keeps you warm

*as soon as the weather gets chilly*

Ravenclaw: Ah yes, time to break out the sock collection!

Gryffindor: Hold up, you have a sock collection?

You aren’t here and I need you. I really need you to come and just hold me and not ask me what’s wrong because it doesn’t even matter. I just want you to hold me and keep me warm and safe. I just want you to be here.


Yuuri sneezed. Feathers poofed up all around him.

The floor was littered with them. A carpet of molted plumage. The siren sat at the center of their bed. Pillows and blankets were bundled around his waist, a makeshift nest of bedding.

Feathers bloomed off all his markings. His arms, his legs, from around his ears. His wings were not their usual sleek and graceful black. Instead, feathers stuck out at every which angle, falling out in patches.

“How’s my scruffy lovebird?” Victor entered the cabin, carrying a tray of fruits. He chuckled as a few more feathers flinted off Yuuri when he glanced over, and waded through the fluff coating the floor.

The siren scrunched his nose, nestling himself down further into the bed.

Victor set the tray aside, placing a cup into Yuuri’s hands. “Chris heated up some wine for you, said it might help keep you warm.”

Yuuri lifted it to his lips, taking a deep drink before freezing and sneezing straight into the cup. Wine speckled his cheeks, glistening off his lips, and the tip of his irritated red nose. He gazed over the rim of the cup through heavy lashes at Victor, eyes pleading for relief.

Laughing, Victor took the cup from Yuuri. He wiped Yuuri’s cheeks clean and kissed a droplet off his nose. “You’re extremely floofy.”

Yuuri glared, ruffling his wings in displeasure at the teasing remark. It resulted in a waterfall of feathers cascading off him, adding to the piles littering the bed and floor. Yuuri sneezed again and the shed feathers exploded up into the air, showering back down around them.

“Are you allergic to yourself?” Victor asked, picking puffs of down off Yuuri’s shoulders and from around them.

I don’t usually molt inside. Yuuri traced onto Victor’s thigh, sniffling. And not this much.

“Why is this time different?” Victor swept the rest of the feathers off the bed and took Yuuri’s hands. He removed feathers that were loose, doing the same with Yuuri’s feet, kissing his ankle. Once finished there, he shifted to sit behind Yuuri. 

Carefully, Victor walked his fingers through Yuuri’s feathers, grooming his wings of the molted ones. He could feel Yuuri relax under his touch, his cute little sneezes settling. Victor took his time, gentle as he sorted through. Yuuri hummed in delight, rustling his wings when no more feathers fell off them.

“Yuuri…” Victor frowned, leaning in to examine Yuuri’s wings. From underneath the molting feathers, he glimpsed the tips of new ones peeking out. “You’re not black…” Instead of jet black, the baby feathers shone of midnight blue.

Yuuri glanced over his shoulder, folding in his wings. I… I change colors during a certain time of year.

“Oh? When’s that?” Victor asked curiously.

Rather than write words, Yuuri leaned in, pressing his lips against Victor’s ear. “Mating season.”

rainy day aesthetic asks

the outdoors

overcast: do you think you’re an overachiever? what do you your friends think?
clouds: is there anything someone has ever said to instantly make you sad?
gray skies: what calms you down?
thunderstorm: how do you prefer to resolve tension in your life?
wind chill: what makes you feel cold inside?
droplets: to you, is physical closeness more or less important than frequent communication?
puddle: what is your emotional outlet? why?
morning fog: do you prefer waking up early or sleeping in? 
drizzle: what is something you would like to know more about / explore?

the indoors

fairy lights: what makes your eyes light up?
coffee shop: where is your favorite place to be?
windowpane: what music do you listen to the most?
teabag: do you prefer tea or coffee? how do you take it?
candlelight: what is your favorite scent? why?
throw pillows: what is your favorite type of relationship? do you have one like that?
cozy: have you ever been in love? describe the feeling.
bustle: do you enjoy being busy? why or why not?
succulents: do you like taking care or things, people, and animals? which one do you enjoy the most/least? why?
chatter: what are your favorite things to talk about? with whom? why?

