keeps proving him wrong

sirius having a hard time with self-worth, which results in playing hard and fast with his own safety. 

sirius picks fights, sometimes loses on purpose. needlessly endangers himself. sleeps too little. drinks too much.

sirius doing these things fully expecting his best friend to throw in the towel eventually because he’s not worth the trouble. hoping james will sooner rather than later so it hurts less.

outsiders looking in on their relationship wondering why james bothers when sirius is just going to keep screwing up. 

james repeatedly proving sirius wrong. he worries. cleans him up. heals the scrapes and broken bones. tells sirius - sorry, but you’re stuck with me, no matter what you do. 

I actually love Bongki in the show. He’s such a sweet brother. Even though he’s younger, he always has his sister’s back and tries to protect her as much as he can. Their relationship is so sweet. And he’s also just a good person. You can tell he doesn’t feel comfortable with the way Gookdu’s girlfriend keeps flirting with him. I really hope he doesn’t prove me wrong and indulges in cheating. I’d be so disappointed if he does. 



Elliot groaned, “Ugh, fine Daria. I’ll keep my mouth shut. Give him a chance to prove me wrong.”

“It’s all I ask, Eli! Well.. also, I have something else to ask too…”

Elliot stood up, skeptical, “What?”

“Well, Steven wanted to take me out tonight, and I was wondering if you’d mind staying here and babysitting Wes? He’s been missing his uncle Eli, y’know.“

“I guess I can do that,” Elliot said dramatically, a smile playing on his lips, “But only because I haven’t spent quality time with Wes in a while.”

Breathless, pt. 7 (of 7)

Emma and Killian share more than just a heart.

A/N: This is it! Never in a million years did I think a simple one-shot would turn into more than 30,000 words, but here we are. @caprelloidea​, you’re the best friend/beta/head-canon partner anyone could ever wish for. Thanks so much for your help on this. To everyone who read, liked, reblogged, or commented, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sticking with me.

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~4,000 words.

Emma watches as Killian slowly pulls himself back together.

She didn’t think it was possible to be any prouder of him. He keeps proving her wrong.

She helps as best she can, and it doesn’t escape her notice that he finally lets her. He doesn’t hide his nightmares anymore, curling away from her silently or slipping from the bed to suffer in silence downstairs. He reaches for her instead, allowing her to draw him tightly into her arms. Sometimes she holds him until his heartbeat slows and he’s able to drift off once again; others his lips will find hers and he’ll drown in her touch, passion pushing away the nightmares as they find solace in a tangle of limbs and sweat, interlocked fingers and mingling breaths.

She almost always accompanies him when he goes sailing now. She doesn’t tell him he’s being cautious or push him to go out by himself, not after he explained what happened to him that day (he knows there’s a phrase for it now, that panic attacks are a thing and he’s trying to come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t make him weak). He’s always at his best out on the water anyway, and she adores watching him work, light and free and easy as the wind whips through his hair and he squints against the sun.

He puts himself on a schedule, too, to keep himself up and moving and engaged - some days patrolling with Emma, some at the library, some at the docks, and even the occasional friendly sword fight with David in the park (an event that draws a bigger and bigger and crowd each time it happens; the betting pool is getting a little out of hand).

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i REALLY didn’t want to get cristiano into this but this shows the major difference between him and messi, because i’m 110% sure he’s had to put with much more shit than him and with the media of his own country attacking him and his family it’s obviously not easy and it shows how he is so strong mentally because he keeps up with the criticism and keeps proving everyone wrong regardless of him never accomplishing anything big with his nt and this is exactly why i admire him so much and what i aspire to be someday


GUYS My friend texted me saying that 5SOS doesn’t deserve to win the song of the summer award! We need to prove him wrong please keep voting in the name Daniel and Ketchup we need to win!!!!