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Twelve O’Clock High and Letter Never Sent: Rian Johnson’s inspiration for Star Wars VIII? And one more look into a mystery box

We’ve heard very little from Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson about his approach to the creation of the next installment of the saga, but back in August 2014 he did talk with the Filmspotting podcast about two films he and the Episode VIII creative team had screened in thinking about the next episode; Twelve O’Clock High, and Letter Never Sent.  In listening to Johnson’s comments in the podcast, it’s hard to tell how much significance to place on these titles as any kind of inspiration for VIII (maybe they were just the movies he’d seen most recently – he tells us the creative team had been watching movies together every night) but since we’ve got nothing but time on our hands until December of 2017, I wanted to take a look at these two films to see if they offer any clues about the direction we might see the story take in VIII.  

This essay is speculative.  I’ll be interested to see if any of this is borne out in the next installment of the saga. I should also say – this essay contains spoilers for Bloodline and Lost Stars, and is completely spoilery for the two old movies I’m talking about, so consider yourself warned.

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Vanitas keepsake box

This is the first prototype in a series of vanitas/memento mori keepsake boxes I plan to produce. As you can see, I have not yet attached the latch and hinges (I need to order those.) The inside of each box will be lined in china silk (available in a variety of colors.) I think I’ll do stains in pink, gray, blue, green, and purple. Pretty sure I’ll do a few different sizes and motifs, then move on to more advanced relief boxes…likely even a cultist E.O.D. reliquary!

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