your body

baggy sweater: what keeps you warm? 
daze: do you meditate? why or why not?
damp: do you cry often? what makes you cry?
umbrella: what makes you feel safe?
gleam: what makes you feel the best about yourself?
yawn: who takes care of you when you’re sick? who do you take care of when they’re sick? 
hum: besides music, what is your favorite sound?
brush: do you enjoy having your hair played with? what about massages?
fuzzy socks: do you prefer warm or cold weather? why?
gloves: do you like working with your hands? why/how?

movies [ steve x reader ]

premise: (name) is dustin’s sister and they decide to watch movies all night. what (name) doesn’t know is that dustin invited steve, too

a/n: this was supposed to be shorter, like to paragraphs short, but…
also, requested by:  Hey I loved your Steve x Reader where reader is Dustin’s sister’s fic. Can you do more of it please? ( @queeeenofscots​ ) / can you plz do more dustinssister!reader x steve imagines??? thanks ily <3 (anon)

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A family night. Well, more of a sibling night. Mom is out of town with a couple of friends of hers (Mews death had really taken a toll on her). You and Dustin are left to your own devices, which means movie marathons and junk food all night. Falling asleep is also a no go because you swore to draw on his face with a sharpie if he even closed his eyes for a second. The same goes for you, of course. Granted, for being seventeen you sure can be childish sometimes. But you can’t really blame yourself for that, or wanting to spend more time with your brother. The two of you had always been close, but you drifted away when you grew into a real teen. Naturally the Demogorgon business brought you two together pretty quickly and neither of you intend to lose touch again.

Dustin picks between a few horror movies you had rented earlier that day as you heat up the popcorn, “Hey, (Name), how do you feel about Halloween?” Dustin asks from the couch.

You make a face, “Not good.”

“Perfect. We’re watching this one.”

You surpass the urge to roll your eyes and you grin and take the KFC you ordered out of those meek paper bags. As you turn off the lights in the kitchen, with one hand holding plates and the other grasping a big bottle of soda, you move into the living room as Dustin sets up the movie, “Just try not to scream.” Dustin says, fiddling with the VCR.

“Pretty sure you’ll be the one that’s screaming.”

The doorbell rings and makes a shiver shoot up your spine.  Instinctively you look at the looming front entrance and the dark night pooling behind it. You glance at Dustin but he doesn’t even look your way, mumbling something about ‘Stupid fucking movie why don’t you work?!’ so you set down the food and slowly make your way to the door. Right, maybe turning off all of the lamps so only the TV screen lights up the room with its ghostly bleak light and that weird scratching noise wasn’t the best idea. But it’s not like a Demo-dog can ring a doorbell, right?…Right?

Scolding yourself for being paranoid, you swiftly unlock the door and with a deep breath open it fully. The cool air pinches your cheeks red as you meet eyes with deep brown ones. Something clicks in your mind and you can’t help but grin at the visitor, recalling all those moments he had pulled you away from the mission just to talk or be close to you. Steve Harrington stands on your porch with a lazy smile on his lips and his hands shoved into his pockets. You make a mental note to thank Dustin later, because you sure as hell didn’t invite your crush over.

“…I was told there will be KFC.” Steve states.

“Who gave away this information?” You wonder, stepping aside to let him in. With a light shrug he enters and beelines for the couch.

“Hey, Dustin!—And I never reveal my sources, (Name).”

Soon you all squeezed on the small couch. Dustin in one end, you in the middle, and Steve in the other. After fighting over the popcorn and the abundance of puns Steve kept saying, a hush fell over your small group as the movie started. You were immediately sucked in and a bit terrified. You never could handle scary movies. And now that you literally had the opportunity to live out a real life scary movie with the Demo-dog business, you still find scary movies, well, scary. You pull the warm blanket closer to your lips as you are ready to hide behind it at any given moment.

Steve notices your terrified expression, and on a different occasion he wouldn’t find it as cute as he does now. You lean into him a bit when Michael Myers shows up. Something swells in his chest, something light and fuzzy and he can’t help but smile a little. For a full minute he ponders should he do the old ’yawn-put-my-hand-around-her-shoulders’ shtick. He conducts that would be pretty stupid and awkward so he just pretends to shift in his seat and drapes his arm over your shoulders anyway. You look at him. He pretends that nothing happened and gives you a playful glance.

