NOT BECAUSE I LOVE HOW REY AND FINN, LIKE, MEET? like i love that their connection is not Fated or Automatic or Force-Happening, it is just two people who meet and then. fall in love. and laugh a lot and admire each other ENORMOUSLY and it doesn’t have anything to do with, like, magic or forces beyond their control. so many things in their lives are out of their control but how they feel about each other is 100% just. a thing that they choose.

and same with finn/poe obvs! so i’m like Oh No, how would sensate au work with me wanting to keept hat dynamic.

anD i think ultimately? maybe we could have the sense8things happening after they actually meet, except poe and rey have not met, and

no. okay. i got it. i got a thought. the thought is that it’s actually sense2, which makes sense because rey and finn are both force-sensitive at least if not force-users, but also IN LOVE WITH POE who is there as an Ally, u know. and rey and finn start sensing each other across the GALAXY, but also poe is like “finn we gotta escape!” and rey is like I’M A PILOT LET ME SHOOT THESE BAD GUYS and they Do and poe falls in love with finn cos he is SO BRAVE FOR ESCAPING and then rey cos she is SO GOOD AT SHOOTING PEOPLE and finn is like oh no, oh no, i’m gay for both of these people.

i think. it’d be awesome. for poe to have sex with a) rey and finn, but only rey or finn’s body physically present; also b) rey and finn, and both of their bodies physically present, but also sharing sensations.

i think that would be great

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My dear Angie, you are very important to me and you're such a light in my day and I hope you know that I love you so much <33 Thank you so so much for your kindness and for sharing your talents with the community!


This means a lot to me, I love you so much too <3

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I... am a mess, please ignore that freak out I'm so glad I didn't offend! Um are you particularly into Latin names? Wikipedia and sparknotes have character lists for lots of Greek and Roman plays so that might be helpful?

pup!!! do not worry i promis it is ok!!

nd… i dont rlly know ?? im looking for like… names relating to stars and stuff

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The MHA YouTube channel is the most important YouTube channel on the internet. I hope you guys know that you're changing and saving lives! Big hugs for Roshi in particular because her videos have keept me going on many a hard night and she's basically the reason I'm alive at this point. You guys rule xoxoxoxox

Hi babe,

I showed Roshi the message and she said ‘ I’m so proud of them for keeping going and they are genuinely so wonderful. I’m so happy that they are still going and I think they are doing so amazingly. sticking around is tough and they are. So fab to have come so far. It gets better cutie <3′

Thank you for this lovely message, it makes our days!

Lauren x

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How is it possible to live when there is nothing to live for?

Life isnt always good. If you learn how to live with it you will be happy. Life brings people down all the time. Theres no need to give up because the darker life gets the easier it is to find light. Sure, some might not be that bright to begin with and some might be fake. But giving up is never the anwser.

For whats it worth i have wanted to give up for quite some time but there have always been something i stayed for. And if youre still alive you must have found something that keept you alive so far. No mather how small or big it is. It might be to make someone else happy, to obsesse over something or just to see where life gets. But if you stick around i promise that it will get better, if not then i will always be here to listen and to care and hope that i can make a difference.

The point is that life is dark for everyone. It might be darker for some people then others. But it gives life experience. Things get better. Personally i hate when people says that, but theres nothing more true to life. One day you will be happy that you didnt give up. Same for alot of people you meet, even if they dont know, they will be happy that you sticked around.

Im sorry that this post became a little more about suicide. But life sucks and so do we all. Theres not even one person on this earth that havent felt sadness. Just send a message to me if you feel like you want a friend. And that goes to anyone reading this.

Youre the best person you could ever be.

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I won't fight u but I'll still safely attest my statement from back here

I will spray u with a hose if you keept trying to be nice. Just to prove how mean I am.

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"Bucky Barnes died. You aren't him, the hero everyone sees." (///angst is love, angst is life)

break bucky || accepting || @violonxiste

how many times has bucky said the words to himself? how many times has in been since he was alone, screaming the words to himself over and over again as the tears just came? there wasn’t any denying who or what he was. god knows no one else was going to let him forget it. but the words hurt coming from someone else. he licked his lips nervously as he keept his eyes on his hands that were clasped in front of him.

❝ he’s stil - he’s still in me somewhere, ❞ he tried but even he didn’t believe his won words. he shook his head, shutting his eyes. ❝ i’m sorry. i’m sorry for everything i’ve done. but i’m not like that anymore. ❞

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sammi x brayson

who’s the cuddler: It switches, depends, but usually Brayson

who makes the bed: Sammi, Brayson is a slob, he doesn’t pick up his own underwear

who wakes up first: Both, they take the kids to school then go to work since they work together

who has the weird taste in music: Brayson…the boys sings Britney Spears for crying ou tloud

who is more protective: Brayson

who sings in the shower: Sammi

who cries during movies: Brayson, cause he’s a pansy

who spends the most while out shopping: Brayson, he’s a show off

who kisses more roughly: Brayson he’s a horndog

who is more dominate: Brayson can’t keept it in his pants

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 20000000

MELITOPOL, UKRAINE: Smoke billows above Melitopol, a small town in southeastern Ukraine, 07 May 2004. About 4,5 thousands carriages of ammunitions which were keept in the depot, blasted as a result of powerful explosions 06 May on the base near Novobogdanovka village, not far from Melitopol. 12 villages within a 10 kilometer (six mile) radius had been evacuated. At least five people were killed and nine reported injured. AFP PHOTO/ Sergei SUPINSKY (Photo credit should read SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)