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[ShanceFluff2017] of binary stars

**For @shancefluffweek !! | Day One - Black/Blue (featuring Altean!Lance and Galra!Shiro) **

**Sequel to ‘Of Juniberries and Noon Lilies’ **

**AO3 Links: Of Juniberries and Noon Lilies / of binary stars **


Do you really want to marry me?

Like an ocean tide ebbing from the shore, Shiron is drawn from his most secret thoughts, though still somewhat clouded with the reality that the day will come that he will lose his father. It’s a loaded question, a significant query to push through the muddle, to discover if, genuinely, the first time Shiron saw Lance from the scope of his rifle, the Galran imagined bouquets of flowers and a white veil instead of assassination.

Chuckling warmly, the sound vibrating in his throat, Shiron returns a question with his own, “will the moons rise in the Altean sky?”

“Of course they would, fluffy dumbass.

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