Half-way through the movie you grew comfortable enough to rest your head on his chest. Steve’s fingers played patters on your skin, played with your hair almost subconsciously, but his eyes never once left the screen. When the clock struck 1 o’clock and the screen cut to black – the movie was finally over and you can take a breather, - you and Steve had to surpass a laugh at Dustin’s snoring. In hushed murmurs the two of you moved and Steve took up the job of picking Dustin up and bringing him to his room. With the blanket wrapped around your shoulders you waited him to return, and honestly, nearly swooned at how domestic he is.

Once he returns he shoves his hands into his pockets and looks around, almost as if trying to think of an excuse to stay. In lazy steps he approaches you and you have to bite down a smile, “I should…probably go now.” He says slowly, testing the waters. You flick your brows upwards.

“You sure?” You ask, “There are two more movies left.”

“You know, I always considered myself a patron of the arts so yeah, I say I could stay. With you. T-To watch the movies. If you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t. Trust me, I don’t.”

Steve makes quick work of setting up the VCR as you find a good spot on the couch. You fluff the pillows and can hardly contain the excitements that’s practically radiating from you. Now there’s way more space to move around, but he sits close to you and you throw your blanket on the both of you to keep warm, if that is even needed. Honestly, you just want to share something with him. Be as close as you can possibly be without going overboard with your feelings. You have a small hint that he may feel the same way, but then again, you don’t want to ruin this – whatever this is you have with him – by tuning all mushy and sappy and kissy. Not that turning kissy would be a bad thing, now that you really consider it.

The movie starts in bright flashes and loud sounds and you frown softly. You feel Steve’s arm drape over your shoulders again and you turn your head to him. A kaleidoscope of colors shine on his face – it almost appears mesmerizing – as the thought of the two of you being completely alone finally sinks in. A spark lights up your chest and fuels your whole body with the need to kiss him. Your gaze roams from his eyes to his lips and back, an action he notices and smirks at, as you lean in ever so slightly and asks, “…Patron of the arts? Really?”

“I lied.” He grins, “Sorry.” He murmurs, leaning in and capturing your lips in a long overdue kiss.


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If you’re cold I’ll keep you warm
And besides, there’s so much beauty in a storm
—  La Dispute - Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again

🎃 Hoi! Time to prepare your character for 31 days of suffering™ 🎃 

Okay, since I’m a weak person when it comes to certain types of gore and stuff and no list that I’ve seen on tumblr rubbed me in  the right way, I decided to make my own! Feel free to use my creepy list, I’ll be honoured! >w<

There are some songs references, let’s hope you find them all~

  1. ghosts ‘n stuff
  2. claws / declawed
  3. bruises & bitemarks
  4. you are cold on the inside, there is dog in your heart
  5. monochrome madness
  6. guts & no glory
  7. dark water, go under
  8. being hunted down / traps in the forest
  9. stalker symphony
  10. creeping up / tag you’re it
  11. choking on cigarettes
  12. sticks and stones, break my bones
  13. horror terror /phobia party
  14. take my eyes, take them aside
  15. pretty little psycho / creepy people just my style
  16. mutation duration
  17. i’ve grown tired of this body
  18. dirty night clowns
  19. 02 silencio
  20. numb/ desperately safe
  21. crying blood
  22. beauty killer /violent vanity
  23. forgotten
  24. bugs inside of your body
  25. doppelganger desecration
  26. light em up, i’m on fire
  27. crunch? cronch?? cromnch???
  28. where did the skin go
  29. hanahaki disease
  30. resurrection, let me relive mistakes
  31. monster was me all along / now abandon humanity inside you and run free

You.. actually survived? The Goretober? Feel free do some aftermath, If you want! UvU
You deserve it:

⦁ Come morning light, you are safe and sound
⦁ b.b.b. -bandages, bandaids and blankets
⦁ Sloppy hugs and soft cuddles and pillows and happy tears ;w;
⦁ peaceful sleep (possibly with someone to keep you safe and warm)

Have Fun! 👻


I told myself I would stop doodling these two on my breaks.

I have no self-restraint.

So here’s another small headcanon for you: I imagine that Cole is actually the one who has the hair skills and Mouse usually gives no cares about how messy his own hair is. But because Cole’s always getting dirty, all those showers make his hair reeeaaaally soft and Mouse likes to braid it for him~ @hootsweets

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I was setting myself on fire because I thought I was keeping you warm but now I understand that even the most intense burning passions cannot melt a heart as cold as yours.
—  Things I realized when I thought about what I want to tell you if I ever see you again, part VII