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The Voidfish was just a child and it lived in Lucretia’s room. She painted it things to eat and hummed it songs to make it go to sleep late at night and wrote with it sitting on her head draping tentacles all down her back when it was jittery and didn’t want to stay in its tank. Sometimes she would draw it pictures of the cave it lived in before, of the bigger Voidfish, and that seemed to make it happy and sad all at once. It tried to drip water on her books and played with her clothes and keepsakes and hid underneath her laundry basket until she gave in and “found” it and played ducks with it. For years and years and years the Voidfish was there even when she retreated from the rest of the crew, it was there when she went to sleep at night and when she woke up. She watch it grow up and get big and strong, tracked every stage of its growth in her journals until it was even bigger than she was and no longer quite as rambunctious. It must have loved her so much. She must have loved it. 

welcome to riverdale; the core four


PROMPT; all hands are on deck when a new girl comes to town, especially when she’s got a secret that’ll either solve the case of jason blossom’s murder or change the course of it completely.

PAIRINGS/CHARACTERS; no pairing; jughead jones, betty cooper, veronica lodge, kevin keller, archie andrews, and mentions of the blossom family.

AUTHOR’S NOTE; hey guys c: this is my first imagine on riverdale and on this account, so some critiques and such are welcomed! also, i’m sorry if the end seems kind of rushed. i wanted to get this up asap.

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Welcome to Riverdale, the town with pep!

Packed bags, a loaded truck with all your belongings and a dog in the seat next to you was all you had. Everything you couldn’t carry on your body was poorly packed into several bags, which were all shoved in the bed of your truck and on the floor of the passenger seat.

Fresh start. New beginnings. The usual.

An old house down the street of Riverdale Highschool was where you were going to call home for a while, until you got enough money to actually buy a house and not squat at foreclosed ones.

Your bags were scattered around the living room, labeled with plastic tags; clothes, keepsakes and a designated one for plastic plates and basic cutlery. You had all you needed. Nothing more, nothing less. That was how you lived, with what you had and what you needed.

But sometimes what you had wasn’t enough, and tonight was a perfect example.

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Nightwing/Dick Grayson x Reader 

Word Count: 3079 


When you walked into your shared apartment, something felt off. You didn’t know what it was but your gut told you something was wrong. Very wrong.

“Babe?” you called out to your boyfriend, only to be met with silence which was odd considering you could see that he left his favorite shoes by the door.

Nonetheless, you shrugged off your coat and tossed your bag onto the couch before heading down the hall to the room that you both shared.


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Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader


TW: Divorce, infidelity

Word Count: 1054


You were furious. You couldn’t believe this.

You couldn’t believe him!

You were currently packing your things, grabbing anything you could lay your hands on and shoving it into your trunk. Clothing, keepsakes, anything and everything near enough that mattered. Your wedding ring now sat on the nightstand, however. You were angrily pushing and pulling and shoving, until your hand came to rest on what you’d discarded on the bed to start this madness in the first place. Your well oiled machine of rage came to a screeching halt.

The Reynolds Pamphlet.

The pamphlet your husband published, attempting to prove his innocence.

Innocence, ha, don’t make you laugh.

You could deal with him being busy. With him not sleeping, and getting frustrated when you tried to pull him to bed with you. You could deal with the days on end where he never came out of his office. But this was too far. This was crossing a line that you hadn’t thought even needed articulating.

He’d cheated on you.

In your own bed.

For two years.

This was the last straw. You finished shoving your worldly belongings into the heavy leather trunk, one that you hadn’t touched since the trip you’d taken…you wished you never had. Maybe then he wouldn’t have felt ‘tempted.’ Nevertheless, you hauled the trunk off of the bed with a grunt, deciding that whatever you hadn’t grabbed could be sent for at a later date. By someone that wasn’t you. You carriage would be here any second now…

You paused as you passed the vanity by the door, noting your tear streaked face, only made work in rage. Your puffy eyes, and messy hair, your disheveled clothing…anyone else would have thought you a mad person, had the situation been different…

You started hurrying down the stairs before anything or anyone could stop you now. You could go to your father’s. He’d told you he’d never trusted Alexander…perhaps he’d been right to. Maybe you never should have either. But you could stay with him until the brunt of this was over, when your name was not plastered in every newspaper as ‘Alexander’s spouse, whom he was disloyal to.’ And after that, you could divorce him. Quietly, and out of the public eye. You were sure Aaron Burr would be more than happy to take your case.

This was the limit of what you could take. You’d just put your trunk down in the foyer when the door slammed against the opposite wall, the glass in the front shaking in such a way it looked like it might crack. But it didn’t.

“(Y/N)!” Alexander came racing in, looking more out of sorts than usual. “(Y/N), I’m sorry, please I need-” He stopped as he saw your trunk, quite obviously packed, sitting beside your knee. He knew what this meant, but he shook his head as though if he just blinked and looked again it would be there, and you would be staying. “Where are you going? (Y/N), please, I’m sorry, please don’t do this!”

