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the reason why there is no season 9 soundtrack is because murray gold became a dad in 2016 and probably hasn’t had the time to go through 13+ hours of music and cut it down to 3 hours of individual/remixed tracks (which is probably not something he gets paid a lot for, if anything) on top of having to compose/supervising new stuff for the next series and other non doctor who related projects.

This has been a psa.

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hey, i'm rly sorry for the shit you got. i think replying to that post was sorta tactless, but those replies, holy shit. there is prioritizing the suffering of slaves (obvious, understandable) and being absolutely gleeful about the suffering of white women (wtf) like the former group had it significantly worse, but like, intersectionality is a thing? strangely no mention of white men either. idk, i think it's best to ignore/block them. hope u feel better soon.

this is a nice message! thank you!

God tumblr really insn’t rewarding anymore when it comes to posting art. With a few exceptions my stuff never circulates anymore because only like… 10% of the notes are reblogs. I have since quite a while the feeling that most of my followers just like my stuff and so no one new sees it. That reblog thing used to be the perk of tumblr because more people could find your stuff than on other sites. 

I noticed that I really like to post on insta because the audience is much more responsive and the artist community is really, really awesome.


“And I bet you all thought I was joking”

No but actually though.  Do you guys realize how perfectly Cavendish and Dakota fill the role of the Skelebros?  They’ve got the perfect dynamic.  Their personalities and work ethics match up.  Dakota and Sans hide their pain away with bad food and jokes.  Also that time machine in the shed.

And Milo can totally walk through those bars, he’s just too polite.


I was tagged by @discogrohl​ (Thank you 😘) to post a selfie. So have two cheeky snapchat ones ✌️✨

Now I shall tag; @beberequin​, @masterofpuglets​, @themightyhetfield​, @rocket08queen​, @guitargoat​, @thrashgrrl​, @darthvadors

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I love all your kanas but Iago!Kana is my favourite. I just wonder how Corrin and Iago interact even if their married Iago is still kind of well... Iago... Do they kind of get along just for Kana's sake? Sorry if it is a weird ask.

I can’t believe it, I’ve drawn the boy only twice and yet he has a fan. Amazing.

I don’t really know how to answer. This isn’t really a ship I ship and it’s not a pairing I’d really think much about. Not my thing. I drew the Kana cause I got a couple asks but other than that… yeah, not my thing. Sorry about that jahfkjahf

Quick thing but @ white people, someone having poc features isn’t bad. Someone having traits from their parents and grandfathers and family isn’t bad. 

And it sounds like absolute bollocks when you tell poc you thought they weren’t from wherever you’re living because of their ~accent~ if they have been born and raised there. Or have spent 40+ years there so they don’t have an accent anymore. You obviously thought so because of their faces and/or skincolor. You know it, we sure as fuck know it. So either stop assuming or own up to your prejudices my dude.

well my Christmas cake is in the oven

at first I was reading the recipe and was like “Nigella are you sure there’s no baking soda or powder in this?” but as I went on it became increasingly clear that the butter-sugar-eggs-flour-spices element of the recipe was basically just a thick sweet paste to stick a shedload of brandy-soaked dried fruit together, no actual rising required.

i hate that fucking “european here just saying if another european says the word race thats the easiest way to tell theyre a racist. we dont think about race here unlike the crazy americans who are obsessed with race” post so much cause like.

europeans literally invented the entire fucking modern concept of race and racism. yall. what the fuck. why are you trying to claim you have nothing to do with this