keepsake photography


Delivered @lauren.arlene@madisunallen’s wedding to them this week that I shot with @creative_creature 🙌

I’m so excited to start giving my brides and grooms these stunning keepsake boxes from @makeandstow with @artifactuprisingprints wrapped in the crazy beautiful @froufrouchic ribbon. It’s so pretty I can’t even deal 😍

An enormous thank you to one of the best artists I know @ashleylkesler for hand lettering Lauren & Madison’s vows for them to display in their new home. 👏

Well I have had a bad case of radio silence lately, but I have been getting ready for the wedding season and it has also given me the chance to to work on a few of my images from overseas (some of the 4163). I promise I won’t be silent for a while!

Barranco District, Lima, Peru. Barranco was my favorite place in Lima, so beautiful, great food, amazing culture and the perfect place to just shoot away and create some great images.