Alexander wasn’t one for tears. He’d said he’d used them all a very long time ago. He’d used them all when he lost countless family member in the Hurricane. Used them all when his father left. Used them all when his mother died, and his cousin too. But in this moment you realized how untrue all of that was.

Tears. Fat, grieving tears were rolling down his cheeks, his eyes looking betrayed and hurt and…you weren’t quite sure what else…hopeful? Perhaps he really believed that his silver tongue could get you to stay. That was a fallacy.

“I’m leaving, Alexander.” He made a noise of pain, somewhere between a ‘No’ and a ‘Don’t.’ “These past few months…I haven’t been happy, but I realized how busy you were…but now…this has gone too far. I have suffered enough. I’m going back to live with my father…and in the Spring, I’m going to ask for Burr to…to divorce us.” Oh no, now you were crying. You wiped at your eyes, but kept your stance. You wouldn’t bend to his will. Not this time.

He fell to his knees in front of you, and you realized how you’d never seen him this weak before. This vulnerable, this…helpless.

Funny. His silver tongue was tied in a knot, and ironically, he was doing the action he’d described Maria doing. Begging for you to stay with him. But you were stronger than he was. He begged you to stay, while you looked out the window and spotted your carriage arriving. You grabbed onto your trunk, and began making your leave, when he put a hand on your trunk, trying to stop you from leaving just yet. He couldn’t speak anymore. His mouth opened and closed with so many words and thoughts he couldn’t choose just one. All he knew was he needed you to stay. You could have so easily just pulled it from his grip, but instead, you stopped, for only a moment.

The hopeful look in his eyes as you turned back to him felt cruel on your part. You gave that hope to him, and here you were, about to shatter it again. You took a breath, and lifted him to his feet. It wasn’t that hard, really, with all the weight he’d lost…

And you pressed your lips to his. It wasn’t a deep, or loving kiss. It was a goodbye. His arms moved to wrap around you, but you pulled from them before he got the chance.

“Goodbye, Alexander…my wedding band is on your nightside table…I’ll get in touch with Mr. Burr shortly.” Your voice, despite your efforts to sound strong and stoic, wavered and broke. Alexander slumped back to his knees as you took your trunk, and headed for the door he’d left ajar.

You closed it firmly behind you, glancing back as a crack spliced it’s way across the pane.


You loaded your things into the carriage, and you were helped in. You kept an air of dignity about you…at least until your home was out of sight. Then, and only then did you let yourself break in two.

You’d never stop loving Alexander. But necessity called that you must.


Hoo talk about an anthem for a divorce. All of this just…really flowed, honestly.

Love, Rosalie

#330: 'Go On, Take On This Whole World'

How Long Will I Love You: Go On, Take On This Whole World-One Shot #330 

+past one shots

No visuals in this one. 


My Little Girl- Tim McGraw (SoMo also does a BEAUTIFUL cover of this song). This so is SO, SO, Harry and Darcy.  

Let Her Go- Passenger

George knuckled his wet eyes and traipsed down the hall towards his sister’s bedroom. His eyes felt heavy and stung both from crying into his pillow and not being able to sleep. He’d been tossing and turning under his covers since he crawled into bed and now he just couldn’t sleep. So, like almost every time he found himself awake in the middle of the night with a head full of thoughts he couldn’t clear, or after a bad dream, he slipped out of his own bed and stumbled down the hall to crawl in beside his big sister.

She was always warm and always smelled nice and her shoulder was a nice pillow. But tonight, George couldn’t sleep for another reason entirely. He couldn’t sleep tonight because come tomorrow (or later today) when he couldn’t sleep or needed her, she wouldn’t be just down the hall anymore. 

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Roll To Me

AN: Ah, a little oneshot for the dearest blazexkeys as a belated birthday present.  :3  I hope this will do… a little short, but I hope you like it in any case.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Summary: Lucy thinks it’s insane enough that she ran away from her wedding, but she’s in for a whole new ride of crazy when she meets the cute getaway cab driver.  Based on the song “Roll To Me” by Del Amitri.  Nalu AU Oneshot.  (Found also here)

Look around your world, pretty baby

Is it everything you’d hoped it’d be?

The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me

Roll to me

Lucy Heartfilia figured that on one’s wedding day, one should be looking in the mirror at their wedding dress with absolute joy, dreaming ahead to the countless days in the future to be spent with the love of their life represented by the pure white of her perfect dress.

A big indicator that this was probably her doom was the fact that she rather felt like throwing up all over the damned thing.

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My husband and I are going to be putting up our house for sale this week which meant I needed to deal with all of the above. And it’s done. It took four 20/10s but it’s done. I found a whole load of eye glasses to donate as well as cleaned out a drawer to put jewelry and hair ties in. The boxes at the end of the bed are summer clothes and keepsakes and will be put into storage right away too. I’m so happy that it’s done, it’s amazing how one clean surface can change how a room feels.